There’s Other Things Than Running In Life(?!)

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My life has been all about other things then running lately due to my injured foot. I’d say it’s super shitty (OK, IT IS) but to be honest, this move that we’re going through has been more than enough to deal with. I’m exhausted! We’ve been busting ass to get the new place in order for us and our little baby (cat) and it’s been hard work. The shape that this house was in when we got the keys was.. Everything but nice and shiny (the owners haven’t lived here for 5 years and the last guy that rented it definitely didn’t know how to take care of a house. Ehh, he probably didn’t know ANYTHING about cleaning either?! But, we decided to rent the house anyways knowing that we’d have to deal with it on our own.

Now, a week after we got the keys we have it pretty much done. Except for some garden stuff and filling up the pond in the outdoor (bug screened) room. It will look amazing! And maybe maybe we’ll get some fish for the cat to play with when he’s out there?

the big tree

However, today was the first day we actually took the time to walk down to the water (about a 5-10 minute walk from the house) to see what it looked like over there. Well, it was absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to go down there tomorrow again to have lunch by the ocean and maybe get some sun on my sad pale body.

neighborhood2Thinking of where I am now makes me so happy. My life haven’t always been bright and sunny but it sure is now. I am thankful for what’s happened the last 4-5 years of my life and I am trying to get better at actually acknowledging it. Life is beautiful!

And so is Hawaii.

PS. I am still homesick and miss my wonderful family and my friends in Sweden/Norway. I know they love me and want me to be happy but sometimes it’s SO hard to be on the other side of the world. If I got my will through they’d all come and stay with us in Hawaii..



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