I’ve Been Out of the Game For a Little While Now


Life continues to be kind of in my way when it comes to my running (and the blog). It makes me feel semi depressed and frustrated. But at the same time, it fills me up with even more motivation to get out there and crush. Lately I’ve been really (and I mean REALLY) starting to crave a race or ten. I just want to get out there and go for it. I know I’d feel disappointed with my time if I did a race now (I’ve mentioned how much the injury put me back in earlier blogposts) but I just want to get all the way back, and training for and running a race is a great way to do it!

My next race is in June. A 5k during the Kona Marathon weekend and I’m as excited about it as I’m scared of it. Until then I hope the things that have been going on in our life will stop being in the way of my running and my normal happy mood, so that I can get some good running going. I’m not expecting to be anywhere close to my 5k PR at that race but trust me, at coming races this year and next year I’m in it to completely CRUSH that 25:46!


But for now, focusing on hopefully getting a good run in today. It will probably be a rainy run and I’m all good with that. I’ll let the rain wash my troubles and my frustration away! And hopefully stay cool enough to power through a semi long run.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Out of the Game For a Little While Now

  1. Wow that is still a great time even if you don’t beat it you should be proud already of what you achieved!

    • Thank you for the reminder! You’re right, even if it takes me a while to break that PR, I still did a pretty fast 5k in December and I am proud of it. You know how it goes though, I’m thinking “47 seconds from a sub 25 5k…”?!

      Have a great day!

  2. I’m right there with you. I’ve been out of the racing game since last October with injury, just getting back to it, started a blog and mine’s been getting little attention lately. Life is busy! I know you’ll get back to it, as I will – because you have the desire inside. Good luck and I wish you the best accomplishing your goals!

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