ProCompression Love and Giveaway


Since I started running in May 2012 thinking that all I needed was a pair of shoes I’ve come to realize that there’s a lot of products out there that will be really helpful and fun while making it more enjoyable to run/recover from runs. Compression socks is one of those things. I’ve used compression socks throughout the years while being on long flights across the world, but most of them have left a lot to wish for. They’ve been stretching out, been too tight or simply breaking due to being too thin.

ProCompression Marathon Pink

But then I heard of the brand ProCompression. And saw all the fun photos uploaded on Instagram, Twitter and blogs. I started craving them, a lot, and finally got a hold of a pair of pink Marathon socks in the start of 2013. Since then, these wonderful hot pink socks have been frequently used by me. They have been working out with me, running with me, helping me recover after strength workouts, runs or just a stressful day with hard work or a lot of walking. Even though I’m “just” 30 years old my feet easily swell up – with the ProCompression socks I quickly recover and feel better pretty much right away. I love it! The fact that ProCompression also comes in a bunch of fun colors doesn’t make it worse, not at all!

ProCompression Marathon Purple

The lovely people over at ProCompression gave me the chance to spread some ProCompression love by hosting a giveaway here on the blog. So if you’re curious about the socks, already have a pair (or many) and love them or if you’re just into trying new fun stuff – here’s a chance of winning a pair of Marathon socks in color/size of your choice.

All you have to do is click the Rafflecopter link below and follow the instructions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway (opens in a new window/tab)

Good luck!

This giveaway is over and I’d like to send a big thank you everyone who entered! 

Giveaway information: The giveaway starts 4/8/13 at 12am (HST) and ends 4/16/13 at 12am (HST) and is open to US residents. I will randomly pick 1 winner. The winner will be posted on the blog 4/16/13 and will be asked to email me address, choice of Marathon Socks and size.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this blogpost are mine and mine only. I haven’t been compensated in any way by the company.

53 thoughts on “ProCompression Love and Giveaway

  1. I haven’t tried compression socks yet. I wonder if I will need them when I start training for my first full.

  2. I have a pair of compression socks taht are made for soccer/volleyball but as far as i know work the same. I like how they make my legs feel but sometimes made my arches achy when wearing them. I’m thinking about trying different kinds now cause i’m preggo and get shin splints when I run.

  3. I have a pair of the purple marathon socks & I love them! I think they definitely help with muscle recovery.

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