Snack Me Up

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I love snacks.

In periods of my life snack time was the equivalent of candy time, but nowadays I make way better choices. Some of my favorites are:


toast with almond butter and banana

Toast with nut butter (whatever kind, really, I love ’em all!) and sliced banana

greek yoghurt with almond butter and berries

Greek Yoghurt with almond butter and dried berries (sometimes added spirulina powder which makes the color of the yoghurt funky and fun)

veggie eggs benne

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict (might be more than a snack, but I freaking LOVE it). In fact, eggs in all shapes totally gets me going.

kombucha and bits

My favorite drink (except for COFFEE) and the beloved ENERGYbits. All green and wonderful!


Avocado. Straight up or with lemon/salt and pepper/cottage cheese/whatever. Avocado is, just like eggs, something I could eat however, whenever.


Not really a snack, but sometimes when I’m dealing with a craving I make myself a cup of coffee (preferably a strong little cup of Nespresso) and sit down. Here, relaxing with my baby cat.

orange, carrot and lemon juice

Juice! Gotta love juice. Actually, I don’t really care for packaged juices but I love to make my own. One of the favorites: carrot/orange/lemon.

drink chia beach

DrinkChia. Chia seeds comes with great benefits and this drink makes me keep going when I’m out and about and/or waiting for dinner or so.

banana with peanut butter and spirulina

Sliced up banana with nut butter and spirulina powder. Nom nom nom. AND filling.

I enjoy healthy choices of snacks. There’s a lot of nice things that will make my cravings go away and that will fill me up enough for a mid day snack or so. But don’t get me wrong. I DO eat other things too. Occasionally I binge ice cream (really bad! I’m sensitive to lactose and ice cream NEVER ends happily, but it’s OH so GOOD!), candy or potato chips. Not often, but it definitely happens. 


I’ve noticed that since I got better with drinking water I’m way better with staying away from unnecessary snacking.


Q: What are your favorite snacks? Do you indulge in “unhealthy” snacks from time to time? Or every time? Do you have any tricks NOT to eat that unnecessary ice cream, cinnamon roll or whatever you might fancy?


One thought on “Snack Me Up

  1. I am a monster snacker unfortunately…I like the PB, toast and banana (add some honey and its gets insane!). At work I tend to stick to fruit …an apple, banana (w/PB), oranges and berries….as long as I have those around then I can avoid the rest of the junk at the office, namely my weakness, Cheezits. The trick to me avoiding sweets is telling myself that I should only have those things once a week…so cupcakes and ice cream I try to keep to one day a week or else I would eat them everyday…seriously…I live right across the street from the greatest cupcakery and an ice cream shop…terrible. WATER is a life savor…and GUM.

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