I did it!

It’s over. I actually pulled my first race off! And to be honest I did it better than I thought I would have been able to, thinking of preparations and feelings beforehand.

The day started early with fighting a tired body and mind, fighting really hard to get up and going. The car ride over to Volcano lasted for about an hour and it was gorgeous! Sunrise over the volcanos and a wide open road. Nothing but my nerves was in my way.. I even said that I could just “go there to watch the race, without running”, or “maybe just do the 5K race instead?”.. Arriving at the start area it got a little bit stressful and I ended up not really getting to warm up as I was planning, but after all, I stood at the start (almost) ready to go at 7.30AM.

My nerves and people around (and the extremely fit looking Half Marathon runners passing by right beside us after their first 5K) made me loose track on time and I actually even missed the start signal! Just noticed that my fellow 10K runners started moving forward. And so did I, slowly for the first half K or 1K and then I was totally in the zone – great playlist with music and full focus on my running. I enjoyed it, all the way. I kept track on my pace with my watch and tried go as slow as possible (yes, going slow is my hardest thing.. I just can not seem to keep my pace slower than 6:15 for a long time…) for the first 4-5K’s and it worked pretty good. Passing 5K I tried to push a little bit harder but actually decided to stop and just go with the flow. I just really wanted to finish!

The kilometres passed by, I was smiling and loving every second of my run. Everything felt good – the temperature, my legs, the water I got from the water stations, the people around me.. I was just A TON of fun and I remember thinking, in the middle of the race, that I was a fool for doubting this. For doubting myself. Of course I could run 10K and of course I would enjoy it. I’ve been loving running since mid May when I started – why would I stop NOW?!

The last kilometre I ran in 5:12.38 min and I think I did a little rush approaching the finish line.. My total time for the 10K was according to my watch 1:01:40.24 and according to the race finishing list 1:02:00. Not to bad, but frustrating close to 1 hour.

Now, a few days later, I know that I could’ve pushed harder and I’m a little bit bummed that I didn’t. But HEY! Life is long, and I’m sure I have more races coming up in the future.

So.. I did have an amazing time doing my first race ever. I did finish with a personal best on the distance and I did smile. All the way from the start to the finish (at least in my head – maybe other couldn’t see it?).

I. Did. Good.

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The day before

So it’s Friday Aug 17th and I’m a total nerv wreck. Tomorrow is the day I’ve been looking forward to for two months and suddenly I’m freaking scared to death. What was I thinking in June when I decided to run a 10K race?! My first race ever, only 3 months after I first started running. And 10K.. I mean, that is quite a long ways to run huh?

When I started with my <3K runs in May I really did not think that I’d be running more than 10K. Ever. The way my heart was pumping after 3K I thought that “if I ever run longer that this, I’m sure going to die”. But in early June I beat my first 5K run and after that I realized that I actually had it in me. My legs could actually carry me further..

So tomorrow is my big day and I’ve been cruising the net to get an idea on how to get through this. How to prepare and what to expect. I think I’ve been doing all I can, but still I don’t really trust that I can do it. Have I been running enough? Or too much? Have I been eating right? Drinking enough? Will my feet blister? I don’t know.

But what I know is that I will get up at 4.45AM tomorrow, and I’ll get in the car and go to Volcano. I will get my start number and I will try to do this. I will run until my legs can’t carry me anymore, and if that isn’t enough I will go home, reload and try it again on another race.

Wish me luck.

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