The Day When 1.4 miles Felt Like A Piece Of Heaven


Since this blog is named “evelinruns” and I havent been able to run since the start of the year I’ve started to feel kind of worried. A blog about a girl who runs that’s actually not running for WEEKS?! Doesn’t work! Ok, yeah. So I’m injured. I have a reason for the long break from running and to write about completely different stuff..

But today, Monday February 18th 2013, I FINALLY got to run(and walk). It doesn’t matter that it was only 1.4 miles and that the foot hurt a little bit. I RAN. And guess if I was smiling? OH YES! My smile must have been lighting up the neighborhood through all the rain and grey skies around us. I was running and I am now feeling a little bit of hope. Those 18 minutes did wonders – I got back to the house, not crying because of pain but with tears in my eyes because of happiness.

post injury run

I am going to take it really slow and work hard on not pushing myself too much these coming weeks (even though I want to run farther and faster). This body is going to keep on running for a looong time and it better heal up properly this spring. There are races to be run and good times on the road/trails to be had!



Q: Have you been injured? How did you get by without the running? And how did you get back into running post injury? 


10 thoughts on “The Day When 1.4 miles Felt Like A Piece Of Heaven

  1. Congrats!! It sure feels great to be back in it after a long time off. Whenever I have a layoff, I go to my most recent mileage/week and cut it about in half and go very easy. All easy. It’s also a great time to re-commit to doing running form drills to build up accessory muscles/tendons and neuro pathways.
    So happy for you!!

  2. YAY! So excited for you! Take it easy and you’ll be running more often again in no time! :)

  3. Try implementing some walking in your running… I came out of injury the beginning of the year – after not having run for some 6 months.. ( well I tried every now and again ) or so… I started runing without any energy to gain distance… 03. January started with some 3 K and even with that short distance… I had to walk some of it… which is kinda great… so try walking inbetween – say run 500 mtr. or half a mile and then walk for the same distance… you gain distance and of course – you will be smiling afterwards… good luck and keep us posted of your progress….

  4. I’ve had periods where I did low impact work *only*… and it was no fun. Swimming and strength work is what kept me moving somewhat, and making sure I take plenty of time before running again. Congrats on being able to finally hit the road again! Cheers to a new season of running and NO more injuries!

  5. As someone who just got diagnosed with a stress fracture yesterday, I can totally appreciate how awesome that must feel to run! I’m in a boot for at least 2 weeks but I can’t wait until I can run again!

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your stress fracture! I’m sending positive energy your way and hope for a quick healing process. Stay strong and you’ll be out running sooner than later! <3

  6. I cannot imagine a long-term injury! I hurt my back last week and I went from 5x a week workouts to only one in the past seven days. It’s hard, physically and emotionally!

    My blog buddy, Nicole (masters2marathons.com) has had an injury for awhile, and just got back into being able to run a little, and I just felt her emotion and pain through her whole recovery journey.

    I hope everything is better for you soon!!!

    • Ouch, what happened to your back? I can imagine this being hard on you. Maybe you can try to get some walking in and/or some leg exercises (depending on your back of course) to stay sane while you cant workout as normal? I really hope your back feels better soon! Sending good recovery vibes your way! And also to your friend Nicole. I’ll check her blog out too :)

      It REALLY is hard being injured, both physically and emotionally like you said.. I found myself getting really emotional and stressed/anxious without the running and this is the main reason it was and still is tough for me to not be able to run like I’m used to.. Now I’m slowly (very SLOWLY actually) getting back out running and it makes me feel so much better.
      But to be completely honest, I want to be able to run longer and faster (just like I used to pre-injury) so even though I’m out running a little (2-3 times/week, less than 2 miles so far) it’s still very frustrating. But I’m working HARD on staying positive and patient, I need to be smart and do this right because I really want to be able to run for the rest of my life and can’t afford messing my foot up by pushing too hard..

      Thanks for your comment!

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