My Wish List – June 2013

When I started running a little over a year ago I was stupid enough to believe that the only thing I really needed to be able to run was a pair of decent shoes. It didn’t take me too long to realize how wrong I was.. As months go by my wish list grows longer and longer, and while most of it might be more so wants than  needs, there’s nothing stopping me from actually feeling like I do need all those things on that wish list.

At the moment, these are the top items on that wish list:



A shit ton of it! I received a Sample Pack of these bars to review (coming up on the blog very soon!) and let me tell ya.. They are the BOMB when it comes to bars. I do love me some healthy bars to have around for that post run snack or as an in-between meals solution and these ones.. Could get in my belly all. The. Time!


Vielet Tara Merino Bra Tank Top

I LOVE natural fabrics and merino is such a wonderful one. Even though I live in Hawaii and deal with mostly hot and humid weather I use merino a lot for running and working out. Merino keeps me comfortable for a long while, won’t cause any chafing for me and it doesn’t get all nasty smelly like some workout clothes get after use. I love the design of this top and know that I’d wear it not just for running but also for everyday wear – got to love that quality when it comes to running gear right?!


Oiselle Roga Short

There’s no limit to just how much I love the few pieces of Oiselle apparel I have. Oiselle do a great job, creating clothes by women for women. These shorts are some of the best And I need all of the different colors


Injinji socks

I’ve got two pair of Injinji socks which I love, but am craving some more of them in different color and maybe even the compression kind? Definitely on the lookout for a good deal on these. Might have to wait for my birthday. Bummer!


Oiselle Stride Short

Ok ok, I know. I already put another pair of Oiselle shorts on the list, but I CAN NOT stay away from them. I need more of this. Haven’t tried the Stride Shorts out, but am more than willing to take them out on some runs in the future. Need to.


Handheld Water Bottle

I have a 72oz (?!) CamelBak and have been using it for lunger runs (15-17k) before the injury, but now when I’m back to running shorter distances it’s just too much of a hassle and it carries WAY too much water for me to bring it with me. I’m giving in to the thought of having a handheld bottle. I’m on the lookout for one (preferably cheap, with free shipping to Hawaii) to bring along on my runs. The one on the photo is from Amphipod and you can find it right here.

I could keep going for a while, but I think I’d bore you all with all my cravings.

Q: Do you keep a list going with things you need/want? What number one on your list right now?


Hüma Chia Energy Gel Review and Giveaway

A little while ago I got in contact with Ian, the man behind the Hüma Energy Gels, and he gave me the chance to review his product which made me more than happy.

hüma straw + eve

I received a Mixed Sample Pack (two Strawberry and two Apple Cinnamon gels) and I really couldn’t wait to try them out. As I’m just now coming back from injury I haven’t been able to bring the gels out for any long runs, but I’ve been using them as a pre-run fuel before heading out on my runs.

This is my thoughts about the gels:

  • Great taste! Both gels taste REAL, it quickly becomes obvious to me that there are no artificial ingredients here. And a plus – it even SMELLS like real strawberry and apple/cinnamon. To be honest I’m usually not the one to pick apple/cinnamon flavored things, but this surprised me with actually being my favorite of the two.
  • Texture is perfect – not too gooey, not to runny. It’s like a puree and this makes it easy to swallow (I’ve been having a problem with when it comes to other gels).
  • The packaging is nice to look at and it’s also very easy to open. I have a hard time seeing the opening of the gels as a problem when actually using them on the go.
  • The few, natural and REAL ingredients (see below).
  • No problems WHAT SO EVER with my stomach. This is something I’ve been looking for when it comes to gels, and I’m so happy to know that there are actually products out there which won’t mess with me!
  • Chi-chi-chia seeds! I’ve grown to love chia seeds and try to add it to most things I’m eating nowadays. The seeds are ground and adds a little bit to the puree-y texture. Love it! The chia seeds are also a real super food full of Omega-3, protein, antioxidants and soluble fiber.
  • What should be mentioned too, is that these gels are Gluten Free which I always think is a great thing.

hüma straw

Straw Nutrition Facts

hüma apples

AppCinn Nutrition Facts

As you can see above there are only a few ingredients in the gels (7 in the Strawberry Gel and 8 in the Apple/Cinnamon Gel), and they are all ingredients I can pronounce (which says A LOT with me being just a silly little Swede with English as 3rd language)! This is something I’m totally stoked about, and shouldn’t we all be considering all the JUNK that’s mixed into so many food products out there nowadays?!

I am so thankful for getting the chance to try these gels, I’ve been looking for something like this for months and now, finally, I can stop my search. This is what I’d like to bring for fuel on my long runs in the future!

hüma apples + eve

And now for the GIVEAWAY…

Are you curious about the all natural Hüma Chia Energy Gel? Ian at Hüma gave me the chance to host a giveaway where 3 of you can win a Sample Pack each. Everyone who enters the giveaway will also receive a promotion code.

To enter the giveaway follow the instructions below:

1. Tell me in a comment how you are currently fueling for runs/workouts?

2. Follow @humagel on Twitter

3. Follow @evelinruns on Twitter

4. Tweet about the giveaway, example: “Enter to win all natural Hüma Chia Energy Gel via @humagel and @evelinruns! #giveaway https://evelinruns.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/huma-chia-energy-gel-review-and-giveaway/” 

5. Like Hüma Chia Energy Gel on Facebook

That leaves you with a total of five possible chances to win! You choose which of the above you want to do, just make sure to leave a separate comment here for each way you chose to enter the giveaway.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now over, but you can read more and get 10% off or just order your Hüma Chia Energy Gel Sample Pack here.

Giveaway information: The giveaway starts 3/6/13 at 12pm (HST) and closes 3/14/13 at 12am (HST) and is open to US residents. I will randomly pick 3 winners (using random.org). The winners will be posted on the blog 3/15/13.

Disclaimer: The product was given to me for free and I haven’t been compensated in any other way by the company. The review is straight up based on my opinions on the product and it has not been controlled or affected by the company mentioned in any way.

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How Am I Doing with My 2013 Goals?

March is already here and I wanted to do a little recap of the start of the year and how I’m doing with my goals for 2013.

1. Run 1300k in 2013

As I’ve been injured and resting from running for more than 7 weeks this year has obviously not started in a good way when it comes to any of my running goals. I’ve only been able to run … times this year and two of them was while being injured and not ready to start running again. I ran the first time post injury Feb 18th (1.4 “glorious” miles which you can read about here) and have been getting a few more short and easy runs after that. My foot is better, and even though I feel it when running I feel positive about me coming back to running again. In a month from now I’m hoping to get some more miles in and be able to start looking forward to and train for some races.

2. Finish my first Half Marathon

Didn’t happen as planned. March 17th is out of the question. But I’ll get another Half done, hopefully during the summer and at least before 2013 is over.

3. Get a Drivers License

I didn’t study much at all before I hit the written test on a whim. And I passed! So now I have my Learners Permit and is good to go when it comes to practicing driving. My husband is a great teacher and I’m going to work hard to get that real license in my hand during the spring.


4. Drink more water

We bought some awesome Contigo water bottles at Costco and since then I’ve been doing really well with my water drinking. I usually drink around 70 to 85 oz per day which is A LOT better than I did during 2012. Actually, pretty much the only things I drink now is water and coffee. If there’s fancy drink offered to dinner or so I go for the water. 9.5 times out of 10. I’m pretty proud and amazed by myself actually!


5. Work my physical strength up

I started out the year with getting going on some serious strength training at home (we lived and still live pretty far from a gym, so I’m happy with working out at home), and I’m still going hard on it. I try to get in between 3-5 workouts per week and because of the no-running situation I’ve had tons of energy to use when it comes to this. I also jumped on the #AbsByApril Challenge started by Megan and this definitely helps me stay motivated and going strong. Unfortunately my abs are pretty much invisible so far, not being running have me hungry. And I mean HUNGRY. Someone told me it makes perfect sense that I’m feeling more hungry when not running at all, and wether it’s true or not I can’t tell you I’m stoked about the few extra lbs I’m carrying. Anyways, I’m stronger! I do way more reps and sets now than I did when I first started working on this. And I love the burning muscles post workout!



6. Get better with staying in contact with family and friends

I’ve been trying, but this is a little hard… As much as I want to talk to m family and friends, it just makes me sooo homesick and I tend to escape from calling them all (which of course makes me feel bad anyways). But I have been Skypeing and texted through Viber with grandparents, parents and brothers. Love them! And really CAN NOT wait until I get to see them again.






7. Eat better

This turned out to be easier than I though. As we moved to a new place and have a better kitchen (more space, both for cooking and storing food) I’ve been eating healthier and more regular. I’m thinking of going towards a clean diet but I know myself well enough to realize that it probably won’t last very long. Especially if I can’t convince my husband to do it with me, I tend to get jealous of whatever he’s eating and say “what the hell, one pizza won’t hurt!” or something like that.. We’ll see what happens! I am happy with my eating habits, but am always struggling with a little bit of a.. Problem belly.



8. Choose JOY

When I got injured I was worried about my mood and I made the decision to really do my best to stay positive and NOT let this setback hit me too hard. I managed to stay happy, smile and find energy even though the running didn’t happen as I wanted to. I’ve been doing good. Of course, I’ve had some bad days (don’t we all?!) but I’ve been letting them go, recharged and started over with new energy and focus the next day. Choose joy is one of my main goals in life in general, simply because that darkness I’ve dealt with earlier in my life is not welcome back.



9. Run as many races as possible

On hold until I’m back to normal with my running. I just signed up for Run with Jess‘ Virtual Race The Jelly Bean 5k. I thought it would be a good way to start getting back into doing races post injury.



10. Read books in English

Success! I might just have read one book so far, but I did it good. And such a good first book I chose. “Born to run” by Christopher McDougall. I enjoyed this book so much I cruised on through it and even had some sessions when I read out loud to my husband. Interesting book! Brought on some smiles, tears and a lot of AHA!’s and new knowledge. I’m going to keep on going on the running theme when it comes to coming books to read. I already started with Haruki Murakami’s book “What I Talk About When I talk About Running”.



Q: How are you doing with your 2013 goals? Are you happy with the first couple of months of the year?

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evelinloves #3

It’s Friday! That means I’ll continue to share some of my favorites. This week I’ll share some blogs/blogposts I don’t want you to miss out on:

Run Like A Grl - Abs By AprilI’ve mentioned the challenge Abs By April (#AbsByApril) before and I will again, as I love the initiative taken by Megan. Every Sunday Megan from Run Like A Grl sends out an email to us participating in the challenge. She’s attaching the workout for the week which is perfectly made with information on the exercises and also photos to show how to perform the workout. She had a great guest blogger (Kayla from Fit Life Forward) tell us a little bit on how to work on those Abs By April from the kitchen. If you’d like to join the challenge, sign up here! I sure enjoy doing the weekly workouts and every Sunday I’m looking forward to getting a new one to my inbox.




Fit Girl. Happy Girl. - Planking for RunnersI’ll continue on the same subject to explain this #plankaday thing I’ve mentioned here on my blog. Hannah who’s the owner of the blog Fit Girl. Happy Girl. recently posted a blogpost with some great information on the planks and why it’s so good for us runners. Read it and get inspired to get down on the floor and do some of the variations of the planks! Your whole upper body will thank you!




Live Travel Eat and Run - Lets TalkLet’s Talk! – that’s the name of a blogpost on Amalia’s blog Live Travel Eat and Run. Amalia is one of us many out there who are living with depression. This is, as you might have realized if you saw my blogpost about “my darkness”, a subject that is close to my heart. I am happy there’s people put there, like Amalia, who are open with the fact that they battle, have been battling or is living with mental illness. The more we an talk about this, the bigger are the chances that we’ll break through that wall of shame and feeling of being unnormal that many of the people live with while being affected by mental illness for whatever reason. We NEED to be able to be honest, talk about our feeling and NOT have to be ashamed. At the end of the day we are all HUMAN and we all have our different difficulties in life. And it is totally OK, we just have to do our best to reach out for help, find solutions and be brave – whatever we are fighting against.

Amalia is right in so many ways when she’s writes:

“I refuse to be silent! I refuse to not talk about the fact that yes, I was diagnosed with depression and yes, I live my life with it daily.  I try not to recoil from the sentence “But you look so normal!” That’s because I am. As are most people who live with mental illness. Struggles are a part of life; my struggles are just different than yours”



Happy Friday! 

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evelinloves #2

Last Friday I wrote about three of my favorite things last week. I’ll do the same today:


running for dummies

Who is really a runner? Do you consider yourself a runner? This is a question that is brought up every once in a mile in the running community online. I, myself, have been thinking a lot about it to. Could I really call myself a runner after only running a few races and not getting 30 miles in per week? I didn’t think so, but I’ve come to realize that I actually am a runner. You don’t have to run far or fast to be a runner. Running for Dummies brought this up in a great blogpost last Saturday and I feel like this is something we all could need to think about. Head on over and read Lea’s post right away if you are practicing running but not giving yourself credit for what an amazing thing you’re actually doing!



Before and After

Photos by Sacha Goldberger

A while ago I stumbled across these photos and I love them. The photographer Sacha Goldberger met these runners and photographed them right after their run, and later invited them to come to his studio looking just like they would in their “normal life”. What a difference! Isn’t it interesting how different we can look in different situations of our life?! I especially love the “raw”, pure and strong look of the runners.




My foam roller. Oh, I’m happy I have it! I got mine after having a little bit of trouble with my knees last summer and to be honest, the first times I used it I.. Hated it. At least while I was at it. But after just a few times of using the red roll I felt a total change in my legs while and after doing my runs. Nowadays I love spending time with my roller, it hurts sooo good and my legs feel so much better when I keep using it regularly. They aren’t very spendy either wich is a reason to look into buying one if you don’t have one already. Deep tissue massage done by yourself, at home, whenever it suits you? Can’t get much better!


music apps

As I am from Sweden(where Spotify was started) I was introduced to Spotify a bunch of years ago and have been paying for a premium account for a long time now. I love it! Since I started running I’ve been so happy to be able to make playlists for free and being able to use them online when out and about doing my thing. But lately my husband has convinced me to try out Pandora some more and I have to admit I like it too.. Not as much as Spotify as I can’t bring Pandora with me as I run (due to the online demand), but it really is a great way to find new music. Two of the most used apps on my phone right now!

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The Gift of Love and Health

Valentines Day is coming closer and as it is a day when we are spoiling our loved ones I want to suggest a great gift – a gift of healthy bits instead to that chocolate you might be thinking of giving away. ENERGYbits. These bits of algae will set your loved one/ones up for a great continuing of the year of 2013 as they are LOADED with vitamin, minerals and protein. With only one calorie a piece they provide a healthy “snack” to keep you or/and your loved ones going throughout the day. The bits consist of 100% NATURAL and PURE algae.

energybits red  hearts

I can tell you that since I’ve been starting to use these green bits I’ve noticed a big difference not just in my energy levels but in endurance and performance in general. I take 30-40 of the bits with water about 15-20 minutes before I hit the road for my runs (or head into the workout room for a date with the weights) and I no longer have to deal with a “down” around the 2nd-3rd kilometre of the run. I cruise on by and feel strong in both body and mind for a longer period of time. Because of the bits being full of minerals and vitamins too I’ve stopped taking my normal muli vitamin pill and have stopped franticly looking for an electrolyte product that will work with my stomach. The bits are giving me electrolytes on top of that nice extra energy (without a “crash”)! AND, me being one of those with a sensitive stomach I’m happy to say that they aren’t messing with my poor little belly AT ALL!

Day Before End of the World 2

ENERGYbits are a part of my normal routine when it comes to exercising, running and racing.

Great stuff! And as you can tell when visiting their website, there are three other kinds of bits too. RECOVERYbits, which consists of 100% chlorella algae, SKINNYbits which consists of 100% spirulina algae, and VITALITYbits which consists of 50% spirulina and 50% chlorella algae.

So if you feel like trying the bits out or give them to someone who deserves a gift of LOVE and a step in the right direction to a healthy life – head on over to ENERGYbits, choose your bag of bits and use the promotion code EVELINRUNS to get 15% off your order. I’d say go ahead, take the leap and give the wonderful green little bits a go!


energybits 2_blue and grey font_clear background_with tagline

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Lazy day and Abs By April

After a night of really bad sleep husband and I had a lazy kind of waste of a morning, until we decided to head down to the park down by the water. We were definitely continuing being lazy over there, enjoying egg sallad sandwiches and iced coffe while writing, reading, watching the waves crash against the lava cliffs and spotting a few whales passing by. As the sun started setting we head back home and I immediately felt energized (it’s amazing what the sun can do for a tired body and mind!) and motivated to get some exercising going. As I’m participating in Abs By April I’ve found myself focusing mostly on abs but I also got some glute and arms into the workout.

Megan sent out a workout program for week two of the Abs By April Challenge and it’s a great one! I find myself sweating like crazy and I have a lot of fun as I’m pushing myself to do three sets of the workout. Today I ended up almost throwing up and having to do the Savasana/Corpse Pose (haha, maybe I was just totally exhausted and couldn’t do anything else but lay down?) for a few minutes when I finished the third set. Great feeling though! I’m never bummed about being exhausted or have sore muscles post workout, not even when it means laughing hurts because of serious ab workouts or when sitting down on a chair hurts so bad I rather stay standing/walking instead!

Feb 2nd

As Week 3 of the Abs by April is starting I feel like I’m on track of the challenge and I have so much fun being a part of it. If you feel like getting some extra motivation and inspiration to get those abs you might be dreaming of – don’t hesitate to join the challenge! Megan is providing us with fun exercise suggestions and there are tweeps and bloggers to hold you accountable and cheer you on as you work towards the goal – Abs By April!

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