A Few Quick Updates

CD July 11th

I’m running!

Yep, I’m still running. Big surprise?! Of course I’m still running. I’ve been slowly increasing my mileage and it feels so good! I’ve had some niggles going on in my hips (they feel tight and weak, but I’m working on it adding more strength and flexibility into the schedule) and that light PF I was experiencing earlier this spring is flaring up every once in a while. It’s been I use KTTape when I can actually get clean enough (see coming info regarding our water situation) to get it to stick to my body. Great news though = since I transitioned into and started running full time in my SKORA’s it’s been getting a LOT better. Yay, once again, for my dear shoes!


blog love

Lots of love

My mood has been so good lately! I might be a bit smelly, but my heart have been full of love and appreciation for life, friends, running etc. As if that wasn’t enough I’m honored to be featured on two great blogs lately. Brandon gave me some love on his great website Forks to Feet and Nicole, one of the Cookies on the Run, honored me by having me featured as Runner of the Week on their blog. I’m so honored and proud to be seen on these blogs! Check them out, read their awesome blogs and give them some love?!


sunrise on the deck

Husband at work = 100% focus on myself

So my husband started working again July 1st. This was a big change in many way. We’ve been having so much time together as none of us were working December through June! I suddenly spend a lot of time alone at the house/in the area we live. But that’s not the only change.. I’ve lost a few pounds (the ones I put on while having a hard spring emotionally and not being able to run as much as I wanted) and I’ve been getting back to getting some PROPER strength training in. This body is going towards less fluff and more strength = happy and more confident Evelin. Great things! I’ve also changed up my eating since he’s not around. I eat smaller meals, more often. This is something I grew up with and I kind of lost it while moving over here with my husband. He is not used to that, he’s more of an “I eat one or two BIG meals a day and the rest of the time I’ll snack” kind of guy. Needless to say that’s been messing with my diet, but now when I’m getting back to my normal I right away see improvement, not only visual but also in the way I feel – which is more important!


Who knew lack of water would be such a big deal?!

We’re still having problems with the water situation in the house. Living off the water grid is not always easy and can cause some problems. Especially if you’re a runner! After over three weeks with NO showers at home, only cold showers in a beach park every other day, we’re back to being able to shower almost daily. At home! The showers last for about 2-3 minutes but hey, that’s way better than no shower at all!


Birthday is coming up!

I’m turning 31 in less than a month! This year, the first in my 30’s, have been flying by! I don’t even know how time can pass so quickly?! But it’s been a great year! Now I’m thinking: How will I celebrate this year? Well, I’m not going to even try to drink alcohol. Last year for my 30th birthday husband bought  champagne – I didn’t have a single sip of it! I just don’t like alcohol nowadays. So instead I’m going to set aside some money to feed my running addiction. My wish list is growing and there are definitely things lots of things I really “need” – like more SKORA shoes, Oiselle apparel and some new merino gear. Oh and a handheld water bottle, some more Hüma Gel and… Yeah, the list goes on and on and… You know the deal!


Q How is your week? Any fun plans for the weekend? Maybe a race coming up?


Less Running, More Sightseeing

June started off with a few great runs and then our friends from Seattle showed up to celebrate a ten day vacation with us. We hadn’t seen our close friends since early December and it was so nice to spend some quality time together and get to show them around on “our” island. While I might have been a bit grumpy at times due to missing out on a bunch of runs it kind of turned into a vacation for us too. A lot of sightseeing, hiking, swimming, nice food, surfing, but also movie watching at the house while just enjoying the company had those ten days turning into BUSY days and we sure slept good at night. A lot of fresh air, driving, swimming and hiking tend to do that to you I guess?

Here’s some of it in photos (turned into quite a few photos even though I decided to leave a bunch out), get prepared for some Hawaii action:










Beautiful rolling hills on the Saddle Road.


Sunset over Mauna Loa





Sightseeing on this island is so much more fun with friends. We had a great time. And it (almost) doesn’t matter that the four of us used all our water and we’re now waterless at the house. Haha. Living of the grid gets interesting at times!


Run/swim/shower trip. Oh the things I do to get my runs in!





Yep. I use my SKORA’s for everything (except swimming). That, and the fact that I LOVE them, is the reason there are so sooo many photos of them.

So here I am. With pretty much no water at the house and really in need of running. While I managed to get back on track post “vacation”, getting those runs in AND staying somewhat fresh is at the moment a little bit of a problem. Send all rain my way and my running will be easier! (And not to mention, I will smell a little bit better and maybe even have clean hair?!)


A to Z: Some Old School Blogging Action

I have so many great things to write about in the near future I’m almost too excited. Don’t know where to start!

So in the meantime I will jump on the old school train and follow PavementRunner and others with this A to Z: Old School Blogging list.

A. Attached or Single?

B. Best Friend?
My lover.

C. Cake or pie?
Pie pie pie. Always pie!

D. Day of choice?
Monday! New week, new start.


E. Essential Item?
SKORA Running shoes.

F. Favorite color?
Purple right now. But to be honest, this changes pretty often.

G. Gummy bears or worms?
Whatever shape, as long as the gummy candy is SOUR.

A to Z Jungle

H. Home town?
The jungle.

I. Favorite Indulgence?
Almonds? In any shape or form.

J. January or July?

K. Kids?
Maybe one day.

L. Life isn’t complete without?

M. Marriage date?
Last of August.

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
Two wonderful younger (but not smaller) brothers. They are my sunshine.

O. Oranges or Apples?
Apples. More to chose from!

P. Phobias?
Uh, I don’t really like feet/toe nails. Although, running entering my life have made me a bit better at handling them.

Q. Quotes?
“The world is your treadmill. Run all over it.” – PavementRunner.com  <– This was PavementRunner’s answer and it’s actually too good to delete! Seriously, go run ALL OVER IT!

R. Reasons to smile?
Love. Running. Running. Love. Pretty much the same thing, right?

S. Season of choice?
Winter. I mean, come on.. Living in Hawaii I never get to have it, and I MISS it!

T. Tag 5 People.
Skipping in Seattle, Barefoot Marathon Momma, SkinnyChickBlog, Run Like A Grl, Pittsburgh Runner.

U. Unknown fact about me?
I used to dye my hair black.

V. Vegetable?
Sweet green peas. LOVE ’em!

W. Worst habit?
(Best habit?) Coffee drinking. I Can. NOT. Stop.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?
Well, I guess I’ve had more of the ultrasound action going on in my life.

Y. Your favorite food?

Z. Zodiac sign?

That’s it. Happy Weekend to you all! I’ll be back with some more posts shortly.

Feel free to copy this list and jump on the old school train, you too!

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Running Day

Happy Running!

Happy Running!

Yesterday was National Running Day, which I’m certain no runner in this country could’ve missed? There were lots going on and us runner must love that. An extra excuse to run? Yes please! I did a lot of thinking yesterday (spent most of the day in a car driving to Kona and back) and there’s  so much I have to say about running. But for now I’ll keep it short.

I run..


to be a better me

to be free

to be happy

to stay focused

to stay sane

to challenge myself

for myself and my loved ones

to be healthy

because it makes me feel like I am flying

to get a break

because it is fun

because I am a runner

because I LOVE it!

I think that list could go on and on and on. That’s how big my passion is! Running entering my life made me start to really love my life and, more importantly, myself. The way running have made me see and appreciate my strengths I’m forever grateful for. I am lucky I can run and I will forever remember this and keep going. Keep loving every second of it.

This is what freedom, happiness and joy looks like.

This is what freedom, happiness and joy looks like.

I ran on National Running Day. Not just because it said so on my training plan, and really not just because it was National Running Day, but because I love it. I went out there yesterday morning, June 5th, and ran relaxed, easy and with a big smile on my face. I celebrated running, just like I do every time I head out there. Every time I lace up my shoes, with butterflies in my belly, getting ready for my run I feel free and happy. That is worth celebrating every single day and that’s what I will keep on doing.


I’ve Been Out of the Game For a Little While Now

Life continues to be kind of in my way when it comes to my running (and the blog). It makes me feel semi depressed and frustrated. But at the same time, it fills me up with even more motivation to get out there and crush. Lately I’ve been really (and I mean REALLY) starting to crave a race or ten. I just want to get out there and go for it. I know I’d feel disappointed with my time if I did a race now (I’ve mentioned how much the injury put me back in earlier blogposts) but I just want to get all the way back, and training for and running a race is a great way to do it!

My next race is in June. A 5k during the Kona Marathon weekend and I’m as excited about it as I’m scared of it. Until then I hope the things that have been going on in our life will stop being in the way of my running and my normal happy mood, so that I can get some good running going. I’m not expecting to be anywhere close to my 5k PR at that race but trust me, at coming races this year and next year I’m in it to completely CRUSH that 25:46!


But for now, focusing on hopefully getting a good run in today. It will probably be a rainy run and I’m all good with that. I’ll let the rain wash my troubles and my frustration away! And hopefully stay cool enough to power through a semi long run.


Running in heat, with PF without having a shower post run? Uhm, yes!

While my running have progressed a bit lately there’s a few things bothering me:

1. Life

We’ve had a lot of problems with the house we’re renting lately. The water pump caused a flooded basement and after that it can’t be trusted. So this means.. No water in the house. No water to do dishes, no water for flushing the toilet, no water to SHOWER. This is obviously my biggest problem, mostly because I’m a runner. And when I’m running I sweat. And by sweat I mean SWEAT. A lot. So running and not having a shower afterwards is not really an option, especially not since I have really sensitive skin and no shower and a lot of sweat gives me rashes. So yeah, life isn’t cooperating fully with my running lately. And honestly, I hate it. I wake up every morning wanting to move back home. Wait, what?! Leave “paradise” for a tiny apartment in Sweden?! I must be nuts!

photoThere is one solution (kind of) to the problem, I figured it out today: start and finish my run at the warm pond. My “pool” you know? I jumped into the water post run and even got myself a fresh cold shower before heading back home. Hurray!


2. My right foot

I have been training smart after I got back from the injury. But I made one huge mistake, I continued to run in my old Asics far too long. I noticed already before I got injured in January that my shoes were getting close to retirement. Small twitches in knees and so on had me thinking that it was time for a new pair of shoes. And then, enter injury and I completely forgot about this until the day I slowly started running again. I spent countless hours trying shoes on at Sports Authority and similar shops in Hilo (no specific running store to be found on this part of the island) and I just couldn’t find a shoe to buy. I knew I wanted to transition into a lower heel-to-toe drop shoe, a more minimal shoe, but I was stuck on the thought of finding one with 4-6mm drop and that turned out to be a hard nut to crack. I tried the Saucony Kinvara 3, the Brooks PureFlow, the Nike Free.. But no, none of them were right.

Finally, my answer turned out to be SKORA. Zero drop. Real running. I’ve transitioned into them pretty slowly but this means I’ve been spending way more time in those old Asics than I should’ve, which leads to the “my right foot” issue – I have Plantar Fasciitis symptoms and have had so for quite a while now. Yay, another injury?! No, not really. It’s really not that bad, but enough to make my running hurt every once in a while. I’ve still been running pretty much as normal, slowly adding miles per week and month but I can assure you I’ve spent a lot of time massaging, stretching icing, rolling and applying icy hot cream on that poor foot. I feel like I might have it under control and still feel hopeful I’ll be able to continue my training and progress as planned.


3. Heat

I know, I shouldn’t be complaining about living in Hawaii. I really do love it! But darn, sometimes that heat and humidity really gets to me. I try to run in early AM (this doesn’t work out great right now because of the above mentioned right foot being extra grumpy in the AM) or just before sunset, but I still struggle. I hydrate well, I really do. And I think the best solution for this problem might actually be to surrender and give in to the need for a hat/visor? Or maybe you have any other solutions for me? Something I’m missing when it comes to running in heat?

Anyways, this thing with getting a hat/visor.. Don’t tell me this is no big deal, because it is. I spent hours in Seattle going from store to store to try to find a hat that would fit my tiny female skull. It didn’t work, I really didn’t find a single hat that wasn’t too loose!


photoBut other than this, life is good. Really, I’m all good, staying positive. Smiling a lot and enjoying lots of cat cuddles and a swim in the ocean every once in a while.

Q: Do you live somewhere where it gets hot, like too hot? How do you manage to cope with the heat while running? Any special tricks? 

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