Less Running, More Sightseeing


June started off with a few great runs and then our friends from Seattle showed up to celebrate a ten day vacation with us. We hadn’t seen our close friends since early December and it was so nice to spend some quality time together and get to show them around on “our” island. While I might have been a bit grumpy at times due to missing out on a bunch of runs it kind of turned into a vacation for us too. A lot of sightseeing, hiking, swimming, nice food, surfing, but also movie watching at the house while just enjoying the company had those ten days turning into BUSY days and we sure slept good at night. A lot of fresh air, driving, swimming and hiking tend to do that to you I guess?

Here’s some of it in photos (turned into quite a few photos even though I decided to leave a bunch out), get prepared for some Hawaii action:










Beautiful rolling hills on the Saddle Road.


Sunset over Mauna Loa





Sightseeing on this island is so much more fun with friends. We had a great time. And it (almost) doesn’t matter that the four of us used all our water and we’re now waterless at the house. Haha. Living of the grid gets interesting at times!


Run/swim/shower trip. Oh the things I do to get my runs in!





Yep. I use my SKORA’s for everything (except swimming). That, and the fact that I LOVE them, is the reason there are so sooo many photos of them.

So here I am. With pretty much no water at the house and really in need of running. While I managed to get back on track post “vacation”, getting those runs in AND staying somewhat fresh is at the moment a little bit of a problem. Send all rain my way and my running will be easier! (And not to mention, I will smell a little bit better and maybe even have clean hair?!)

7 thoughts on “Less Running, More Sightseeing

  1. Some really beautiful photos there! Makes me want to go back to Hawaii now! :)

  2. Looks lovely there! Glad you get to run again!

    • Thank you! I’m SO happy to get the time (and have the energy) to run again after that period. I had a great time with our friends, but you know.. A runner’s gotta do what a runner’s gotta do! ;)

  3. What a great way to spend your vacation — with some friends! Love it! The photos are great. Especially the one of the water from above. Like your hair with the flower in it.

  4. Great sightseeing photos! Amazing places to take visitors!

  5. I want some Picky Bars!!! I’ll have to find out what those are now that I know what an AB&J sammich is! Absolutely love the island photography, and don’t worry too much about the hair, you still look like Gisele B’s twin in that photo. But hoping for rain!

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