Half Marathon Training is ON!

Since I ran my first race back in August I’ve been thinking of doing a Half Marathon. The longer I’ve been thinking of it the more I’m craving it. I want to finish a Half. I am going to finish a Half!

Because of a trip to Sweden already being planned for March 18th I’m having a hard time deciding and registering for my Half. You see, I have my mind set on doing my Half in March/April and because of that trip over to Sweden I feel like the way to go is to “get it done” before the trip. Can’t even imagine how hard it would be to finish up training for the Half by not only traveling half way around the world, but also from a tropical climate to a very cold Sweden. No, I don’t even have the right running gear to be running (and preparing for a Half) in temperatures down to -20F and tons of snow in Sweden.

Anyways, knowing that I’m going to leave for Sweden approximately March 18-19 I have two options for running a Half here in Hawaii:

The Hapalua in Honolulu, March 10th

Hilo Half

Hilo International Marathon (But the Half of course), March 17th

I’d really LOVE to be able to do The Hapalua, but because of my husband and I having to deal with a move and finding jobs (and not to mention the giant task ahead of me: getting a Drivers Licence!) we’re not sure we can afford to go to Honolulu for the race. Even though this would be a great layover on our way to Seattle and connecting flights to Europe (plus an opportunity to spend some time with friends in Seattle before we take off to my family) I can’t really seem to convince C that it’s a great plan (you see, this is why I’m wishing my husband was as into running as I am). I’m stressing about it because if we booked everything here soon we’d get tickets/hotel stay a little bit cheaper.

The other way for me to get my Half in is to drive across the Island and do the Hilo Half. This is fine with me, but it will be VERY stressful (if even possible) to catch connecting Sweden flights in Seattle March 18th or 19th. I’m afraid that if this will be my first Half, I’ll spend most of my trip back home slowly recovering from my 13.1 miles instead of being able to actually enjoy the fact that I’ve finished (well, hopefully) my Half.

Whatever happens I’m already on top of my shit. I started on a 12 (with one added week making it a 13 week) training program for the Half. I was feeling kind of rushed while picking one and so far I feel like I might have been better off using a little “tougher” training plan then the one I chose. After asking on Twitter a lot of people recommended following one of Hal Hidgon’s training programs and as I looked into them I started on the “Novice 1” not knowing that there was a “Novice 2” to chose from too for beginner Half programs.. I know the Novice 1 is going to pick up here soon but these first two weeks I’ve felt lazy and kind of bored because of the short runs I’ve had scheduled.

I might mix the program up a little in a few weeks, maybe changing to the Novice 2. I have to see how I feel when I actually get somewhere with this.. Another thing I spend a lot of time thinking of and worrying about a little is how I’ll get the training program timed for one or another of the Half Marathons, thinking of the fact that they’re one week apart.

If any of you out there has any recommendations or advices for me going towards my first Half – bring it on! I’m more than happy to take help from fellow runners. Always.


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Sunday, sunny day

I woke up early today with ONE thing on my mind. Running. I got out of bed and to be honest I had my running shoes laced up before I even got fully dressed (off they went to put some pants on..). I felt great heading out running today, my legs felt light and fast and the temperature was warm but not too warm. The sun hit me though, I need a running hat. That sun beaming on my head is definitely not helping me stay hydrated and fresh.

After my run I stretched some and got on Skype and got to see my mom and my grandparents during an hour long chat. Felt great! But I’m way more homesick now than before that talk. Christmas without my grandparents, parents and my brothers just won’t be 100%. But I’m still looking forward to Christmas, spending it with the man I nowadays call my husband in our home here in Hawaii will be very very nice. Well after some core strength, rolling and stretch and then I walked down to the kitchen where breakfast was served. Once again, my husband is the best.

And then: time for beach! If there’s anything I can’t be without it’s the sun. Sunny days warms my heart and brightens my mood (I’m far from alone with these feelings, I know)..

beach day

It was windy on our “secret” spot in South Point area but we both enjoyed laying down with our books and just relax – far from people and stress. I was smart enough to bring a DrinkChia with me to the beach for refreshment and hydration. Wonderful!

This coming week I’ll be starting on a training program for my Half that I’m hoping to do this coming March. I’m excited. And nervous. And happy! To the training and the Half I say: BRING IT ON! I’m going to do this!

Haven’t decided on which Half to do yet. I was THIS close to register to The Hapalua Half in Honolulu, but we’re not sure we can afford spending the money on the trip over to Oahu and hotel for the weekend of the Half so I might have to go with the Hilo Half (Big Island International Marathon) March 17th. Anyways, I WILL run a Half this spring.

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