Jelly Bean Virtual Race 5k Recap


A while ago I signed up to do the virtual race arranged by Run with Jess called Jelly Bean Race. I figured since I was back running (kind of) it would be a fun thing to do, especially since I’m missing out on a lot of “real” races I had planned to do this spring. I’m nowhere close to where I was with my running pre injury, but I got my 5k done in a slow pace and it was a beautiful morning and start of the day.


Tuesday March 26th I set out to do my 5k and this is how it looked:

Jelly Bean 5k


Jelly Bean 5k 1


Jelly Bean 5k 2


Jelly Bean 5k 3


Jelly Bean 5k 4


As my 5k PR is 25:46 this is far beyond what I should be able to do for a 5k, but I just have to be OK with the 31 minutes I got. If I’m totally honest I didn’t push very hard, but rather decided to enjoy the beautiful sunny morning and just get my 5k’s done and have fun. I did. I know I’ll be back to normal later this year, and one of my goals for this year is to get a 5k in 25 minutes, whether it’s on a race or just training. I KNOW I have it in me, just a little bit further away now after the injury.



Q: Have you participated in any virtual races? Did you enjoy it?

9 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Virtual Race 5k Recap

  1. Oh that’s so cool! I’ve never entered a virtual race but I’m keen to try one!

    • Obviously it’s far from the same thing as an “actual” race, but it’s kind of a fun way to get some extra motivation for those normal everyday runs. Even though I was all alone and much rather would’ve been running with a crowd of people getting to cheer others on and/or getting cheered on by others it gave a little bit of a kick! (uhm, but yeah, I am so SLOW nowadays?!)

      I definitely think you should try one out if you find one you’re interested in doing! Some of them even offer medals :)

  2. I don’t know about you, but I rarely push myself outside of races. I run some mileage at race pace, along with some speedwork, but there is something about knowing that race clock is waiting that gets my legs flying at full speed. Keep up the good work!

  3. Virtual races are a lot of fun. Those pics look like some pretty nice weather.
    Evelin, I just left the Couch to 5k class that I coach at night and once in a while I feel inspired reading someone’s blog (I really liked looking around on yours).
    I coach a number of runners through my night class and teachtorun.com and would love to work with you on that 5k time.

  4. I really like virtuals.There is always a race somewhere.My first ever Virtual was my first of 13 for 2013. It was the Tackle the Miles Virtual.It was a good baseline to know how bad my fitness level was and that it could only get better. Race on!

  5. I haven’t done a virtual race. Part of the reason why I love racing is because of the camaraderie. I think I’d miss that too much doing virtual races!

    • It’s definitely a completely different thing than a real race, but I had fun doing it and it’s been fun seeing others upload photos from the same virtual race. A little bit of that racing camaraderie online, just a different kind. And yeah, I probably would’ve been at least a little bit faster if it was a local race with a finish line.. :)

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