Is There A Normal When It Comes To Running?


The other day someone ended up on my blog after searching “the normal time it takes to run a 3.1” and it got me thinking. What I have learned and keep reminding myself of is that there is no “normal” when it comes to running.

First of all – runners are not normal. We are a bunch of crazy people!

There is no “normal” speed. You run your own training run/race at the pace that is yours.

There are no magic shoes. You might have tried a super popular shoe just to realize that it doesn’t work for you? I know I did, with the Saucony Kinvara’s.

There are no fuel alternatives that works for everybody. What makes me feel amazing might taste awful to you.

There are watches that fit one wrist, but doesn’t work at all for others.

There are surfaces that fit me perfect, but hurts another runner’s knees.

There are clothes that are comfortable and make one runner feel awesome, while a completely different style/material works wonders for another runner.

We are all running, doing our thing. What is fast for me might be slow for you, or the other way around.  There are long runs and short runs and there’s really no “normal” when it comes to that either. Right now my “long run” is 5mi, while others run 30mi when they head out for their long run.

What works for me, works for me. What works for you, works for you.

my normal

My advice:

Forget the “normal”. We are all some kind of crazy in this world, let’s not compare ourselves to others, but instead get inspired and motivated by each other!


6 thoughts on “Is There A Normal When It Comes To Running?

  1. I totally agree and love this post. Running is a very personal sport.

  2. Great post. I am relatively new to distance running and often find that I really want to like and use the popular stuff that I see people talking about online, at local running store, etc., but that’s not always what works the best for me and my goals. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Well said, Evelin. 100% agree.

  4. I totally agree! (It’s funny reading what people typed in, and ended up at your blog!)

  5. Great post! I so agree with it, it is like anything what works for you doesn’t work for others.

  6. Everyone is different. You expressed yourself very well. Enjoyed the read!

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