My Running Lately


I’ve felt so good with my running lately! I’m still far from where I was in December/January (I PR’d in a 5k race December 30th – 25:46, which I’m pretty darn proud of since I had only been running for about 7 months at that time) but things are really moving forward. I know that I was supposed to take it easy coming back from my injury, but I think my fear of getting re-injured was holding me back. Was I taking it too easy? Pretty sure I did.

When coach Mark from Teach To Run contacted me offering a month of help with my running I suddenly got that push I needed to move on. To stop fearing injury and actually push a little bit. I’m still concerned and trying to be smart with my running, but I feel like I’ve found that courage I needed to get back out there for real. That extra motivation and trust in myself, that I will get somewhere and that me getting somewhere, moving forward, with my running isn’t equal to me getting injured again.

I ran 29 miles in April. This is about half of what I did monthly before the injury, and I could definitely be bummed about it, but I’m staying positive and thinking of the fact that I wasn’t able to run at all during January and most of February. As for May.. So far I’ve been running just over 19 miles and I know that the total for the month will be higher than April’s. Yay me! When it comes to pace I went from an average of 9:50 min/mile in December to probably a minute slower for the month of April (can’t seem to find my ANT+ stick for the Garmin hence no proper stats for the time being). It can only get better, and it will. Trust me.


Speaking of my running lately.. I was sent the link to the article “Running On Air: Breathing Technique” posted on Runner’s World and it right away caught my interest. One of my fellow running tweeps heard I had been injured and before he knew what the injury was he wrote “Left side injury, right?” and yes, he was so right. He then sent me the link and I got his point. I’ve been incorporating this breathing technique (3 in, 2 out) and as I struggled a bit in the start the more I get used to it, the better I feel when running. I’m not getting as out of breath as I used to, not even when pushing harder. I know, this might be a total placebo, but since I started running I’ve had somewhat a problem with breathing comfortably and this sure helps.

Q: Are you aware of your breathing when running? Do you use any kind of breathing technique when you’re running?


13 thoughts on “My Running Lately

  1. I am aware of my breathing when I run, but I can’t say that I really use any particular kind of technique. I just try to regulate my breathing when I’m working a hill or picking up the pace. Deep, long breaths. That’s what seems to work for me anyway.

    • That’s what counts! No need to change something that works for you personally :)
      I’ve always been really awkward with breathing actually.. One weird thing about me and breathing: When I was younger and had a terrible hungover at times (I don’t drink anymore) I would suddenly realize I was holding my breath – a long time! I did this without even knowing about it, and would always be surprised by the fact that I felt so terrible weary?! Haha.

  2. Evelin, great blog! Loved the article! My name is Gracie and I wanted share my video with you that’s on Kickstarter.com I know you’ll love what you see.

    From one runner to another, Thank you!

  3. Glad to see you are progressing injury free! I definitely focus on breathe but this article is interesting, I may try the technique.

    • Thank you! Means a lot to me to be up and running (literally) again, and a little bit of progress feels so good! Slow progress, but progress is progress :)
      Did you try the breathing technique yet? If so, what did you think about it? I find it works better and better for me and will most definitely keep going at it!

      • I tried it on my run yesterday, not sure how I felt about paying that much attention to my breathe. I felt like I was having a difficult time breathing but it could’ve been the hills. At times I just forgot about breathing but when I remembered again I was using the technique. I will give it a go again on an easy run because I want to give it another go!

      • Oh, you tried it!
        But yeah, it definitely took me a week or so with paying a lot of attention (and counting a lot.. in-2-3, out-2 and repeat!) but I’m slowly getting more and more comfortable with it and will only start counting again if hills, my pace or my poor stamina changes my breathing.
        In general though, when it comes down to it we all just have to find a system that works well for us no matter what the “experts” sometimes tells us is the “right way” etc. Right? :)

      • That’s what I think as well but I won’t knock it until I try it. I think I may have already been a 3 breathe taker in but I never paid attention enough, I knew I took at least two when I really focus. Anyway, we shall see!

  4. Evelin,
    It’s been a pleasure working with you so far. You are really going to wildly exceed your expectations as a runner!

    • Likewise Mark!
      I am having a lot of fun and love that I’ve been able to let go of most of that fear to re-injured and just focus and work forward. Noticing some progress, slowly but surely! Thank you!

  5. Hey Eveilin, I’ve never paid too much attention to my breathing, although now I probably will. I have noticed that when I’m listening to music I tend to get out of breath more than when I’m going without the tunes. I guess we naturally regulate our breathing when we are listening to it but when we aren’t it can get out of whack. I may try the counting technique and see how that works. I usually just go out and don’t think about it. There must be some benefits to correct breathing. It would probably increase my speed a bit.

    Question: What app or program do you use for your images? I love what you did with the pictures stacked on top of one another. As a fellow blogger, I’m looking at adding some style to my pictures so I thought I’d ask.

    • Hi Brandon!
      It’s really interesting how much difference it can make just being able to HEAR more while running! Let me know if you try this breathing technique and what you think? :)

      Thank you! I’m happy to share my “secret” when it comes to the photos on the blog: I use Instagram or just the normal iPhone camera to take the pics, and I later add the frames and some easy editing (filters etc) with either the program Fotor or PicFrame for Mac. There’s an app called Frametastic for iPhone that also works great to add frames with (if you’re an iPhone user that is)

  6. Thank you so much! Downloading Fotor now!

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