Are You Running with Music?


Since I started running I’ve had my iphone or ipod with me most of the time. I even ran “Did You Survive the End of The World” 10k with my iphone in my hand/inside my bra/in my shorts because I forgot to bring my armband. I mean, come on! 1. Don’t you write a packing list for your races Evelin? 2. THAT desperate to listen to music when you race you’re spending energy and TIME (probably lost at least 30 sec on that race) struggling with finding a proper way to carry your phone?!

Lately though, I’ve been surprising myself by going out on my runs without phone/ipod and it’s been.. Wonderful! Never thought I’d say this actually, but I really enjoy listening to myself breathing/moving forward and the surrounding while out running. Not to mention that it’s actually a lot safer too – I can hear cars coming, instead of seeing them when they’re right by my side!

The fact that I’m rarely carrying my phone on my runs nowadays though, means that I’m not able to get photos from my runs. You might have seen my posts “My Run in Pictures” I posted last fall. I really enjoyed that and wish I could do more of that here in Hawaii. There really are some sweet spots to share with you all!

Dec 6th 7

Anyways. I still enjoy having music in my ears (ear, I’ve decided to always keep my right ear “naked” to be able to hear cars/people/pigs approach me) from time to time and lately I’ve been kind of tired of my playlist. In fact, I’m in need of new music in general. Not just while running.

Q: What are your favorite songs to run to at the moment? Feel free to share. And happy running to you all!

4 thoughts on “Are You Running with Music?

  1. Like you, I mostly ran with music, only leaving it behind when running with others. I TRY to run without solo on occasion. For the most part, I am a Pandora user. Love Lady Gaga station and power lifting rock something or other workout channel (created by Pandora)!

  2. I use to not be able to run without music but then when I was forced to ditch the headphones in the fall I realized that I enjoy the same same things as you, the sound of your body and nature. I haven’t run with headphones in about 8 months BUT I sometimes play music through my phones speaker and love it because I can still hear everything and even get a little soundtrack in my life albeit faint. What phone do you use? If it is an iPhone 4, Incase makes the worlds most perfect armband that allows you to snap the case off the armband easily to snap photos. The only regret I have for upgrading to the new iPhone is the fact that they do not make the same case for the iPhone 5…which is super annoying.

    What type of music do you listen to now…I have tons of music to rec depending on your style.

    • I hear of people running with the speakers and have been thinking of it, as I know I wouldn’t bug anyone around me (pretty lonely on the roads here) :)
      Yes, I heard about that case but unfortunately I have an iPhone 5 now and honestly I’ve realized it’s so much nicer carrying the phone out running. If I lived in an area where I could bring it for safety reasons (to call someone if something happened that is) I would probably be more keen on bringing the phone along, but there’s no cell service around here.. Haha, I really live in the wild west of Hawaii!

      What I have on my running playlist at the moment is: MGMT, Daft Punk, Lykke Li, Phoenix, Crystal Castle, Justice etc. Do you have any suggestions for me?
      I enjoy a lot of different kind of music, and mostly want some beats and lyrics to focus on when running gets hard :)

  3. I have to listen to Electric Feel by MGMT, or most anything by Miike Snow on hill workouts.

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