Running in heat, with PF without having a shower post run? Uhm, yes!


While my running have progressed a bit lately there’s a few things bothering me:

1. Life

We’ve had a lot of problems with the house we’re renting lately. The water pump caused a flooded basement and after that it can’t be trusted. So this means.. No water in the house. No water to do dishes, no water for flushing the toilet, no water to SHOWER. This is obviously my biggest problem, mostly because I’m a runner. And when I’m running I sweat. And by sweat I mean SWEAT. A lot. So running and not having a shower afterwards is not really an option, especially not since I have really sensitive skin and no shower and a lot of sweat gives me rashes. So yeah, life isn’t cooperating fully with my running lately. And honestly, I hate it. I wake up every morning wanting to move back home. Wait, what?! Leave “paradise” for a tiny apartment in Sweden?! I must be nuts!

photoThere is one solution (kind of) to the problem, I figured it out today: start and finish my run at the warm pond. My “pool” you know? I jumped into the water post run and even got myself a fresh cold shower before heading back home. Hurray!


2. My right foot

I have been training smart after I got back from the injury. But I made one huge mistake, I continued to run in my old Asics far too long. I noticed already before I got injured in January that my shoes were getting close to retirement. Small twitches in knees and so on had me thinking that it was time for a new pair of shoes. And then, enter injury and I completely forgot about this until the day I slowly started running again. I spent countless hours trying shoes on at Sports Authority and similar shops in Hilo (no specific running store to be found on this part of the island) and I just couldn’t find a shoe to buy. I knew I wanted to transition into a lower heel-to-toe drop shoe, a more minimal shoe, but I was stuck on the thought of finding one with 4-6mm drop and that turned out to be a hard nut to crack. I tried the Saucony Kinvara 3, the Brooks PureFlow, the Nike Free.. But no, none of them were right.

Finally, my answer turned out to be SKORA. Zero drop. Real running. I’ve transitioned into them pretty slowly but this means I’ve been spending way more time in those old Asics than I should’ve, which leads to the “my right foot” issue – I have Plantar Fasciitis symptoms and have had so for quite a while now. Yay, another injury?! No, not really. It’s really not that bad, but enough to make my running hurt every once in a while. I’ve still been running pretty much as normal, slowly adding miles per week and month but I can assure you I’ve spent a lot of time massaging, stretching icing, rolling and applying icy hot cream on that poor foot. I feel like I might have it under control and still feel hopeful I’ll be able to continue my training and progress as planned.


3. Heat

I know, I shouldn’t be complaining about living in Hawaii. I really do love it! But darn, sometimes that heat and humidity really gets to me. I try to run in early AM (this doesn’t work out great right now because of the above mentioned right foot being extra grumpy in the AM) or just before sunset, but I still struggle. I hydrate well, I really do. And I think the best solution for this problem might actually be to surrender and give in to the need for a hat/visor? Or maybe you have any other solutions for me? Something I’m missing when it comes to running in heat?

Anyways, this thing with getting a hat/visor.. Don’t tell me this is no big deal, because it is. I spent hours in Seattle going from store to store to try to find a hat that would fit my tiny female skull. It didn’t work, I really didn’t find a single hat that wasn’t too loose!


photoBut other than this, life is good. Really, I’m all good, staying positive. Smiling a lot and enjoying lots of cat cuddles and a swim in the ocean every once in a while.

Q: Do you live somewhere where it gets hot, like too hot? How do you manage to cope with the heat while running? Any special tricks? 


7 thoughts on “Running in heat, with PF without having a shower post run? Uhm, yes!

  1. Try Nuun and running as early as possible. Your body will have to adapt at some point, just stick with it.

    • Thanks! I hear so much GREAT stuff about Nuun, need to get a hold of it sometime soon :)
      Yeah, I figured my body would be ok with it by now, after living on the island since late June last year. But then again, we moved from dry desert like air to humid (as hell, in my opinion) jungle so that might be the problem. I’ll keep going at it though, no heat/humidity will stop me from running (but it might make me feel like shit after my runs)! :)

  2. Wow that is awesome that you live in Hawaii, I visited with my boyfriend earlier this year and loved it! I think I am due for some new running shoes soon too but I’m trying to wait as long as possible without risking injury.

    I try to run early when it gets hot here in Australia but sometimes it gets hot really really early so it doesn’t work, so then I’ll try and run when the sun sets. It is Autumn here now and freezing cold so I’m mainly running indoors instead.

    • How fun that you had a chance to visit Hawaii! Where did you go?

      It seems like my best bet is to head out as early as possible (I’m waiting until just after dawn though, because I’m afraid of wild pigs jumping out from the jungle..), but lately I’ve been forced to head out before sunset.. Seems like it’s way more hot/humid at that time then in the morning.. I’ll probably get used to it, or at least I hope so!

      What’s the temperatures during summer and winter where you live? I imagine the difference in seasons can be pretty big over there?

      • We went to Maui, Big Island, Waikiki and North Shore. I loved Big Island and North Shore the best. We went skydiving in North Shore and it was just incredible!

        Wild Pigs?! OMG that is kind of funny and scary at the same time.

        It can be 45 Degrees here in Summer and then drop to 10-12 Degrees, not sure the conversion (we are metric here in Australia) :)

        Yes it can be a huge difference in temperature here thats for sure.

  3. Having no running water is almost worse than not being able to run. We got to the cottage yesterday to find out that our neighbours had shut the electricity off to our pump house as they have been building a new one. Thankfully they had a generator so all was good later on.
    And I feel your hat frustration too. My head circumference is probably smaller than my eight year old’s! Plus every hat I try looks goofy on me. If I find a good one I’ll let you know! Hee heeding

    • We finally got the water situation sorted out, but then it was on to the next problem with this old “tree house” we’re care taking/renting.. Happy you got your pump up and going in the cabin! Enjoy your stay :)
      Thanks, I’ll let you know if I find a good one too. Glad to hear I’m not the only one having this problem with hats.. There has to be one out there that is the right size AND doesn’t look goofy?! :)

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