Where Are My Shoes?


Ok. Forgive me, but I’m going to pour this all out. Running shoes… If you’re a runner you probably know that it can be really hard to find those shoes you need/want and that will treat your feet well?

Asics Gel-Neo33

I’ve been running in a pair of Asics Gel-Neo33 since July. As Christmas came around I realized the shoes were getting closer and closer to retirement and I slowly started looking for a shoe to replace them with. And then the injury happened and I got discouraged and forgot to look around for shoes. As I started running again I once again started looking around for another shoe to replace the Asics with.. I had since the fall decided that I’d go down in heel-toe drop from the 8mm Asics to something with a 4-6mm drop. This is because I’ve decided to go zero drop in the future. Now, as I’ve got two pair of lovely SKORA shoes (more on those in a future blogpost, but until then you can admire them on my Instagram account – I’ve been spamming it with pics of these beautiful shoes lately) I’m even more determined to transition into zero drop ASAP.

My plan is still to replace my Asics with a 4-6mm drop shoe, as I want to slowly transition down to zero and while at it be able to run that first Half Marathon with a semi-cushioned shoe. But the big problem is: I just can’t find “my shoe”.. I ordered the Saucony Kinvara 3 as I’ve heard so much great things about them but when they arrived I quickly realized that they’re not my shoes. Not at all. They just don’t fit my feet, too wide and the fabric got all crinkled up as I laced them up. Bummer! Back to square zero and the search continued.

Last week I spent 2 hours trying tons of shoes on at Sports Authority (there’s no running store on this side of the island and Sports Authority is pretty much all I have when it comes to actually getting to try running shoes on). Of course, there was no help to get so I was just sitting there googling shoes as I tried them on. I walked out of the store with a pair of Nike Free 3.0 which felt awesome on my feet. The question is if it really is a shoe I could use for adding distance/speed and running that 1st Half Marathon with later this year?

I’ve also been eyeing the Brooks PureFlow. I tried them on a while ago and liked them, but.. To make it a little bit harder on me, I can only find the PureFlow 2’s on this part of the island, and they just don’t feel as good as the first version did?!

You see. It’s a total mess! If I’d have a running store close by I’d walk in there, pour my heart out to them and desperately ask for help. But I don’t, so you all get to read it instead. If I only could I would fast forward, transition to zero drop in NO TIME and be running in my SKORA’s and be done with all this running shoe headache. Trust me, my dear husband sure wishes I was done months ago, he can barely put up with me mentioning running shoes one more time as it is now.. Haha, poor guy huh?!


Q: Have you found “your shoes”? Have you encountered similar problems when it comes to finding running shoes? 


5 thoughts on “Where Are My Shoes?

  1. I run in Brooks Ravenna 2 right now and I’ve had them since January. They are fantastic and I’ll probably wear them through my half (in June) and have to retire them before I get training for the full in October.

  2. I love my brooks pureflows! I have the original style not the 2s. Maybe you could order the originals online? I know that brooks is still selling them on clearance.

  3. I wonder if you could get the pureflows off Brooks website? Or Roadrunner sports? I am so happy you are running again :) Half marathon goal will be MET.

  4. I love my pure flows, but am thinking about some zero drops as well. The flows are as close to ‘my’ shoe as I’ve come yet. :)

  5. Dang, I’m sorry you are having a rough time with your shoes. I’ve been rotating through Brooks Glycerins, Ghosts, and Pureflow2’s. I’m really obsessed with the pureflows right now. They are so light and fast. Maybe look on ebay for the original pureflows?

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