We Have A Winner!



First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog to read the Injinji review and enter the giveaway. I am amazed by and very happy about the interest you showed for these socks! Many of you all ready knows Injinji and love them just as I do and some of you are curious about the whole toe sock thing – I’d say you should be! If you get a chance to try Injinji out in the future – don’t hesitate!

I picked a winner with the help of Random.org:


Then visited Rafflecopter to see who was the lucky number 669:

#669 Brandon

Brandon won by leaving a comment.

And then, to make it easier in case there are more than one Brandon who entered the giveaway I found the comment:

Brandon Comment

So, there you go! Here’s our winner of the Injinji socks and Samples of GU Energy: Brandon! Congrats! Send me your shipping address and shoe size to email address: evelinruns [at] gmail [dot] com and I will get your information forwarded ASAP so that you get to put your toes in these awesome sock and match them with your Five finger shoes!

To the rest of you, thank you once again for visiting and I hope to see you again! If your interest for Injinji’s is sparked and you want to get yourself a pair or two, visit their website. They are also on Twitter, Facebook (where they have competitions/giveaway at times) and Instagram. Check them out!

13 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!

  1. Awesome!!!! Can’t believe I won!!! Thanks Evelin and Skora!!!!

  2. That’s true, I suppose you do use the two in tandem. I love my Vibrams like you love your Skoras. I may have to venture off the beaten path a little and check out these shoes.

    • I’m actually really wanting to try Vibram’s out for hiking etc. A girl (make that runner, of any gender) can never have too many shoes right?! But honestly, nothing could really fully replace SKORA for me :)

  3. What an awesome prize! Jealous! I might have to go out and buy those socks now myself ;)

  4. Darn… next time. PS- Justin is getting one more shot at Kona at an Ironman in Canada at the end of August- I forget if i told you already or not. So fingers crossed that we will be scheduling a meet up after it!

  5. I think that the 2013 Western States 100 mile race winner, Timothy Olson wore Injinji socks! That’s based on his tweet I came across: @injinji socks do the work, I just enjoy the ride.

    Congrats to Brandon!

    • Yes, he’s an Injinji Team runner! And wow, he’s truly amazing! People like him make me want to get into trail and ultra running, but I’m far from it as for now.. One day! :)

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