Move and An Unhappy Foot


Lately my focus has been somewhere else than on running and it has been kind of stressful. Now, finally, we have signed a lease for another place to live. It’s in a completely different part of the island and it will be a big change for us in many ways. 1, The house is about 4 times bigger than the one we live in now. 2, It’s in more of a jungle setting which means more rain (bummer, yes!) but less expenses (what a relief not having to fill up the water tank to have water for showers, laundry and car wash). 3, I’m not going to have to run on the highway (andI’ll get to run along the water and being able to spot whales from)! 4, It is closer to the beach. 5, We’ll have a garden to hang out in and have the chance to do some gardening. 6, It means I’ll be able to get a job without commuting 3+ hours/day.

Great things! But this also means that the stress and focus on other things than running continues for a while. We’re moving!

hawaii january

As for my running, I’ve been getting my miles in for the week except for today when I had a 4 miler to do according to the training plan. The reason: Last run was Thursday and something happened to my foot. Since Christmas I’ve been running in my new Brooks PureConnect’s and Thursday I decided to go back to the Asics to get some more support for my feet. I don’t know why but my left foot is NOT happy since that run. I’ve decided to move today’s run until tomorrow to see if my foot will feel better. But I’m worried that this changing up of shoes has created problems.. Because I don’t know much about this part of the running (shoes are such an important thing?!) I don’t know what the deal is and I’m wondering if I should just retire the Asics and keep running in the new Brooks until I find a long distance shoe that will treat my feet better than the Asics.. Ahh, I really don’t know!

run first week

I’ll be back soon, hopefully reporting about a happier foot and a nice 4 mile run during Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Move and An Unhappy Foot

  1. Enjoy your run. I’m going out for a walk.

  2. Hope your foot feels happier. Congrats on the new place!

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