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The power of EnergyBits

As I got to Seattle I had an order of EnergyBits waiting for me. And earlier today, my first morning here I was excited to get to try them out. After having almost the whole week off running due to a cold I had a hard time getting motivated and happy about my upcoming run but I have to say that the EnergyBits totally made things change.

I took 30ish of the Bits, swallowed them with a bunch of water and got dressed to go out for my run. I was amazed by the change of feeling in my body – I went from being tired and not motivated at all (you know when you start doing kind of whatever to NOT have to change into running clothes and go out for that run? Or is it just me?) to getting changed and going out on my run, feeling great! I didn’t have my usual “third-kilometre-dip”, I just felt strong and fast (OK, maybe I’m not a fast runner but I can still FEEL fast) throughout the whole run. After getting back I felt like I should probably just have kept going, I had so much energy left (even though I had done a run with a way faster pace than usual)?! But I decided to be smart, because of an upcoming race and because of the cold that I’ve been trying so hard to fight off the last couple of days..

I will continue to use these bits and I will let you know if this amazing feeling is holding on? Or maybe even getting stronger?

I was so impressed with the fast shipping and the look of the package of the EnergyBits. It felt like I got a gift! The handwritten notes and the super cute paper wrapped around the bits… It really made me happy and excited about the product. I wish more companies would go that extra mile to make a shipment actually become something special for their customers, don’t you?

More about EnergyBits:

These bits consist of 100% Spirulina algae and one bit is as little as 1 calorie. I’m not really the girl who cares that much about calories, but it is pretty great how something like this obviously can fuel me enough for a really good run, isn’t it? You can read more about the EnergyBits (and their other Bits) here.

The company behind these green little pills of food (because that’s actually what it is!) started as a result of a family member getting diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the things that can help us prevent breast cancer and help healing those already diagnosed by it (read more about this here) is an “alkaline diet”, which means the greener you eat the better. Algae is a super food!

And because of October being the pink month – Breast Cancer Awareness month – you can now get a 30% discount on the Bits until the end of the month! How great is that? I’d say give it a go!

To get the 30% discount, visit www.energybits.com, choose which product you want to try and enter the code BREASTCANCER when you check out.

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