Without Running..


So I’m still struggling with a very unhappy left foot. I tried to get my planned 4 miles in Sunday but after 500 metres I had to stop and walk home. Crying because of the pain. So I’m banned from running, whether I want to or not. And trust me, I DO NOT want to rest from running. But as we have the big move coming up (very soon) I guess I’ll be fine. Fine, not sane.

ProCompression Marathon Pink

I won a pair of ProCompression socks over at Amalia’s blog in the start of last week and they arrived yesterday. Believe me when I say I’m even more bummed about not getting to run now when I have these happy socks to try out on my runs.

Jan 8th workout

I’ve been focusing on upper body strength instead of running and yes, it feels good. My arms, back, shoulders and abs are absolutely on fire after today’s 50 minute workout at home in our little.. hm, walk in closet. It’s far from as satisfying as lacing up the shoes and go out for a run, but it still gives me energy and makes me feel like I’ve done SOMETHING to keep my body and soul in working order.

workout jan 8th

Otherwise, the house is a mess and I can’t wait to be done with the whole move thing. AND of course, I’m hoping I’ll get to go out running once this is all over. Let’s cross our fingers?


Also, don’t forget to check out DrinkChia and my giveaway in this blogpost. There’s 5 sample packs which will go out to 5 winners, and one of them could be you! I sure love the drink and I’m happy being able to share it with my followers.

7 thoughts on “Without Running..

  1. We’ve had the twitter discussion about this but no matter how difficult it is remember you are doing your body a favor by resting. So you lose 50 miles total, it’s a lot better than losing hundreds of miles because you have a long term injury.

    You will get through this!!

  2. Crossing fingers over here! I know how frustrating it is to have to sit still due to injury or pain. It’ll pass!

    • Thanks! It’s really frustrating and I really don’t have an idea what caused this to happen, which makes it even more frustrating. But I’ll try not to whine so much, after all I can still do my planks and.. I have time over for the move which probably makes husband happy at least :)

  3. At least you look great in those socks! They are still on my wish…especially the hot pink ones!

    • Haha, yes that’s one thing I could be happy about I guess – Thank you!
      I really like them, feels perfect on my feet/legs and I really think they will be great for long runs and recovery after runs. AND, the color… Happy happy! :) Hope you get a hold of a pair soon

  4. I’m sure you’re beyond frustrated, but at least your socks ROCK! I have those same ones – they’re awesome for recovery. Keep up the active rest…you’ll be back on the road soon!

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