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Since i started running again after my injury I’ve felt kind of lost. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be running again. In fact, I love every second of it (even those rough moments when I’m totally out of breath and just feel like quitting)! But I missed out on my main goal race for the year and the running have been rough due to lost stamina after 7 weeks with barely any cardio at all. Then Boston happened and my love for running grew (how can it even be possible?!) stronger. The fact that I can run is a blessing and something I’ve decided to not take for granted. I also found more motivation through being a part of such an amazing community.. I can’t even start to put into words what all runners out there mean to me. What running means to me. Twitter and this blog has connected me with amazing inspiring people and I’m so very thankful for this! Thank you all, you’re all truly amazing!

That time will change.

I got contacted by Mark from Teach To Run a few weeks ago and today we finally got to chat about my running and he set up a running plan for me. Seeing the plan I am stoked. This will give me structured and guided way to use all my love and motivation in my running, to move forward. That time for the 5k’s I did for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race is NOT OK, it needs to get down to where it was before the injury!

I’m starting tomorrow and I’m so excited! While I know that this will be challenging, as I’m not used to following a training plan (I’ve mostly just been going with my daily feeling and urges for easy runs/speed/hills etc before), but I’m up for it! I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how I’m doing and what I’m doing.

From now on I’ll switch from kilometres to miles, it’ll just make it so much easier – after all I’m in the US now. Maybe it’s about time I get accustomed to the miles? The numbers just feel odd to me, still, but I’ll get used to it. Promise!

17 thoughts on “Training Plan

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about the training plan, and how that goes for you.
    It took me awhile to get used to miles (and fahrenheit), but eventually it came to be “normal.” For a runner though, it’s a little annoying at first to see a 5:00/km pace translate into somewhere around an 8:00/mile pace. I prefer to see smaller numbers.

    • Oh yeah, don’t even get me started on the Fahrenheit ;)
      Right, seems so slow?! And the number of miles just look so tiny too compared to the kilometres.. I’ll definitely keep you posted. Look forward to push myself a little more than I’m used to from now on!

  2. I love following a training plan. I hope you enjoy it. And good luck getting to your 5k goal!

    • I only got to start on my Half Marathon training plan before I got injured, so it will be interesting following one again and actually (knock on wood) get to do it for a while and actually GET somewhere :) Thank you Julie!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I am nowhere near as fast as you but I missed out on Boston due to injury and had a long spell with no cardio while healing. I don’t quite feel back in the game but I’m taking it day to day. Best of luck in your training!!

    • Aww, I’m sorry to hear your plans were messed up by injury too. It’s so rough, both emotionally and physically, being injured and forced not to run.. I felt so good before the injury, like I was really getting somewhere with my running so it was a total bummer to get side lined. But at least I’ve worked up some more strength while being injured – at least ONE positive thing :)
      I hope you’ll get fully back in the game very soon. I’m sure you will! Best of luck right back at you <3

  4. It’s funny that you mention the kilometers and miles–people still call races “5Ks” and “10Ks” in the USA despite the fact that the distance itself during the race is measured in miles. I guess calling a race a “3.1” or a “6.2” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily! I told my wife I’d like to do a 5K or 10K in another country like Canada that uses the kilometer as the standard unit of measurement just because it would seem more authentic! LOL. Good luck with your training!

    • You’re right, it’s kind of funny that when it comes to races the terms 5K and 10K’s are always used! To me it’s been wonderful hearing about those 5K and 10K races though, because just hearing it makes me feel a little bit like home.. Silly, I know! But from now on I’m going to start thinking in miles when it comes to my training, will probably take me a while to adjust to it and not try to convert it to k’s all the time..
      Thank you so much!

  5. Alright! I’m so glad you’re really getting back into it. I LOVE having a training plan. I’m planning on running a full in December so it’s too soon to start a plan. I can’t wait to follow along with you :-)

    • I only got to do a few weeks on the half marathon training plan this winter before the injury happened, and those weeks of the training plan were consisting of easier and shorter runs then what I normally did, so I never got to that point where I got challenged. I’m looking forward to see how I’ll react to the training plan and can’t wait to see what it will bring in terms of results in the long run. :)
      Thank you, as always, for your sweet comments!

  6. Miles & km :-) in the UK I seem to have to switch back and forth depending on race or sport. To add confusion I have one bike in km and one in miles ! Triathlons Olympic distances are in Km’s but longer distances 70.3 are in miles.
    Totally confused. Good luck. But KM’s just go by so much quicker !

  7. How exciting! You’re going to do great! I’ve been injured and have done no cardio for the past 4 weeks, I am both dreading and really looking forward to starting to run again. I know it will be a struggle, but it will be exciting to reach milestones again! I am most looking forward to challenging myself!

    • Sorry to hear you’re dealing with injury, but I hope you’ll get back at it soon. That thing with challenging yourself is such an important thing and oh! what a great feeling getting to do it! Best of luck with recovering from injury and getting back out there running!

  8. re: “But I missed out on my main goal race for the year and the running have been rough due to lost stamina after 7 weeks with barely any cardio at all.”

    I was training for an ultra (a 50k). I would have run it this Saturday but I hurt my back and had to stop training. I’m only just now getting back to running. Not training, but running just for the sake of running. So far, I’ve hit a few 2-3 mile runs and a long run of 9 miles (some running, some walking) just this past Saturday.

    Am I bummed to be missing the ultra? Heck yeah. It was one of my goals for this year. But I’m also happy to just get better and start running for the sake of running. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it and how much it had become a part of my daily routine. Not to mention the connection you feel to other runners.

    All of that to say, happy to hear your running again! And even if it feels slow and first, I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it!

  9. I’ve had quite a few injuries, so I can relate. Starting back, I like to do every other day, of easy running without a watch, and after a couple of weeks, start pushing the pace one run a week. Makes it easier (for me), to get back into it. Just starting back is the worst. Good luck!

  10. Coming back from my winter injuries I feel stronger than ever and you will get there too! I just know it! Plus, it’s great that you have a training plan. I’ve been thinking of getting in touch with a coach to have them put one together to see how different it would be from ones I’ve found online.
    And I have such a hard time juggling between kilometres and miles. Still not sure which one I like more! LOL

  11. It’s amazing how changing up a routine can bring about new motivation! I look forward to reading about how you progress. I have toyed with the idea of a running coach or something of the sort – but don’t want to feel that pressure of following a plan. But I guess that’s the whole idea! Have fun.

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