The Story About Evelin, Her Dad And a Marathon – Part 1


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I haven’t been running for a very long time, still I really do feel like I am a runner, which is a pretty amazing feeling! Especially knowing who I was just a few years ago. It’s probably easy to tell that running means a lot to me? It really does. It is my medicine, my joy, my way of finding my own strengths and it is my number one hobby. A hobby which takes up a lot of time and energy – if I’m not running, I’m definitely talking or thinking about running. Googling running related things or just looking at/dreaming about some running gear/apparel..

After a brief interaction with one of my followers I realized that I could actually run a marathon. I mean, I’ve known that I could if I aimed for it and went for it, but he made me realize that all I really need to do is.. Register. It all starts there, right?!

So with this new perspective I’ve started to set up goals for the future. Since I became a runner there is one thing, one dream, I keep coming back to.. And it is that I want to run a marathon with my dad.

My dear dad. The man who inspired and motivated be to play and coach basketball. The man who YEARS later got me into running and with that gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever had – I now run, and through my running I have learned so much about myself, about the physical and mental strength I possess, and I’ve found ways to channel stress, anxiety etc.

This marathon with my dad will happen, I just need to plan it with him. Are we doing it in Sweden? In the US? During winter or summer? The future will tell. But it will happen.

10 thoughts on “The Story About Evelin, Her Dad And a Marathon – Part 1

  1. That is such a cool plan! I really hope it happens soon! :D

  2. How exciting! The good thing is that since you’ve not signed up for one yet, you have plenty of time to train slowly, so that you don’t get re-injured! Good luck!

    • This is true! I have a long way to go with training for a full, but I’m determined and will get to that finish line, whichever it will be :)
      Thank you!

  3. So cool! Good luck in making your plans! Destination races are super fun…

  4. Like you said, just pick a race and register! I ran my first half marathon that way. I just up and registered. Very little training. And boy was it painful, lol. I’ve since changed my ways though. I run and train.

    Anyway, I’m sure you two will do great for whatever race you register!

    • I’m planning on getting a lot of training in before this marathon, but I look forward to doing it and will register for a race as soon as my dad and I can come up with a game plan :)
      When is your next race?

  5. Ahhh! Love this post so much! Isn’t it amazing how thankful you can be for something like running?! I can’t wait to hear about you making this marathon with your dad happen!

  6. I struggled with my focus and consistency with running, so I signed up to do a marathon last year. You can’t take lots of days off and expect to finish — it really keeps you accountable, which is exactly what I needed. I ended up having to pull out at mile 20 of the race because of a non-running injury (stupid soccer…) but the whole training process reignited a love of running that I’d lost after a decade away from the sport after high school.

    That’s my long, rambling way of saying that you can totally achieve your goal and that training for a marathon, while challenging, is also entirely doable and wonderfully rewarding! Lycka till!

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