It sure was a Merry Christmas!

In my adult life Christmas haven’t been one of my favorite times of the year. But the last 5 years or so it’s been coming back to me slowly. This was the first Christmas my C and I spent together in somewhat a home (yes, we’re renting a tiny little house but it’s still a home). We’ve been decorating and preparing food and desserts and we’ve also been trying to figure out a way for us to make our own traditions – a mix between Swedish, Norwegian and American traditions. I’m guessing it will take a few years until we really have our own way of doing all those together. But for now we had Christmas dinner (including American style ham, stuffing, candied jams, Swedish meatballs, pickled herring and pea salad) and gift opening on Christmas Eve and then stockings plus brunch on Christmas Day. I totally forgot to use the camera so these photos from my phone is all I have:

Christmas Tree

Christmas Cat

Christmas Cat

Christmas Gift

Christmas gift from C

Christmas View

No snow covered pine trees, but weird looking trees and a grey rainy day.

Christmas Shoes

Just before heading to sleep at Christmas Day (sooo tired) I laced these shoes on and suddenly I just wanted to go for a run instead of sleeping. LOVE them!

Christmas tired

Very tired after two long days of celebrations. But happy.

first run with new shoes

Today I got to run in the bright shoes. Felt very different compared to my Asics but still very good.


Finally got my Oiselle shorts out running. Thanks to Meg!


RayBand Wayfarer’s! My first REAL pair of sunglasses. Thank you C!


Post run carrot/tangerine juice. Made in my very own juicer which was hiding under the tree for Christmas Eve.

It’s been a wonderful Christmas. I enjoyed all the food, the Christmas movies and the smiles and laughter I got to share with my husband and our friend and neighbor Kathy. We all got great gifts too! My stack of gifts makes me smile, just to mention a few gifts: running shoes (the wonderfully bright and happy Brooks PureConnect), running socks, sport bras, an awesome juicer and weights to make my home workouts a little more challenging. I also got my favorite board game Scrabble so from now on my husband is going to start hating me because I’ll be wanting to beat him in this fun game EVERYDAY!

Another highlight of the Christmas was to get to Skype with my whole family back home. Sharing Christmas with them is something I’m wishing for the next Christmas. We’ll see if we can make that happen.


As Christmas is over and the New Years is coming up I feel excited to keep planning my coming running adventures. And to continue to eat healthy and work towards being the best me I can possible be.



Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you move on to the next year with even more happy memories in your backpacks!



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Sunday, sunny day

I woke up early today with ONE thing on my mind. Running. I got out of bed and to be honest I had my running shoes laced up before I even got fully dressed (off they went to put some pants on..). I felt great heading out running today, my legs felt light and fast and the temperature was warm but not too warm. The sun hit me though, I need a running hat. That sun beaming on my head is definitely not helping me stay hydrated and fresh.

After my run I stretched some and got on Skype and got to see my mom and my grandparents during an hour long chat. Felt great! But I’m way more homesick now than before that talk. Christmas without my grandparents, parents and my brothers just won’t be 100%. But I’m still looking forward to Christmas, spending it with the man I nowadays call my husband in our home here in Hawaii will be very very nice. Well after some core strength, rolling and stretch and then I walked down to the kitchen where breakfast was served. Once again, my husband is the best.

And then: time for beach! If there’s anything I can’t be without it’s the sun. Sunny days warms my heart and brightens my mood (I’m far from alone with these feelings, I know)..

beach day

It was windy on our “secret” spot in South Point area but we both enjoyed laying down with our books and just relax – far from people and stress. I was smart enough to bring a DrinkChia with me to the beach for refreshment and hydration. Wonderful!

This coming week I’ll be starting on a training program for my Half that I’m hoping to do this coming March. I’m excited. And nervous. And happy! To the training and the Half I say: BRING IT ON! I’m going to do this!

Haven’t decided on which Half to do yet. I was THIS close to register to The Hapalua Half in Honolulu, but we’re not sure we can afford spending the money on the trip over to Oahu and hotel for the weekend of the Half so I might have to go with the Hilo Half (Big Island International Marathon) March 17th. Anyways, I WILL run a Half this spring.


Well, hello there December!

I can’t say that I’ve been longing for you, but now when you’re here I definitely see the greatness of you.

I’ve been away from my family and friends back home since May. I miss them like crazy, but for a few reasons I can’t leave the country (USA, that is) right now so it’s going to be another couple of months, at least, until I get to go home and visit my loved ones. December means almost a new year and a little bit closer to see my darlings!

December means Christmas. I’d love to be with my husband and my family for Christmas (preferably in a snowy Norway) but to be honest, the tropical Christmas is all my hubby and I have ever done and this year we get to do it in OUR HOME, not traveling around in Asia or wherever (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE traveling but lately I’ve just been wanting a home with my baby and since July we actually have one. Renting, but still a home). We’re excited about having a Christmas tree, make our own ornaments and make our own food. A mix between Swedish/Norwegian and American food. It’ll be great!

December also means I’m registering for a Half Marathon (haven’t really decided which one, or even where I’m going to run yet) and start with a training plan. Thinking about this gives me butterflies in my stomach, in a good way, and I can’t wait to work hard to achieve this goal (and dream) of mine.

I havent been crazy about Christmas all my life but my excitement is coming back, slowly and more and more for each year. From now on I have my wonderful husband to create own traditions with and celebrate with too, and he’s freaking good at it. I am lucky!

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