A Valentine’s Day Letter to Myself

Dear Evelin,

It’s February 14th 2013 and you’re on my mind. The last three years have been a journey from a good place to an even better one. You have done so much, learned so much.

Three years ago today you were getting ready to go on your second “big trip” alone. You had to convince yourself (not too much) and your family that a trip to Israel on your own would be a good way to spend the last weeks of the Swedish winter. You tried your best to pack smart things, getting ready for whatever might come your way in that small country with so many great places to see. And you eventually got packed and headed out on your journey. The first impression you got scared the shit out of you. Being questioned “Why are you coming to Israel?) not one time but THREE before even getting out to the baggage claim at the airport in Tel Aviv was hard. You thought you were just a sweet little Norwegian/Swedish girl that would be more than welcome to the country?! Even if you were, the reality in that country you’d chosen to go to was different. And you felt it. You were scared and uneasy because you really didn’t know how to react when someone actually questioned you.

But you handled it and you got out of the airport and took the bus out of Tel Aviv and out to the desert of Negev. You beat the heat, you rode a four wheeler, you hiked around and you smiled. You didn’t even scream your heart out when you saw a scorpion. You learned about a different climate and culture and you finally, after being intimidated for weeks, embraced it. You learned that you’re allowed to be LOUD, you’re allowed to be SEEN and heard. And you grew. You grew stronger, FELT more (feelings suddenly became real and grounded in the YOU that you were) and took on whatever came your way.

You left the desert for other adventures. You spent time in Jerusalem, in a tiny little town where you’d get to be a part of a jewish family during holidays, you hiked alone from Nazareth to The Galilee and you wandered the streets of Tel Aviv. Spent time in a bar, reading a book all by yourself. Alone but not lonely. You enjoyed the city without getting drunk, without getting swept off your feet by the charming dudes that wanted a piece of that blondness of yours.

israel 2

You went to the West Bank and had tea with the locals in the middle of nowhere and you ate a lot of wonderful food. This was the trip where you found out more things about yourself, and when you accepted who you were and what you were capable of. You had an open heart and mind and dared to love yourself in that way we should all learn to love ourselves.

And after those planned six weeks in Israel (that turned into 11 weeks) you had grown to be a different and more colorful and unafraid you. You got back to Sweden and wondered “What’s next?!”. You set up goals and you worked hard. And then you took off again. You left Sweden in company of your backpack, to relax on the beaches of Thailand. And you did! And this also turned out to be the journey that took you all the way from Sweden, to Thailand, to the US and finally to a life in the state of Hawaii.  Because  on one of those Thailand beaches you happened to meet the LOVE. And love turned out to hit you in the shape of an American man.

Together since then. You’ve been teaming up with a man that not only love and supports you but also challenges you. He’s the one to bring out your strengths when you forget you have them. He’s the one who believes in your greatness when you run away from the fact that you are pretty darn amazing.


Dear Evelin, if you ever doubt who you are and what you’re worth. Look back at this. Remember that feeling you had in Israel – that feeling of being a strong woman! A woman who have faced the fears and difficulties of life and survived. A woman who isn’t afraid of traveling alone, who will get through even the toughest of challenges. And never forget to love yourself like you’ve learned to do. Never forget that you are worth it all – all the greatness that may come you way, even if you have to fight hard to get it!

And never forget that the man by your side is in love with you. The one you truly are. He knows your flaws and he lives with them. He helps you face them when it’s necessary and it’s not because he’s a bad man. No, it’s because he wants you to be able to be truly HAPPY. To be happy with yourself and all the things you are, and happy with him for who he is. And you two share a great story and a great life, which will only get better. The journey for you have only just begun!


Dear Evelin,

I’m so happy I’ve been getting the chance to get to know you better. That you didn’t give up life earlier like you wanted to. You are worth to live, love and be loved. Do not forget this.

I love you.



American Heart Month and a Heart Healthy Giveaway – ENERGYbits

February is the American Heart Month and we all know that this is IMPORTANT. Our heart is a fantastic muscle that keeps us going through life and we should give nothing but the best to it as a thank you for the days we live here on the planet, right?!

Even though I’m sure we all (some more, some less) have the knowledge of this the facts are that heart disease and strokes are one of the most common causes of death in this country. Scary facts:

1.      One in three deaths in the USA are from heart disease and stroke

2.      One in three adults in the USA have cardiovascular disease

3.      More women then men have a stroke each year (55,000 more)

4.      An estimated 68 million adults have high blood pressure

5.      An estimated 71 million adults have high cholesterol

6.      An estimated 935,000 heart attacks and 795,000 strokes occur each year in USA

Source http://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/resources/publications/AAG/dhdsp.htm

I’m all into the ENERGYbits and they happen to not only be great for some extra energy, vitamins and minerals but also for our heart health They can actually help you make sure that you’re doing all you can to keep your most important muscle pumping – taking you through life, runs and workouts safe and sound.


“Our algae tabs are quickly becoming recognized as the easiest, fastest, safest and most natural way to lower blood pressure and heart disease and are even being recommended to patients by cardiologists. This is because ENERGYbits® and SKINNYbits® are 100% organically grown spirulina algae which is loaded with heart healthy Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 3 and GLA which reduce inflammation in blood vessels. This helps blood to flow easily and heals the blood vessels so blood pressure and the chance of heart attack or stroke are reduced. Swallow (or chew) at least 30 tabs a day to experience all the health benefits that Mother Nature intended you to have from algae.”

– Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of Bits of Health Inc.

With this said I’d like to give you the opportunity to order your own bits of choice (there are ENERGYbits, SKINNYbits, RECOVERYbits and VITALITYbits to choose from, all of them consisting of 100% PURE algae) for yourself or someone you love as a gift – not only for Valentines Day but for the future. Use discount code EVELINRUNS to get 15% off your order.

heart healthy giveaway

Or.. You can enter this HEART HEALTHY GIVEAWAY.

Through entering you get a chance to win a tin of ENERGYbits (approximately 75 bits).

Enter by following the steps below:

1. Like ENERGYbits on Facebook. Leave a comment on this blogpost telling me you liked them. (Mandatory)

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Get additional entries to the giveaway by:

5. Liking evelinruns on Facebook. Leave a comment here telling me you did so (include your account name)

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7. Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment here telling me you did so. Example: I entered the Heart Healthy @ENERGYbits #giveaway over at @evelinruns blog, you can too: https://evelinruns.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/american-heart-month-and-a-heart-healthy-giveaway-energybits

So that’s a total of 7 entries per person and the more you do the bigger the chance that you’ll get some ENERGYbits shipped your way in early March.

Good luck!

The giveaway is open until February 28th 2012 and I will randomly pick a winner and post here on the blog March 1st. The giveaway is unfortunately only open for US and Canada residents due to shipping and customs outside of North America.


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The Gift of Love and Health

Valentines Day is coming closer and as it is a day when we are spoiling our loved ones I want to suggest a great gift – a gift of healthy bits instead to that chocolate you might be thinking of giving away. ENERGYbits. These bits of algae will set your loved one/ones up for a great continuing of the year of 2013 as they are LOADED with vitamin, minerals and protein. With only one calorie a piece they provide a healthy “snack” to keep you or/and your loved ones going throughout the day. The bits consist of 100% NATURAL and PURE algae.

energybits red  hearts

I can tell you that since I’ve been starting to use these green bits I’ve noticed a big difference not just in my energy levels but in endurance and performance in general. I take 30-40 of the bits with water about 15-20 minutes before I hit the road for my runs (or head into the workout room for a date with the weights) and I no longer have to deal with a “down” around the 2nd-3rd kilometre of the run. I cruise on by and feel strong in both body and mind for a longer period of time. Because of the bits being full of minerals and vitamins too I’ve stopped taking my normal muli vitamin pill and have stopped franticly looking for an electrolyte product that will work with my stomach. The bits are giving me electrolytes on top of that nice extra energy (without a “crash”)! AND, me being one of those with a sensitive stomach I’m happy to say that they aren’t messing with my poor little belly AT ALL!

Day Before End of the World 2

ENERGYbits are a part of my normal routine when it comes to exercising, running and racing.

Great stuff! And as you can tell when visiting their website, there are three other kinds of bits too. RECOVERYbits, which consists of 100% chlorella algae, SKINNYbits which consists of 100% spirulina algae, and VITALITYbits which consists of 50% spirulina and 50% chlorella algae.

So if you feel like trying the bits out or give them to someone who deserves a gift of LOVE and a step in the right direction to a healthy life – head on over to ENERGYbits, choose your bag of bits and use the promotion code EVELINRUNS to get 15% off your order. I’d say go ahead, take the leap and give the wonderful green little bits a go!


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