My Running Week April 1-7


This week ended up being somewhat a comeback when it comes to running. We’ve been busy and haven’t been “feeling” it when it comes to running lately. But Monday this week I woke up with tons of motivation and the joy was back when thinking of running. I managed to get three runs in. Nothing much of course, because of that whole thing with easing my way back into it.

Run First Week of April

Tuesday April 2nd: 4.63k, 29:37 minutes, Average pace 06:24

Friday April 5th: 2.85k, 18:48 minutes, Average pace 6:36

Sunday April 7th: 3.58k, 22:33 minutes, Average pace 6:18


Total distance: 11.06k

Total time: 1:10:58

There’s been some ab workouts, yoga, Myrtle hip strength training and foam rolling going on too. More of that this week! Time to step it up with everything after a down period. The abs I had going on a month ago are suddenly hiding again and I need to get them visible again, damnit!


2 thoughts on “My Running Week April 1-7

  1. Yay! Glad you found some motivation! I hope it continues for you!

  2. I’m just so happy you’re getting into a more regular schedule with your running. Hooray!

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