Fifth Week of Running Post Injury

It’s already been five weeks since I started running again after my foot injury. I can’t say that I’ve been running far, fast or even a lot but I’ve been running and that’s what’s important.

This week has been kind of a mess actually. It started out with a move and than a full body plant and then some more moving. And on top of all that I’m still struggling with my crazy female hormones. There’s been a lot of crying, a lot of screaming and a lot of times I know, sitting down to write this, that the best thing I could’ve done about all that would’ve been to just go out and run but I lost it. That fall and all my crazy lady emotions just threw me off the wagon for a little bit. I must admit too that the fact that I’m just not in the running shape I was is making me fear my runs. It. Is. Rough! I didn’t do hardly any cardio during my 7 weeks off and even though I worked the shit out of my muscles (I AM stronger now) my stamina is just waaaay down there. I know that this, with a little bit of patience and hard work, will sort it self out in no-time. But right now… Phew! I’m weak.

Anyways, my running this week:

Run March 18thMonday March 18th, Run #12

3.92k, 26:04 minutes, Average pace 6:39


handWednesday March 20th, Run #13

1.72k, 11:41 minutes, Average pace 6:49

Umm.. So this run didn’t go very well. I thought I was going for a 5+k run but then suddenly I dropped down on the dirt and that was it. Or no, I continued running to our old house to clean up (a distance of half a mile maybe). That was it.


Run prep March 23rdSaturday March 23rd, Run #14

4.87k, 33:02 minutes, Average pace 6:47

After Wednesday’s crash on the side of the road I felt kind of sketched out by running again. I know, I’m weak like that. But I took it easy and ended up having a nice and very sweaty run. Did some intervals and stopped along the road to chat with some kids that were selling crafts (painted lavarocks) and of course forgot to stop the watch while doing so. Was hoping to get a 5k in this week, but this was close enough – there just wasn’t time for more running than that during Ssaturday. I went straight from the run to carrying furnitures and stuff that needed to be moved from the old house to the new one. Totally forgot to stretch and roll and ended the week with waking up Sunday feeling stiff and in need of a serious stretch session. No worries, I got it done after one hours strength workout at home Sunday morning. The (in)famous foam roller caused me some serious pain and I was shaking as I finished it up, with a smile through the pain. Oh, what would we do without that love/hate relationship with the roll?

Total distance: 10.51k

Total time: 1:10:47 


Fourth Week of Running Post Injury

March 11th runMonday March 11th, Run #9

5,1k, 32:17 minutes, Average pace 6:26

After Saturday’s terrible run I woke up Monday knowing I was in NEED to get out and run and feel good. So later that afternoon when the temperature started dropping I put on my bright Reebok shirt and headed out for a run. I had no plan on a special distance or speed, I just wanted to feel good. And I did! I kept going and ended up doing my first 5k since when the injury happened January 3rd. I was so so sooo happy when I got back home, but I also realized that the 7 weeks without any serious cardio work have set me back when it comes to my stamina. I know this will come back as I get to run more and further, but man did I notice it during this run?! Oh well, that didn’t matter so much as the fact that I did run 5k! I know, it may seem like nothing for runners and it wouldn’t have been a big deal at all to me before the injury – but now.. It means that my foot can handle a little more than it did three weeks ago and it means that I can add some distance to my runs from now on. Slowly of course!


Wednesday March 13th RunWednesday March 13th, Run #10

2.6k, 17:37 minutes. Average Pace 6:46

Spent the whole day thinking about running and how happy it makes me. Attended a FitFluential chat co-hosted by RunWRS and got even more inspired to get out for a run. As I got out I did 1 minute running, 30 seconds rest with increasing pace for each interval. Had FUN and got some real speed into my legs, but also noticed how much more efficient my running has become lately. I don’t know why? But guessing some more strength might be one of the reasons. Anyways, I welcome it with open arms.  As you can see I didn’t go very far, but that’s still OK. I’m easing my way back here (yes, I am reminding myself over and over again)..


Run March 16thSaturday March 16th, Run #11

1.85k, 11:44 minutes, Average pace 6:21

Saturday was kind of a miserable day. It should’ve been the day before my first half marathon and.. That obviously didn’t happen. I finally decided that enough is enough and went out for a very short run just to shake off the sadness and disappointment. It worked.



After Saturday’s total meltdown I decided that that’s it! Now I’m only going to be focusing forward, fighting my way back to normal. Remembering and feeling my love for running and that keeps me smiling.

Total distance: 9.55k

Total time: 1:01:38 



Q: How was your week? Got any good runs/workouts in?


The Half That Didn’t Happen


As I write this I’m laying in bed under the blanket, I just finished a Lärabar (yeah, it’s my lunch, at 3.40pm) and I actually just stopped crying. Almost.

The start of this year didn’t end up being the way I imagined and pushed for it to be.  January 3rd I was forced to stop running due to my foot injury. And not only did the injury stop me from doing something I love to do, but it also took a lot of energy away from me. You know how running can turn a whole day around? You wake up feeling kind of crappy, but you get out there to run and once you’re done running (probably even during the run) everything just feels better. It feels like I’ve had one of those mornings for months now. I just feel off, and I haven’t been able to run enough to shake that feeling off.


Tomorrow is March 17th. That magical date I had in mind for my first Half Marathon. In Hilo, the closest town to where we live. Since I ran my first race in August that half has been on my mind. The thought of finishing my first half have had me SO motivated and made me fall in love running even more (didn’t think it was possible). But yeah, March 17th 2013 is no longer the date.

I know that I keep saying that I stay positive. I remind others of doing it too, but both you and I know that even though you fight really freaking hard to stay positive there’s going to be days when it just doesn’t work. When you give it your all, but it’s still not good enough. I’ve been doing good. I really have. Even though I wish I could’ve just been running this whole time I feel proud of the fact that I was able to focus on other things during the time I spent injured and banned from running. I did good.

But no, it just doesn’t help much today. I really wish today was a day full of pre race jitters, of preparations and lots of focusing on other things not to go nuts because of the nerves. I wanted this day, March 16th 2013, to be the day before the big day. And I wanted it so bad!

Today is a day of emotions spread all over the place. I am sad. Disappointed. And I can’t shake it off, it’s just the way it’s going to be. I didn’t plan on getting injured, who does? And it sucks that it happened. It really does. But of course I’m going to survive! I’m going to cry this out and then move on. I’m lacing on my running shoes at least 3-4 times a week from now on, I’m not running far right now, but I will. I will work hard, re-focus and go get that half!


Nothing, no injury, nothing else either, can take the love of running away from me! And that is what matters in the end. I might have lost 2 months of running, I might have lost some stamina and put on some weight but I haven’t lost my love. I’ll be back. Be warned, whatever Half coming my way… I will get you!


Hüma Chia Energy Gel Giveaway Winners & A Good Deal

Thanks to all of you who entered the Hüma Chia Energy Gel Giveaway! It was interesting to see what you currently use to fuel with and I’m happy so many of you are curious about these gels. To me these gels are definitely worth the money as they offer not only great taste, but also (and this is probably more important) natural and pronounceable ingredients. Natural equals win in my opinion!

hüma straw

Here are the three lucky winners (picked out with help of random.org):



Julie M.

Congratulations! Send me an email to evelinruns[at]gmail[dot]com with your address and I’ll forward this to Hüma. Hope you’ll enjoy these lovely gels as much as I do!

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This promotion code is good to go for free shipping in the Continental US and lasts until March 31st.


Third Week of Running Post Injury

I can’t believe it’s already been more than three weeks since I got back running after my foot injury?! I haven’t been running a ton, I’m still taking it really slow and during third week I was only going for less than 3 mile runs. It is very frustrating not getting to run MORE, but my foot still doesn’t feel 100% and I’m just not willing to take the risk of being set back again. Running is here to stay. You heard that dear left foot?! OK, let’s keep it this way.

run tue march 5thTuesday March 5th, Run #6

3.19k, 21:23 minutes, Average pace 6:42

Happy run. Just like that.

Run Thursday March 7thThursday March 7th, Run #7

3.42k, 23:25 minutes, Average pace 6:51

Thursday I woke up at 4.30am crying  due to hormonal shit and I just could not go back to sleep, neither could I stop crying. I kept telling myself that it’s ok, I don’t have to freak out, it’s just my body getting used to new “medications” (you women out there probably know how much birth control can affect you?) etc. But finally I decided that the best way I could possibly deal with this is to get out and run. So I did. At 12pm in BRIGHT sun (I don’t know if that was the smartest move, but I needed to run desperately and I’d rather deal with some dehydration than the emotional bullshit). I did some kind of fartlek (oh, I LOVE to get to write a Swedish word every now and then) and went from really slow/walking to speeding the shit out of myself (excuse me for the.. uhm, “rough” words). Great run! Came back home without any foot issues and most importantly I felt SO much better emotional. The rest of the day was pure love thanks to the run. (Yes, that smile on the pic above is totally fake.)

Saturday March 9th, Run #8

Terrible run. Dehydrated before I even started plus zero food until 3pm just wasn’t what my body wanted. This run was a no-go and I quickly decided to just head back home after 1k and don’t push it. Shit happens, but I do need to be responsible enough to EAT and DRINK properly.


Total distance: 7.61k


evelinloves #5



As a runner you’re always more or less focused on staying hydrated. Throughout the days and during runs. There are people who preps their long runs by placing water bottles on the route they’re going to run, people who run with a hydration pack, with hydration belts or handheld bottles. I’ve been doing some of my longer runs with a CamelBak and as much as I like the fact that I can hydrate throughout the run I really dislike having the backpack on. And not to mention the sloshing on the back! When I saw the Hydrosleeve mentioned on Twitter I was STOKED. This is an armband that carries 6-8oz of water (which might not be a lot of water, but it’s something and honestly that’s pretty much the amount I seem to be drinking while actually out running)and it’s supposed to be non sloshing. There’s also the fact that you can drink without having to do more than lift your arm toward your month and drink – this means you’d still have both hands free at all times. I love it! This product is right now featured on IndieGoGo where you can help them out AND pre-order your own Hydrosleeve.




running with music - ptmd

I’m not a marathoner, but I am a runner. And this blogpost called Post-Traumatic Marathon Disorder (PTMD) had me laugh out loud. I definitely know I’m guilty of doing some of the mentioned signs.. This blog, Running With Music, is also a great spot for getting some new inspiration when it comes to running music.




hüma straw + eve

Hüma Energy Gels! Have I mentioned them before? Well, I guess I have. But I think you should check them out (either trough my review/giveaway or through their website). If you’re gluten intolerant or if you’re anything like me when it comes to having bad stomach reactions to energy gels, electrolytes or protein powders – this would be worth trying as fuel. No problems. And wonderful taste!



Q: Do you have any favorites from this week you want to share with me? Music, foods, books, running gear, whatever? I love to hear what you’re up to out there!


How to stay sane while injured?

I know I’m not the only one who love to run. I also know I’m not the only runner who gets injured. And even more so I know I’m not the only one who goes slightly insane on rest days, none the less while having to take time off running due to injury. 


These are my personal tips when it comes to staying sane while being forced to NOT run for days, weeks or months:

1. Stay positive

I know, it’s easier said then done. I spent my first 3 weeks of my time injured wanting to cry. As soon as I though of running or talked about running (and yes, this is most of my awake time) I felt hopeless.. “Will I ever be able to run again? And if I will, will I be able to enjoy it?”.. That’s just one of the thoughts that occupied my time. After those 3 weeks I realized that all that worrying and hopelessness wouldn’t take me closer to being back running. I decided to stay positive. Or at least try. I starts to read about other runners injuries and told myself that if they could come back to running like normal again I could too.

The positive thoughts might have started as complete bullshit, or made up affirmations, but very soon they turned into reality – I WILL be able to run again! No matter how long it would take to get to the point where I could run again (days, weeks, months?), it would be worth the wait. That day when I first get to run somewhat pain free again will be a HAPPY day!


2. Stretch/Strengthen

Figure out what parts of your body are still ok to use and focus on building strength and flexibility while you can’t get out running. Chances are you’re going to feel stronger and better in general when it’s time to start running again. It’s also a great way to get the sweat going (even though it might not feel as good as running sweat does?!) and feel good about yourself for staying active.


3. Re-focus and set new goals if necessary

If it looks like you are, like me, missing out on that race you had in mind. That goal that was set up a while ago.. Try not to focus too much on it. Focus on future races instead, maybe there’s a fall race to plan on doing instead of that spring one? It sucks having to start over with training programs and so on, but the reality is that there’s always going to be other races to be run (I know, it took me quite a while to actually feel this way)! I’ve also focused on setting up non-running related goals to take the focus from that one missed race and all those missed beloved training runs. Example: for me the Abs By April challenge brought some new energy and something to work for and really focus on.


4. Motivate yourself (and others)

Put that energy you normally would use for running into gaining new knowledge and motivation. It’s also a great opportunity to look around you and give support and motivation to people who might need it. It feels good being supportive of other runners, wether they are injured or not, and it will come back to you! Yes, I do believe in some kind of karma.


5. Eat well

What happened for me when I got injured was that just a week or so after my last run I got hungry. And by hungry i mean CRAZY hungry! I tweeted about this and got an explaining answer mentioning how running releases hormones that makes you feel less hungry, as mentioned in this article written by Greatist Laura Schwecherl: ..for individuals at a healthy weight, aerobic and anaerobic exercise may suppress appetite by altering the hormones ghrelin and peptide YY.

My 7 weeks off running gave me 6lbs extra weight. I’m not by any means overweight but it has definitely made me “softer” and I’m not too stoked about it. Not at all! So I realized that this is something to keep in mind. I started eating better and focusing hard on eating smaller servings, eat on set times and snack on good things (such as almonds, greek yoghurt or similar instead of bread and… uhm.. whatever I could find at the moment). Regular and controlled eating is the thing (for me) when I’m not able to run as usual. You might not even notice this of course, but I know I had to deal with it both physically and mentally..

It will happen again.


Q: Do you have other tips for staying sane while injured? What did you do to get by?

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