12 Things In 2012

My 2012 has been a good one. Here’s 12 highlights of the year with personal photos taken by my husband and I throughout the year:

asia1. Traveled in Asia with my C

Because of my husband and I being from different countries we had a hard time settling down in one of the countries and decided to spend last winter “living” in Asia. I guess some people would call it traveling or backpacking but we really just decided to go a few places and really relax and to be honest, stay cheap. We did splurge some though… Through staying (in cheap bungalows) on/close to beautiful beaches and make a trip to Sumatra.. See what we did there right below(and above)!

indo2. Saw wild Orangutans!

During the Asia trip we had the chance to go on a three day hike in The Gunung Leuser National Park. During this wonderful time we saw no less than 6 wild orangutans (plus a lot of other amazing wildlife and BEAUTIFUL sights). This was an adventure of a lifetime and I’m so happy I got to do it.

sweden3. Spent time in Sweden/Norway

After the 4 month trip in Asia we went to stay with my family in Sweden for a while. It was so wonderful to get to live with them and spend some quality time with all my loved ones. We went to see my family in Norway, went skiing and just had a great time. I CAN NOT wait to March when I get to spend time in the mountain cabin again, go skiing, drinking hot chocolate and playing games with my brothers and parents. OH!

The beginning4. Started running

In May 2012 I went out on my first run since… Umm.. Yeah, my first run! Inspired by staying at my parents and seeing dad leaving to do his long runs on Sunday mornings (preparation for Stockholm Marathon) I suddenly just did it. And even though it felt like I was dying for some reason I got out again.. And again, and again. And I grew to freaking love pounding the pavement and getting time to myself, to my body, to.. live. Running have made my life so much better (not that it was bad before!) and I believe in myself and my body, feel way more confident in all fields of life. AND I love my body for letting me RUN. Love it. Yes, you can tell huh?!

usa5. Traveled to the US

After spending a few months with my family in Sweden/Norway I returned to the US in late May (after being away since October 2011). I got to see Crater Lake in Oregon, Rouge River and fall in love with the wonderful Rainer. I also got to spend most of June in Seattle, hanging out with husband and friends, running parts of Burke Gilman trail a bunch of times. And then, suddenly the decision was made. Hawaii, here we come!

hawaii6. Moved to Hawaii

In the end of June my husband and I moved to Hawaii. It was a big change for us and a very happy moment, finally getting to settle down a little bit in something that we would be able to call a “home”. Of course, at this point I didn’t have a green card and we weren’t sure I’d actually be able to stay in the country more than a few months. But anyways, we moven into a little house and started to get to know this beautiful island and a lot of nice people along the way. We’re home here now. But in my heart I always carry my other homes, my Norwegian and Swedish roots and my lovely family over there. Miss them so much, and actually can’t wait for the new year to start so that I get to see them soon. Soon, soon!

yay7. Turned 30!

That’s right. I actually turned 30 during 2012. It’s unbelievable how fast time is flying by and I can honestly say that it doesn’t bother me at all being above the golden 30. I’m excited about the future and I’m happy with myself. More so than I’ve ever been before in my adult life. I say bring it on 30’s, let’s do this!

wedding8. Got married

Yes. On the lava cliffs, with the ocean crashing in. Couldn’t be happier to be sharing my life with this man.

race9. Ran my first race

Aug 18th I ran my first race! It was a wonderful day and I still get butterflies in my belly thinking about it. Race jitter nearly stopped my from running the race, but during the race I felt amazing and I had so much FUN. Couldn’t believe I actually finished and did better that I’d ever thought I could in that first race. You can read more about my Rainforest Run 10k here.

honolulu10. Got my green card

In December I took my husband and went to Honolulu to go through the last process of my immigration journey. And everything went well, so for Christmas I got my actual GREEN CARD in the mail. It looks great, it feels great and now I can’t wait to move on with life in the US with my man. Big, important happening during 2012!

Christmas Tree11. Spent Christmas with my husband and our cat – in a HOME

After spending the last two Christmases “on the road” (traveling in Thailand) and not really getting a feel for the Christmas it felt so good to finally being able to decorate and have Christmas dinner and just be… Home, together for Christmas!

prfinish 112. PR’d

To be honest, starting running in May I didn’t even think I’d be able to finish a 5k training run. And here I am a while later thinking that maybe, maybe I could actually work my way down to a 5k in 25 minutes in the near future. How crazy is that?!

Well, the two last races of the year, Dec 22nd and 30th, ended up being good ones for me. Ok, all races I’ve done so far have been good ones – it’s just so much fun to race (even though I get nervous like hell before)! 10k and 5k. During the first part of 2013 I don’t have time to work on PR’s in these distances because… I’m focusing on finishing my first Half. But after that… I’m going for faster shorter runs again! And I’m ready to train hard. Believe me :)

And the summary of all this:

I’m ending the year and starting the new year with belly butterflies and a feeling of hope for the future!


to you, my dear


friends out


Thank you all for support, motivation and inspiration. You are all amazing and I’m happy to have you.


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