Damn you pain!

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Even if my last run was good, I am getting worried and frustrated because of a really painful stomach ache I’ve had lately while running. It is a “sharp” pain on the lower left side of my belly. I’ve been dealing with side stitches earlier (didn’t really warm up properly and started out running to fast sometimes) but this is something else. It is so painful I have to stop or go REALLY slow during my runs (and even if I go really slow the pain is making me feel kind of sick) and it bothers me A LOT.

You runners out there know how FRUSTRATING it is when all you wanna do is do your thing, run your planned distance/pace and just be “in the zone”, right?! Well, I miss this! And I need it badly! So I need to figure out what this pain is caused by and I need to get past it. Does any of you out there recognize what I’m having or do you have any suggestions on what it could be?

I guess I should mention that the last 3 weeks I’ve been starting yoga and also getting more serious with getting some core strength worked up. Could it be a muscle that’s sore? Whatever it is, I’m planning to get it fixed ASAP because this is not working for me. I NEED my running!


Q: Have you experienced any injuries/problems since you started running? How do you deal with not being able to run like you’re used to/want to?


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