Stress and ChillyChallenge

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I had so many great things in mind for the start of this year, and it seems like the days are just flying by. But I FINALLY got my ass out of the wagon and signed up for the #ChillyChallenge. Read more about it here and maybe you too would want to join one of the teams and get some extra motivation to get out and run?

The first three days of 2013 have been kind of stressful over here. Husband and I are getting ready to move from the little tiny house we’ve been renting since June and we’re on the lookout for another “home” – closer to Hilo (or Kona) and with more space. Yesterday we were looking at a house which would be perfect for us (and the little cat) and we’re hoping we’ll get to move in there during the month of January. But as you all might know, with moving comes a lot of stress. I’m just happy I have time to get my runs in, without them I’d go completely insane (WHAT did I do to stay sane before I started running? The answer is: I didn’t stay sane. At all!)..

So with that said I’m going to lace my good old Asics up and get my training run in and then happily get back home and add the miles to the #ChillyChallenge!

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