Mustache Dache 5K November 17th 2012

So last Saturday I ran the Mustache Dache 5K in Magnuson Park, Seattle. I had a blast! The whole happening was well thought out and there was just so much fun going on it was impossible not to smile. The month of November also goes under the name Movember and it is the Mens Health Awareness Month with an emphasis on prostate cancer.  I especially felt for this cause because my dear uncle is fighting prostate cancer as I write this. I thought of him and sent him some smiles and strength which, both of them, is something I have a bunch of.

I didn’t get a ton of photos of the race as I planned to, and I managed to stay out of the thousands of photos that were taken but here’s a few at least.

The night before the race I tried my mustache on and felt like a real man. 

My friend captured at least one photo of me during the race, close to the finish. I’m the all black runner to the left. Smiling, of course.

Post-race. Posing with my pretty bib, some crazy hair and tired eyes. It’s actually kind of hard to smile with a mustache glued to your upper lip. And I also found it pretty frustrating having it on while running with sweat and runny nose making the mustache feel… Hm, awkward. I guess I’m just not that good at being manly? 


I finished the race in 27 minutes and 25 seconds and did my fastest 5K ever. In my second race ever. The whole thing was just awesome and if I happen to be in Seattle at this time of year 2013 I’ll definitely do it again. You should come join me!





My Run In Pictures – Nov 21st

Just before I set out on my run I received a package from Meg and I quickly changed into this Oiselle shirt to stay warm during the run.

And I also put on the capris she sent me, now all ready to go for my run in the SUN (the weather has been really shitty the last days so I was stoked to see the sun as I stepped outside for the run).

Seattle skyline seen from the Burke Gilman trail.

One of all the bridges I run under/over/across when I’m out running in Seattle.

Bridge, bridge, bridge..

And after my just over 6K I got back to this little darling. Daisy.  



November Goals – Summary Week 2

Last week was a lot of ups and downs and I can definitely say that I did a BAD job with the goals I’ve set up. But it leaves me even more motivated to do good this third week of November, so I’m not going to give myself too much crap about missing out on my goals for a week.


1. #plankAday

Except for the days when I was down with migraines and fever I’ve been going strong on the planks. Had two days last week when I did one plank/hour and I could definitely feel the burn when it was time for bed those days. I guess we can say all those planks make up for the ones I missed during Thursday-Saturday.


2. Limit my intake of carbs

So this worked out fine until I realized that with my running I actually need to get me some carbs – I just have to make sure I stick to the good ones and that’s pretty easy.


3. Drink more water

Well, as always this is a challenge for me. But I’ve had a water bottle next to me during the days and it’s forced me to keep on drinking.


4. Run 4 times/week and add up to at least 20K per week

Last week I only ran two times. I just didn’t feel good enough to get my planned runs in and I feel like that just has to be OK. I ended the week with pushing myself and doing a race Saturday morning – The Mustache Dache! It was a 5K and even though I didn’t really think my body would be able to pull through with it I finished and I actually even ran that 5K faster than I ever have before. Finished with the time 27min25sec and thinking of the congested course and me starting far back in the crowd I am really happy with it! Now I know I can actually do the 5K faster.. Maybe during this coming weekend when I’m thinking of doing another one..?! (More on the Mustache Dache in a coming post!)

5. Stretch!

I keep sneaking in some yoga and stretching when watching TV/movies during the evenings with my friends here in Seattle. And I’ve been stretching thoroughly after my runs. I am missing my foam roll more and more and I can feel that I need to get back to it SOON.


6. Take more photos

Well, I was stuck in bed/at the house for a few days and to be honest the pictures I’ve been getting has been mostly of the dogs here in the house. They are adorable! Planning to get more photos from my runs and continue doing the “My Run In Pictures” posts..



Yes, a pretty crappy week when it comes to my goals huh?! But I’ll get better. And I guess sometimes you just got to listen to your body and try not to overdo things. I’m fine with it, and I feel better now so let’s make this third week of November pretty amazing?! Yes.


Review of Drink Chia! #shakeitbaby

I read about Drink Chia! a couple of months ago and got really curious. As I tried to find it in stores on The Big Island I got a little bit disappointed and gave up the thought of trying the drink at least until next time I’d get to visit the mainland of the US. I’m not really into ordering stuff online that I haven’t had a chance of trying.

So out of curiosity I contacted Drink Chia on twitter to ask if they were planing on getting their product to Hawaii and they offered to send me some drinks to try out. So, here comes my review:

In DrinkChia you can see chia seeds floating around and they also add a little bit of texture to the drink. The chia seeds have a lot of good properties and benefit our body in many ways! To mention some of the contents of the seeds: anti-oxidants, protein, Omega-3, dietary fibers, vitamins (one drink contains 100% RDA of B6 and B12) and minerals (such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and sodium amongst others). I’m stoked to see that I can get a lot of these important substances through drinking a tasty drink instead of having to watch my diet and/or get extra supplements!

To give you an idea of HOW full of good stuff theses seeds are, Chia seeds contain:

– three times more antioxidants than blueberries

– 25% more fiber than flax seeds

– 8 times more Omega-3 than salmon

– five times more calcium than milk

– five times more protein than kidney beans

– the double of potassium than a banana

– fifteen times more magnesium than broccoli

Pretty amazing, huh?! I could also tell you that you get all this, but the drink only contains 40 calories and 4g of sugar!

And what about the taste of the drink? Well I love it! Every time I drink DrinkChia! I feel energized and refreshed. I’ve been drinking it as a part of my post run procedure and it really leaves me feeling great. I like that the added chia seeds in the drink makes it feel like more than just a drink, almost like a meal because of the texture of the seeds in the drink. Maybe some people would find this weird, but I sure do love it..

I got one of each flavor of Drink Chia! They are:

Honeysuckle Pear

B Meyer Lemon

Strawberry Citrus

Mango Tangerine 

All the four flavors were great, they felt fresh and tasted nothing but NATURAL (don’t you just hate it when you have a drink that tastes artificial and wierd? Well, NONE of that here!) I especially love the Honeysuckle Pear and Mango Tangerine.

So what is Drink Chia good for, except for a nice refreshing drink and a good way to get some great nutritions? Well, because of the amazing contents in this drink you help your body out with hydration and keep you going throughout your day but you also help you and your body moving towards a healthier life in the long run!

I definitely think you should give this drink a try and #shakeitbaby (buy a sample pack for $2.95 + Shipping right here)! Check them out on the website, on Twitter or Facebook.

Oh and by the way – right now Amazon is offering  20% off the drinks, click this link and scroll down to find your preferred flavor of Drink Chia.

Disclaimer: The product was given to me for free but I haven’t been compensated in any other way by the company. The review is straight up telling you about my own feelings and thoughts about the product and this have not been controlled or affected by the company mentioned. 

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My Run in Pictures – Nov 13th

It was a foggy Seattle skyline I had in front of me..

..and a wet surface to run on.

Gasworks Park, a place I’ve been running by so so many times now.

Back “home” doing one of todays 15 planks and a ton of stretching before heading to… IKEA!

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