10 Goals in 2013


Most of you bloggers have already done a blogpost sharing your goals for the year of 2013 and here comes mine. I know we’re already almost done with January, but I got totally sidetracked by the move and my foot injury, and I’m thinking that it’s better to get it out there late then never?

As you’ve all understood by now, I’m all about running. Year 2012 was the year when I started to run and when it really made a big difference in my life. As I got more and more into running I grew stronger and more confident in not just my body but also in my mind. I’ve found a way to channelize my anxiety and stress, a way to be on my own without feeling lonely and I’ve become a person that smiles a lot more and feel happier inside and out. Ok, there’s other things in my life that make me smile and feel happy but running is definitely a big part of my wellbeing.

2013 is going to be the year I continue to run. It’s time to further develop as a runner and work more on both my mental and physical strength, but it’s also a year to work on other goals in life. I’ve been thinking a lot about what goals to set up for this year and here’s the result:

10 Goals For 2013

1. Run 1300k in 2013

It was hard for me to set up a goal like this, because I really don’t know how far I can get in a whole year of running. But during the months of 2012 (a little over 7 months) I managed to track 525k and that was just my starting out as a runner. As I’m hoping to do at least one Half Marathon and seeing what the training programs for a Half brings when it comes to amount of kilometres, I think that 1300k is doable. I’m aiming for it at least.


2. Finish my first Half Marathon

As mentioned above and in earlier posts my goal is to do my first Half Marathon this year. I know I have what it takes and that I can get it done. I WANT it. BAD! Now it’s just a matter of time. Will my foot heal enough to let me do one in March? Maybe. If not, I’ll do another one!


3. Get a Drivers License

I’m 30 years old and I don’t have a Drivers License. To be honest, being in this country I feel like a total weirdo not being able to drive. And it’s not just that, the fact that I don’t drive is making my life a little bit tough too. Getting around here without a car is not that easy (oh yes, I could always run, but unfortunately that doesn’t really work in the real world – BUMMER!) and the plan is for me to get a job here soon which will require some commuting and a car. So, this coming month I’m getting on top of this situation. My goal is to have the card in my hand and being able to drive our beautiful Volvo this spring. Looking forward to it, but I must confess I’m also a little bit scared..


4. Drink more water

Always. I need a constant reminder of this. As I’ve never been very good with taking my hydration serious (I tend to go for coffee when I feel like something to drink) I quickly realized that living in Hawaii this needs to be prioritized., even more so now than ever. I got myself a nice Contigo bottle and so far it has really helped me with my water drinking. But, I can’t stop now. I need to keep doing it. Every day, all year around, no matter where I am or what the weather is like.


5. Work my physical strength up

Since my late teens I haven’t been very good with working out. Or yes, in periods I’ve been obsessing over spin classes and so on but I haven’t had the courage to walk into the actual strength section of a gym. This year I’m getting going on working with weights and actually push myself to build up this body of mine and allow myself to get stronger, both in everyday life and when it comes to workouts/running.


6. Get better with staying in contact with family and friends

I’ve always been bad with calling and writing to my friends and family and this has always been something I’ve been ashamed of and disappointed with myself for. Since I came to the US in June I’ve even more so realized that this must change. I’m physically SO far away from my loved ones and our only way of communicating is through Skype/email/letters, therefore I’m deciding to step my game up and in as many ways as possible show my family and friends that I LOVE them. 


7. Eat better

I’m not the one to go on special diets or anything. To be honest, I’m way too lazy. I tend to eat good, smart and healthy food.. Most of the times! But my laziness when it comes to food and cooking sometimes sets me up for terrible choices. This year I’m really going to think about this, be aware and make the right decicion before I just throw whatever’s closest down my throat. I’m planning on getting better with eating breakfast, even the days (lets say 80% of the time) when my husband is totally skipping breakfast and goes straight to late lunch/dinner. I am responsible for my own body, and laziness in the kitchen is not going to make me stronger or faster.


8. Choose JOY

I’ve got a history of depression. It’s been a big part of my life for way too long and now, when I’ve spent a few years actually feeling somewhat “normal” I still struggle to see things from the bright side and stop worrying. This year, I’m going to be more aware and think about being positive and unafraid of life. I’m going to smile more!


9. Run as many races as possible

Once again, obviously I like to run. And what better way to keep the joy and focus when it comes to running than doing races. I’m looking forward to getting more race experience and with that have a lot of fun. We’re not as spoiled with a ton of races here on the Big Island as in many other places, but the ones we have I’m going to do my very best to register for and RUN. One dream of mine is to do a race in Sweden while visiting my family. I’d be SO very happy to have my dear brothers and parents by my side (or maybe dad by my side, running with me?), cheering on me. Maybe not this year, but it WILL happen..


10. Read books in English

I’ve always liked reading, but I’m a real period reader and sometimes months pass without me picking up a book to read. I’m just now, as I moved to the US starting to get used to read books in English and it’s something I’d like to be better with. When reading in Swedish or Norwegian I’m a fast reader (very fast even), but reading in English takes time and it usually makes me get inpatient, give up and put the book away. But this year I’m going to stay patient and ENJOY being able to read in a third language. I have so much to win from it! I’m not going to set up a goal with number of books to be read, I’m just going to go with the flow and push myself to sit down and actually just.. read!


That’s it. Now, let’s go make things happen!


9 thoughts on “10 Goals in 2013

  1. You have some awesome goals. Can’t wait to follow your progress.

  2. Nice goals all the way around. 1300k is definitely possible just make sure to do that stretching, strength training and rest! AND if you are going to get to 1300k, #4 will be vital, especially in Hawaii! I also think we could all use a little more of #6, #7 and #8.

    • Yes, after this foot injury happened I’ve come to realize the importance of stretch/strength AND rest (even though the resting part is making me go slightly insane right now.. haha)..
      Some of the goals might be things that shouldn’t have to be put as “goals” but I sure need the reminder. And you’re right, I definitely don’t think I’m the only one who needs to think about this (and be reminded of it)!
      Thanks for the comment Dominick!

  3. Exciting goals! Looking forward to following your progress on these throughout the year! :D

  4. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear you tick off everthing on your list!

  5. Great list of goals! Good luck in 2013!

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