My Week In Photos April 15-21 2013

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race shirt April 16th

Tuesday: wore my first ever race shirt to honor Boston.

race shirt for boston

Couldn’t run Tuesday (a wave messed up my knee Monday) but I walked. For Boston.


I got new running clothes from Tasc. So so soft, I didn’t want to take them off after trying them on.

run for boston

I stopped at 4.09km to have a silent moment for Boston. This was the spot.

Run Love

Love and strength to all who might need it.




I received DELICIOUS fruit snack to review. More on that coming up!


Tasc pants. Love ’em!

Saturday April 20th

Spent some time in the sun. Still madly in love with that thing. Charges me up like nothing else (except for running, duh!)!

legs up the wall hawaii

Legs up the wall Hawaii edition.

First run in Skora 2

First run in my SKORA Form. Felt great!

BF April 20th

Ended the run with some barefoot running. Neighbors gave me weird looks..

Sunday April 21st

Yard work. The jungle is taking over faster than I could ever imagine!


One thought on “My Week In Photos April 15-21 2013

  1. You take some great pics!! I especially like the toes in the sun :) The tasc pants look comfy and cute!

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