Jelly Bean Virtual Race 5k Recap

A while ago I signed up to do the virtual race arranged by Run with Jess called Jelly Bean Race. I figured since I was back running (kind of) it would be a fun thing to do, especially since I’m missing out on a lot of “real” races I had planned to do this spring. I’m nowhere close to where I was with my running pre injury, but I got my 5k done in a slow pace and it was a beautiful morning and start of the day.


Tuesday March 26th I set out to do my 5k and this is how it looked:

Jelly Bean 5k


Jelly Bean 5k 1


Jelly Bean 5k 2


Jelly Bean 5k 3


Jelly Bean 5k 4


As my 5k PR is 25:46 this is far beyond what I should be able to do for a 5k, but I just have to be OK with the 31 minutes I got. If I’m totally honest I didn’t push very hard, but rather decided to enjoy the beautiful sunny morning and just get my 5k’s done and have fun. I did. I know I’ll be back to normal later this year, and one of my goals for this year is to get a 5k in 25 minutes, whether it’s on a race or just training. I KNOW I have it in me, just a little bit further away now after the injury.



Q: Have you participated in any virtual races? Did you enjoy it?

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