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tasc performance logoI’ve been thinking a lot about running clothes and gear in general during the last year and one thing I’ve noticed always gets my attention is material. I have this ongoing thing with natural materials in general, I love natural things (have a look at my toilet shelf and you’ll see nothing but natural stuff – different kinds of oils, baking soda, honey, lemon, sugar..) and tend to get super excited when I see companies going down that road.

So was the case when I first found out about Tasc Performance. Tasc is using Bamboo Performance Technology which is made out of a blend of viscose from bamboo, elastane and organic cotton in their clothes. This makes for a natural alternative to polyester, that still gives you that comfort, moisture wicking and sun protection you want in apparel to stay comfortable and happy when working out. And, not to forget, it is also fast drying and prevents the clothes from getting smelly – I’m sure I’m not the only runner who really appreciates that quality when it comes to running apparel?!

When I got in touch with the company they offered to send me some pieces to review and I gladly accepted.

I received the “Performance Crop” and the “Motion Fitness LS” which right away got me excited. When first taking the clothes out of the package I felt the material and was really happy with how soft it was. I put the clothes on and literally did NOT want to take them off even though it wasn’t run o’clock and actually rather the opposite – time to sleep.

tasc1Once actually getting to run in the clothes I felt comfortable and happy. Love the details on the pants and the shirt – the color of the shirt with the flattering black FlowMesh inserts on the side, the gray FlowMesh fabric in the back of the knees and the big and actual useable (meaning: it fits more than a key!) pocket on the back of the pants. Not to mention the perfect thumb holes on the shirt! I’d be a very happy girl if ALL my long sleeved shirts had them.

Tasc Review 5

Tasc Review 6

Love the feel/look of the pants and of course the thumb holes!

Tasc Review 3

Reflective details and gray FlowMesh behind the knees.

Tasc Review 2

I really like the cute Tasc Performance logo.

Tasc Review 1

“Singularly stylish. Naturally dynamic. Strong. Flexible. Enduring.”

Due to the moisture wicking and fast drying material I really found the apparel working good although I’m sometimes running in pretty high temperatures. This makes me really happy – natural apparel that will work in both cool and warm temperatures – definitely great qualities for what tasc Performance calls “the sport of life”!

So, after trying these clothes out and really loving how they feel when working out or just lounging around at the house (or in town) I’m very intrigued by the brand and am actually already craving some of their new apparel. I’m especially curious about their Annecy Compression Short, the Vortex Short and the cute X-Cami top.

Go ahead and check tasc Performance out on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or just cruise around on their website.


7 thoughts on “Tasc Performance Review

  1. Super cute outfit and love that it’s from natural fabrics. Always on the lookout for good quality running gear so will keep an eye on them (and check if they ship down here to NZ). :)

    • Yes! It makes me so happy to see natural fabrics when it comes to workout apparel, not too easy to find it seems like! I’ll be using these A LOT – running, hiking, lounging etc.
      You should definitely give them a try if you could get them shipped over there. Otherwise, let me know if you’d like help getting it shipped over there? Although, that might get expensive?

  2. Those are some terrific looking garments!! Love the details on them, and the cut is really nice on both the pants and the top. I hadn’t even heard of the company. Thanks for the review!

    • I really like the look of them too! And the material.. So so soft and comfortable! Definitely worth to look it up if you like what you’re seeing :)
      Of course I’m so awkward when being photographed so the photos could’ve been way better… :)

  3. Loved Tasc Performance ever since they were introduced as Thriv. I’m going to share this on my Facebook page, because I have a lot of runner friends and you wrote a very thorough review. :)

    • Thanks for sharing :)
      I’m hoping I’ll be able to buy some more of their apparel in the future. Really, really liked these clothes and am happy to be able to spread the information to other runners out there..

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