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ProCompression Giveaway Winner

ProCompression Marathon Purple

The ProCompression giveaway I had the chance to host  was very popular, as it should be, and I kind of wish I could just give you all a pair of socks. But as reality isn’t always the same as dreams one winner got picked (via random.org), and that lucky winner is:


ProCompression Winner

Congratulations Margaret! Please send me an email with your information (which color and size of Marathon Sock you’d like plus shipping address) to evelinruns[at]gmail[dot]com and I will forward your information to ProCompression!

To all others who visited my blog and entered the giveaway – thank you! It was so interesting to hear how you use or how you’d like to use ProCompression socks for working out, running or recovery. I hope you all get to enjoy using ProCompression socks in the future!

Huma Logo

While I’m at it, I’d like to remind you of the 10% off code on the Hüma Chia Energy Gel I get to share with you. As I like to fuel all natural for my runs I love the fact that there are natural gels, easy to grab and go while being great tasting and easy on my belly! You should check them out!



Hüma Love

I’m spreading love all around me this week and I’m loving it.

You might have seen the review and giveaway I had featuring the natural energy gels Hüma? I’ve continued my love story with these gels and really think they’re worth looking up if you’re into fueling for or during your runs with something more natural and food like than the normal more or less artificial gels out there on the market. One of the many reasons I first fell in love with these gels was that I had zero problems with my stomach when using them. I usually have some kind of war going on in my belly when it comes to fueling for my runs, but none of that with the Hüma Gels. If you’re anything like me (having a crazy sensitive belly that is) maybe you’ll fall madly in love with the gels too after not having to deal with an upset belly during/post your run?

Huma AppCinn Pouch stick edit

I find the taste and texture of these gels really great. I feel like I’m eating something real that are good for me while they give me the energy I need to keep on going with my running. The ingredients are all pronounceable and appeal to me way more than most other gels which I can hardly pronounce half of the ingredients. How great is it to actually KNOW exactly what you’re putting in your body instead of just trusting the ingredients to be good, or at least not too bad for you?! I love it.

Huma Strawberries SmallThe flavors of Hüma Chia Energy Gel are Apples & Cinnamon and Strawberries. I really like them both but surprisingly enough, since I’m usually not a huge fan of apple/cinnamon, the Apples & Cinnamon might be my favorite of them both.

The great people over at Hüma were kind enough to let me share a great deal with my readers – you get 10% off  purchase made from their website with the promotion code EVELINRUNS2. They sell 5 pack Sample Packs (you can choose mixed or go for just one of the flavors) and Boxes of 24 gels containing either Strawberries or Apples & Cinnamon gels.

The code EVELINRUNS2 is good for one purchase per customer and is valid until April 16th. I’d say go for it – they’re definitely worth a try! Just watch out, you might just fall in love with them like I did..


Hüma Chia Energy Gel Review and Giveaway

A little while ago I got in contact with Ian, the man behind the Hüma Energy Gels, and he gave me the chance to review his product which made me more than happy.

hüma straw + eve

I received a Mixed Sample Pack (two Strawberry and two Apple Cinnamon gels) and I really couldn’t wait to try them out. As I’m just now coming back from injury I haven’t been able to bring the gels out for any long runs, but I’ve been using them as a pre-run fuel before heading out on my runs.

This is my thoughts about the gels:

  • Great taste! Both gels taste REAL, it quickly becomes obvious to me that there are no artificial ingredients here. And a plus – it even SMELLS like real strawberry and apple/cinnamon. To be honest I’m usually not the one to pick apple/cinnamon flavored things, but this surprised me with actually being my favorite of the two.
  • Texture is perfect – not too gooey, not to runny. It’s like a puree and this makes it easy to swallow (I’ve been having a problem with when it comes to other gels).
  • The packaging is nice to look at and it’s also very easy to open. I have a hard time seeing the opening of the gels as a problem when actually using them on the go.
  • The few, natural and REAL ingredients (see below).
  • No problems WHAT SO EVER with my stomach. This is something I’ve been looking for when it comes to gels, and I’m so happy to know that there are actually products out there which won’t mess with me!
  • Chi-chi-chia seeds! I’ve grown to love chia seeds and try to add it to most things I’m eating nowadays. The seeds are ground and adds a little bit to the puree-y texture. Love it! The chia seeds are also a real super food full of Omega-3, protein, antioxidants and soluble fiber.
  • What should be mentioned too, is that these gels are Gluten Free which I always think is a great thing.

hüma straw

Straw Nutrition Facts

hüma apples

AppCinn Nutrition Facts

As you can see above there are only a few ingredients in the gels (7 in the Strawberry Gel and 8 in the Apple/Cinnamon Gel), and they are all ingredients I can pronounce (which says A LOT with me being just a silly little Swede with English as 3rd language)! This is something I’m totally stoked about, and shouldn’t we all be considering all the JUNK that’s mixed into so many food products out there nowadays?!

I am so thankful for getting the chance to try these gels, I’ve been looking for something like this for months and now, finally, I can stop my search. This is what I’d like to bring for fuel on my long runs in the future!

hüma apples + eve

And now for the GIVEAWAY…

Are you curious about the all natural Hüma Chia Energy Gel? Ian at Hüma gave me the chance to host a giveaway where 3 of you can win a Sample Pack each. Everyone who enters the giveaway will also receive a promotion code.

To enter the giveaway follow the instructions below:

1. Tell me in a comment how you are currently fueling for runs/workouts?

2. Follow @humagel on Twitter

3. Follow @evelinruns on Twitter

4. Tweet about the giveaway, example: “Enter to win all natural Hüma Chia Energy Gel via @humagel and @evelinruns! #giveaway https://evelinruns.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/huma-chia-energy-gel-review-and-giveaway/” 

5. Like Hüma Chia Energy Gel on Facebook

That leaves you with a total of five possible chances to win! You choose which of the above you want to do, just make sure to leave a separate comment here for each way you chose to enter the giveaway.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now over, but you can read more and get 10% off or just order your Hüma Chia Energy Gel Sample Pack here.

Giveaway information: The giveaway starts 3/6/13 at 12pm (HST) and closes 3/14/13 at 12am (HST) and is open to US residents. I will randomly pick 3 winners (using random.org). The winners will be posted on the blog 3/15/13.

Disclaimer: The product was given to me for free and I haven’t been compensated in any other way by the company. The review is straight up based on my opinions on the product and it has not been controlled or affected by the company mentioned in any way.

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Snack Me Up

I love snacks.

In periods of my life snack time was the equivalent of candy time, but nowadays I make way better choices. Some of my favorites are:


toast with almond butter and banana

Toast with nut butter (whatever kind, really, I love ’em all!) and sliced banana

greek yoghurt with almond butter and berries

Greek Yoghurt with almond butter and dried berries (sometimes added spirulina powder which makes the color of the yoghurt funky and fun)

veggie eggs benne

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict (might be more than a snack, but I freaking LOVE it). In fact, eggs in all shapes totally gets me going.

kombucha and bits

My favorite drink (except for COFFEE) and the beloved ENERGYbits. All green and wonderful!


Avocado. Straight up or with lemon/salt and pepper/cottage cheese/whatever. Avocado is, just like eggs, something I could eat however, whenever.


Not really a snack, but sometimes when I’m dealing with a craving I make myself a cup of coffee (preferably a strong little cup of Nespresso) and sit down. Here, relaxing with my baby cat.

orange, carrot and lemon juice

Juice! Gotta love juice. Actually, I don’t really care for packaged juices but I love to make my own. One of the favorites: carrot/orange/lemon.

drink chia beach

DrinkChia. Chia seeds comes with great benefits and this drink makes me keep going when I’m out and about and/or waiting for dinner or so.

banana with peanut butter and spirulina

Sliced up banana with nut butter and spirulina powder. Nom nom nom. AND filling.

I enjoy healthy choices of snacks. There’s a lot of nice things that will make my cravings go away and that will fill me up enough for a mid day snack or so. But don’t get me wrong. I DO eat other things too. Occasionally I binge ice cream (really bad! I’m sensitive to lactose and ice cream NEVER ends happily, but it’s OH so GOOD!), candy or potato chips. Not often, but it definitely happens. 


I’ve noticed that since I got better with drinking water I’m way better with staying away from unnecessary snacking.


Q: What are your favorite snacks? Do you indulge in “unhealthy” snacks from time to time? Or every time? Do you have any tricks NOT to eat that unnecessary ice cream, cinnamon roll or whatever you might fancy?


DrinkChia giveaway!

I’ve mentioned this chia drink in earlier blogposts and the amazing people over at Drink Chia have offered me to share the great products with my readers/followers. 5 of you will get a Sample Pack of the great product to enjoy (and hopefully fall in love with!).

The drink comes in four different flavors, and they all taste natural (nothing of that artificial taste that you sometimes will find in fruity drinks), the flavors are: Honeysuckle Pear, Mango Tangerine, Strawberry Citrus and “B Meyer” Lemon. They all have chia seeds floating around which adds a little bit of texture and to me this is great. It feels like more than a drink. The chia seeds are full of contents that our bodies will benefit from. How about these amazing facts, the seeds contains:

– three times more antioxidants than blueberries

– 25% more fiber than flax seeds

– 8 times more Omega-3 than salmon

– five times more calcium than milk

– five times more protein than kidney beans

– the double of potassium than a banana

– fifteen times more magnesium than broccoli

With all that, it’s needless to say that this drink will help you get extra energy, hydrate better and recover better from your exercises. So in one DrinkChia you get all this in only 40 calories and 4 g of sugar. I enjoy my DrinkChia’s pre/post workout and sometimes they get to come with me to the beach where it makes me feel refreshed and properly hydrated..

drink chia beach

To get a chance to try Drink Chia!, simply enter the rafflecopter giveaway link below and follow the instructions to get as many entries as possible. I sure like the drink and I hope that the five of you who wins will like it too!

5 DrinkChia! Sample Packs – a Rafflecopter giveaway


This giveaway is open to US Residents and is open Jan 6th 12AM to Jan 13th 12AM. I will randomly pick five winners out and write a blogpost telling you who won here on the blog Monday Jan 14th.


Review of Drink Chia! #shakeitbaby

I read about Drink Chia! a couple of months ago and got really curious. As I tried to find it in stores on The Big Island I got a little bit disappointed and gave up the thought of trying the drink at least until next time I’d get to visit the mainland of the US. I’m not really into ordering stuff online that I haven’t had a chance of trying.

So out of curiosity I contacted Drink Chia on twitter to ask if they were planing on getting their product to Hawaii and they offered to send me some drinks to try out. So, here comes my review:

In DrinkChia you can see chia seeds floating around and they also add a little bit of texture to the drink. The chia seeds have a lot of good properties and benefit our body in many ways! To mention some of the contents of the seeds: anti-oxidants, protein, Omega-3, dietary fibers, vitamins (one drink contains 100% RDA of B6 and B12) and minerals (such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and sodium amongst others). I’m stoked to see that I can get a lot of these important substances through drinking a tasty drink instead of having to watch my diet and/or get extra supplements!

To give you an idea of HOW full of good stuff theses seeds are, Chia seeds contain:

– three times more antioxidants than blueberries

– 25% more fiber than flax seeds

– 8 times more Omega-3 than salmon

– five times more calcium than milk

– five times more protein than kidney beans

– the double of potassium than a banana

– fifteen times more magnesium than broccoli

Pretty amazing, huh?! I could also tell you that you get all this, but the drink only contains 40 calories and 4g of sugar!

And what about the taste of the drink? Well I love it! Every time I drink DrinkChia! I feel energized and refreshed. I’ve been drinking it as a part of my post run procedure and it really leaves me feeling great. I like that the added chia seeds in the drink makes it feel like more than just a drink, almost like a meal because of the texture of the seeds in the drink. Maybe some people would find this weird, but I sure do love it..

I got one of each flavor of Drink Chia! They are:

Honeysuckle Pear

B Meyer Lemon

Strawberry Citrus

Mango Tangerine 

All the four flavors were great, they felt fresh and tasted nothing but NATURAL (don’t you just hate it when you have a drink that tastes artificial and wierd? Well, NONE of that here!) I especially love the Honeysuckle Pear and Mango Tangerine.

So what is Drink Chia good for, except for a nice refreshing drink and a good way to get some great nutritions? Well, because of the amazing contents in this drink you help your body out with hydration and keep you going throughout your day but you also help you and your body moving towards a healthier life in the long run!

I definitely think you should give this drink a try and #shakeitbaby (buy a sample pack for $2.95 + Shipping right here)! Check them out on the website, on Twitter or Facebook.

Oh and by the way – right now Amazon is offering  20% off the drinks, click this link and scroll down to find your preferred flavor of Drink Chia.

Disclaimer: The product was given to me for free but I haven’t been compensated in any other way by the company. The review is straight up telling you about my own feelings and thoughts about the product and this have not been controlled or affected by the company mentioned. 

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