Are You Running with Music?

Since I started running I’ve had my iphone or ipod with me most of the time. I even ran “Did You Survive the End of The World” 10k with my iphone in my hand/inside my bra/in my shorts because I forgot to bring my armband. I mean, come on! 1. Don’t you write a packing list for your races Evelin? 2. THAT desperate to listen to music when you race you’re spending energy and TIME (probably lost at least 30 sec on that race) struggling with finding a proper way to carry your phone?!

Lately though, I’ve been surprising myself by going out on my runs without phone/ipod and it’s been.. Wonderful! Never thought I’d say this actually, but I really enjoy listening to myself breathing/moving forward and the surrounding while out running. Not to mention that it’s actually a lot safer too – I can hear cars coming, instead of seeing them when they’re right by my side!

The fact that I’m rarely carrying my phone on my runs nowadays though, means that I’m not able to get photos from my runs. You might have seen my posts “My Run in Pictures” I posted last fall. I really enjoyed that and wish I could do more of that here in Hawaii. There really are some sweet spots to share with you all!

Dec 6th 7

Anyways. I still enjoy having music in my ears (ear, I’ve decided to always keep my right ear “naked” to be able to hear cars/people/pigs approach me) from time to time and lately I’ve been kind of tired of my playlist. In fact, I’m in need of new music in general. Not just while running.

Q: What are your favorite songs to run to at the moment? Feel free to share. And happy running to you all!

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A Love Story a.k.a My SKORA’s and I

When I first saw SKORA shoes around on Twitter and visited their website I right away knew a love story had been born. At first somewhat a unrequited love story because we had actually never met. But lately, that love story has become REAL. I finally gave in and ordered those shoes I’d been more and more intrigued by and spent HOURS reading about and looking at (literally drooling over) online. I mean, come on! They are beautiful shoes?! I can’t imagine anyone really seeing a photo of them and NOT be impressed..

And the reviews all over the running community, on blogs and twitter, said great things. The shoes are not just good looking but also great running shoes, which can take you further AND treat your body well for more than the normal (for traditional shoes) 300ish miles? I was sold. I knew I needed to get myself a pair. So yeah, I did. And I got two pairs – the Form and the Base. (It might be suitable with a little bit of a warning here.. CAUTION: Tons of pics of SKORA’s/my legs coming up!)



As I started my journey back from my injury I had my golden opportunity to transition into these shoes with no pressure. And boy/girl, do I enjoy the journey I’m on! Since before I had the SKORA’s I’ve been doing short barefoot runs and really feeling the benefits from them and now also from running in these shoes. My feet are loving it and so is my running form! The way I feel after switching to these shoes from my old ones is.. Something else(as in awesome)! The efficiency in my movement and the natural feel is so great. With the SKORA’s I feel like I’m flying. I know, I’m not that fast but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like I am. SKORA is all about “real running” (Maybe you’ve seen the hashtag #RunReal on Twitter? Well, that’s SKORA for you!) and I totally get it. No actually, I FEEL it!



I’ve been using every time I leave the house as an excuse to wear my SKORA shoes. Honestly to the point where the question is no longer “What shoes should I wear today?”, it is “What SKORA shoes should I wear today?“. I’ve been using the Form’s mainly for running but also everyday wear, and the Bases for hiking/everyday wear. If I’m going to the store or into town to run errands I love being able to slip my Bases on my feet, without socks, and just be ready to roll!



I’m a terrible poser. Like in I kind of hate it. That’s why I suddenly start scratching mosquito bites when husband is trying to take a photo of me.. But hey, at least he got my pretty shoes on the pic!

These shoes are zero drop, which means there’s no difference in toe and heel elevation from the ground. However, these two models have a stack height of 13mm with insoles still in, which means the soles of your feet will be separated from the ground by 13 mm. The Form have asymmetrical lacing which I really like. It seem to take a lot of the pressure off the foot where for some people too tight lacing might get painful or numb the feet. The Base have a crossed strap system which closes with velcro and they fit like a sock. And they really feel like a sock! Both models have a heel strap which you can tighten to get the shoes to really hug your heels, I really like this because I have pretty narrow heels and have had some problems with this in the past.

I’ve been transitioning into these shoes from my old traditional running shoes and am very happy with them. If you are curious about the shoes, head on over to SKORA and look around. They have an awesome blog too, with a lot of tips and tricks that can help you with your running – like transitioning into their shoes or just improve your running. I love this blog and am always happy when they update.

As a matter of fact, once I’m at it I’d like to inform you that SKORA is doing a daily giveaway of shoes (until May 10th) to celebrate the Base being mentioned in Men’s Health. Head on over to this blog post and make sure to enter daily. I know I’d take every opportunity to get a pair of SKORA’s on my feet if I didn’t already have two pairs to proudly walk/run around in! Um, to be completely honest I’m already craving more of the SKORA’s and wouldn’t be too surprised if I gave in and ordered more in the near future.. There’s just too many great looking shoes to want more than one (two in my case) pair!


Training Plan

Since i started running again after my injury I’ve felt kind of lost. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be running again. In fact, I love every second of it (even those rough moments when I’m totally out of breath and just feel like quitting)! But I missed out on my main goal race for the year and the running have been rough due to lost stamina after 7 weeks with barely any cardio at all. Then Boston happened and my love for running grew (how can it even be possible?!) stronger. The fact that I can run is a blessing and something I’ve decided to not take for granted. I also found more motivation through being a part of such an amazing community.. I can’t even start to put into words what all runners out there mean to me. What running means to me. Twitter and this blog has connected me with amazing inspiring people and I’m so very thankful for this! Thank you all, you’re all truly amazing!

That time will change.

I got contacted by Mark from Teach To Run a few weeks ago and today we finally got to chat about my running and he set up a running plan for me. Seeing the plan I am stoked. This will give me structured and guided way to use all my love and motivation in my running, to move forward. That time for the 5k’s I did for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race is NOT OK, it needs to get down to where it was before the injury!

I’m starting tomorrow and I’m so excited! While I know that this will be challenging, as I’m not used to following a training plan (I’ve mostly just been going with my daily feeling and urges for easy runs/speed/hills etc before), but I’m up for it! I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how I’m doing and what I’m doing.

From now on I’ll switch from kilometres to miles, it’ll just make it so much easier – after all I’m in the US now. Maybe it’s about time I get accustomed to the miles? The numbers just feel odd to me, still, but I’ll get used to it. Promise!

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My Week In Photos April 15-21 2013

race shirt April 16th

Tuesday: wore my first ever race shirt to honor Boston.

race shirt for boston

Couldn’t run Tuesday (a wave messed up my knee Monday) but I walked. For Boston.


I got new running clothes from Tasc. So so soft, I didn’t want to take them off after trying them on.

run for boston

I stopped at 4.09km to have a silent moment for Boston. This was the spot.

Run Love

Love and strength to all who might need it.




I received DELICIOUS fruit snack to review. More on that coming up!


Tasc pants. Love ’em!

Saturday April 20th

Spent some time in the sun. Still madly in love with that thing. Charges me up like nothing else (except for running, duh!)!

legs up the wall hawaii

Legs up the wall Hawaii edition.

First run in Skora 2

First run in my SKORA Form. Felt great!

BF April 20th

Ended the run with some barefoot running. Neighbors gave me weird looks..

Sunday April 21st

Yard work. The jungle is taking over faster than I could ever imagine!

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run for bostonI am, like many others out there heartbroken. This whole week has been rough, but I choose to (at least try to) focus on the positives. The love and support in the running community is amazing. There’s no words to describe how proud I am to be a part of the community, in good times and in bad. And to be honest, I’m out of words. So I ran. And I will keep on running. For you, for me. For Boston.

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ProCompression Giveaway Winner

ProCompression Marathon Purple

The ProCompression giveaway I had the chance to host  was very popular, as it should be, and I kind of wish I could just give you all a pair of socks. But as reality isn’t always the same as dreams one winner got picked (via random.org), and that lucky winner is:


ProCompression Winner

Congratulations Margaret! Please send me an email with your information (which color and size of Marathon Sock you’d like plus shipping address) to evelinruns[at]gmail[dot]com and I will forward your information to ProCompression!

To all others who visited my blog and entered the giveaway – thank you! It was so interesting to hear how you use or how you’d like to use ProCompression socks for working out, running or recovery. I hope you all get to enjoy using ProCompression socks in the future!

Huma Logo

While I’m at it, I’d like to remind you of the 10% off code on the Hüma Chia Energy Gel I get to share with you. As I like to fuel all natural for my runs I love the fact that there are natural gels, easy to grab and go while being great tasting and easy on my belly! You should check them out!


Hüma Love

I’m spreading love all around me this week and I’m loving it.

You might have seen the review and giveaway I had featuring the natural energy gels Hüma? I’ve continued my love story with these gels and really think they’re worth looking up if you’re into fueling for or during your runs with something more natural and food like than the normal more or less artificial gels out there on the market. One of the many reasons I first fell in love with these gels was that I had zero problems with my stomach when using them. I usually have some kind of war going on in my belly when it comes to fueling for my runs, but none of that with the Hüma Gels. If you’re anything like me (having a crazy sensitive belly that is) maybe you’ll fall madly in love with the gels too after not having to deal with an upset belly during/post your run?

Huma AppCinn Pouch stick edit

I find the taste and texture of these gels really great. I feel like I’m eating something real that are good for me while they give me the energy I need to keep on going with my running. The ingredients are all pronounceable and appeal to me way more than most other gels which I can hardly pronounce half of the ingredients. How great is it to actually KNOW exactly what you’re putting in your body instead of just trusting the ingredients to be good, or at least not too bad for you?! I love it.

Huma Strawberries SmallThe flavors of Hüma Chia Energy Gel are Apples & Cinnamon and Strawberries. I really like them both but surprisingly enough, since I’m usually not a huge fan of apple/cinnamon, the Apples & Cinnamon might be my favorite of them both.

The great people over at Hüma were kind enough to let me share a great deal with my readers – you get 10% off  purchase made from their website with the promotion code EVELINRUNS2. They sell 5 pack Sample Packs (you can choose mixed or go for just one of the flavors) and Boxes of 24 gels containing either Strawberries or Apples & Cinnamon gels.

The code EVELINRUNS2 is good for one purchase per customer and is valid until April 16th. I’d say go for it – they’re definitely worth a try! Just watch out, you might just fall in love with them like I did..

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