“Survive The End Of The World 10K” Race Recap and BondiBand Giveaway Winners

Today was the day of my third race ever. I’ll tell you all (I can remember) about it. Here goes:

tired girl

The “End of the World 10K” race started in Kona at 7am. We do not live in Kona, so we had approximitaly 1 1/2 hour of driving to get there. Therefore, alarm set for 3.45am Let me tell you neither my husband or I was stoked about getting up that early to get in the car and get going. It was dark, cold and I was grumpy. OK, we both were. But off we went and the drive was dark and felt long..

dark drive

A lot of music and not too much talking took us into Kona. After a stop at Starbucks (coffee for C, restroom visit for me) we headed down to Ali’i Drive and the spot where I thought the race would start. Getting there we realized that I was wrong and we started driving around looking for the start… We finally found it at about 6.15 and as we parked and I suddenly realized that the course for the 10K would be COMPLETELY different than what I had in mind I had a meltdown in the car. With thoughts like “I can’t run hills”, “There’s only a few people running the race, I’m going to finish LAST (if I even finish)” spinning in my head I decided not to do the race.. Then I remembered all the awesome runner tweeps on Twitter who are doing their races, beating their nerves and getting out there racing and also cheering ME on as I go further on my running journey and realized that I had to do this race. Husband agreed and reminded me of how disappointed I would be with myself if I backed out of doing the race last minute. So, I laced my shoes on and walked down to the start and registered.


After registering and getting my race number I was so nervous and had to run to the restrooms a couple of times and try to focus on.. Whatever else than running, really. During these 45 minutes waiting for the start I actually let my husband get a photo of me. Amazing! Can’t say that I was stoked, I pretty much just wanted to run away (hide in the water or just run back into Kona downtown to hide from the whole race thing. I can’t be the only one starting to compare myself to other runners gathering up to do a race? I see all these super fit and totally calm people around me and I can’t help but feeling like I’m not a “real runner” (what IS a “real runner”, really?!)..


Suddenly all that time had passed and it was time to line up for the start. During my meltdown in the car I had come to realize that I forgot my armband for the iPhone at home (of course I found this a reason to back out and head back home without doing the race during the meltdown) so I tried to set my iPhone up for a ride in my bra (no, it didn’t work very well..) and I started listening to music before the start to space everything else out. Obviously I look totally lost while doing so:


And I was off. Totally planned to go slow (about a 6-6.30 min/k pace) for the first 3k and thought I’d manage to do so when I found a spot behind two ladies just after the start. But… As the first hill arose they slowed down and I had to pass. I still kept my pace down pretty good I’d say, and when the first downhill came I was relieved. I thought that I’d get some flat or at least semi flat running after that downhill.. But NO, it ended up being a dead end, so back up the hill we went. And than some more incline and some more, and than a decline (which I right away realized would be another turnaround again meeting other runners as I enjoyed speeding down the hill). And this was the course. UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN etc. Pretty much the whole way!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 3.09.32 PM

After about 3k my phone would not stay in my bra anymore and started sliding down my back. I decided to rearrange and tied my shorts on tighter and thought the phone would stay put in the lining but… After a little bit I had the phone jumping around inside my shorts… Not great as you might understand. I tried putting it back in the front of my bra, not working. At last I decided to just hold it in my hand (I don’t like having my hands occupied while running, but I made it work) for the rest of the race.

[Anyways, I hung in there and had fun running. Felt strong and confident and with 2,8k left I realized that I had one downhill left and I had a shot at a PR (sub 1:02:00) and I went for it. As always, looking back I think I could’ve pushed it a little bit longer and faster but I did finish with a PR. 58:23 was the official time and could not be happier!


Photo from Waverider Triathlon Club

After the race I enjoyed some fruit and sports drink and then I got my Starbucks coffee (I’d been looking forward to that cup of coffee from the moment I woke up..) and breakfast on the way back home. I had a great day and I’m so happy my meltdown didn’t have me back down and chicken out!


And now something completely different..

I had a giveaway with two BondiBands earlier. After the giveaway finished I used random.org to pick the winners and here they are:

BondiBand Winner 1


BondiBand Winner 2

Stacie (skippinginseattle.wordpress.com)

Email me your address (email: evelinruns at gmail.com) and I’ll get the hairbands in the mail ASAP. Hope you’ll enjoy them and keep on running happy!

Thank you for entering the giveaway. Please come back for more, I have a few giveaways to host in the near future.


I’m Surviving the End of the World tomorrow

So I’m running my third race tomorrow. Before the break of dawn my husband and I are getting up, into the car and driving the 1 1/2 hour to Kona. At 7am I’ll be at the start line for my second 10K race. I am nervous, but I’ve decided to just do this. I’m not aiming at a PR (but let’s be honest, don’t we all kind of want to do as good as freaking possible in all races), I’m going to have fun. And finish!

The race I’m doing is called “End of the World” and is arranged by Waverider Triathlon Club which is an organisation with the purpose of “encourage students of Kealakehe High School to live a healthy and active lifestyle”. Pretty cool and very suitable thinking of the location. Big Island and Kona is, as we all know, one of the greatest spots when it comes to triathlon competitions (IRONMAN).

I’m looking forward to run down Ali’i Drive and being able to look at the ocean as I run (my normal view is… lava.. and ocean in a distance).

But anyways. I AM nervous and this is what I did to calm my nerves this afternoon:

Day Before End of the World 1

Day Before End of the World 2

I’ve also been drinking tons of water and indulging in a LOT of chocolate (because… I’m worth it). Great preparations for tomorrow’s run.


Q: Anyone else out there doing a race this weekend? If so, good luck and HAVE FUN!

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About Races

When I started running in May this year I remember saying to my dad (who’s been finishing x amount of Marathons, Half Marathons and 10K races) that “I will probably never do a race”. At that time I was struggling to get around a 3K loop and I just could not believe that I’d ever get past running 5K. But yeah, I did!

And that’s when I realized that I could probably do a race. So in Mid-June before moving over to Hawaii I cruised Running In The USA and decided on running the Rain Forest Runs in Volcano, HI. I had been running 8K at the most at this point and I didn’t know if I was going to run the 10K or 5K race but I knew that I needed/wanted to do the race. I wanted a goal and a challenge. And I did run the race. And it was SO MUCH fun!

It’s been almost two months since I crossed that finish line and I am craving a race so freaking bad. Kind of nervous just thinking of running another one, but I am ready. More than ready to get out there and run in the crowds aiming for that finish line again!

My biggest problem is that where I live there’s just no races I can do right now and it seems like my timing for my Seattle trip is pretty bad too. I might end up doing a 5K or 10K two days after arriving Seattle, hopefully I can make that happen. I’ll definitely keep you updated on this one!


I did it!

It’s over. I actually pulled my first race off! And to be honest I did it better than I thought I would have been able to, thinking of preparations and feelings beforehand.

The day started early with fighting a tired body and mind, fighting really hard to get up and going. The car ride over to Volcano lasted for about an hour and it was gorgeous! Sunrise over the volcanos and a wide open road. Nothing but my nerves was in my way.. I even said that I could just “go there to watch the race, without running”, or “maybe just do the 5K race instead?”.. Arriving at the start area it got a little bit stressful and I ended up not really getting to warm up as I was planning, but after all, I stood at the start (almost) ready to go at 7.30AM.

My nerves and people around (and the extremely fit looking Half Marathon runners passing by right beside us after their first 5K) made me loose track on time and I actually even missed the start signal! Just noticed that my fellow 10K runners started moving forward. And so did I, slowly for the first half K or 1K and then I was totally in the zone – great playlist with music and full focus on my running. I enjoyed it, all the way. I kept track on my pace with my watch and tried go as slow as possible (yes, going slow is my hardest thing.. I just can not seem to keep my pace slower than 6:15 for a long time…) for the first 4-5K’s and it worked pretty good. Passing 5K I tried to push a little bit harder but actually decided to stop and just go with the flow. I just really wanted to finish!

The kilometres passed by, I was smiling and loving every second of my run. Everything felt good – the temperature, my legs, the water I got from the water stations, the people around me.. I was just A TON of fun and I remember thinking, in the middle of the race, that I was a fool for doubting this. For doubting myself. Of course I could run 10K and of course I would enjoy it. I’ve been loving running since mid May when I started – why would I stop NOW?!

The last kilometre I ran in 5:12.38 min and I think I did a little rush approaching the finish line.. My total time for the 10K was according to my watch 1:01:40.24 and according to the race finishing list 1:02:00. Not to bad, but frustrating close to 1 hour.

Now, a few days later, I know that I could’ve pushed harder and I’m a little bit bummed that I didn’t. But HEY! Life is long, and I’m sure I have more races coming up in the future.

So.. I did have an amazing time doing my first race ever. I did finish with a personal best on the distance and I did smile. All the way from the start to the finish (at least in my head – maybe other couldn’t see it?).

I. Did. Good.

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