January 1st 2013


How weird is that? It’s a new year. It always takes me awhile to get used to it.

Anyways, it’s been a great first day! I did a 45 minute workout at home with my new exercise gear. Pretty hard on my arms and shoulders, but they sure need to get going towards something a little bit stronger. Right now, my biceps are tiny. Like small green peas. I’ve always been way stronger in legs and abs than arms/shoulders/back and this year is going to be the start of a change when it comes to that. I’ve noticed how much strength training can improve the running and I’m hoping I’ll find some more strength in my running having a stronger upper body in general.

Jan 1st run

I also got my Half training run in. I’m still going on and on with shorter runs. Today was a 2 mile day. Got it done running after my husband to the store to get som errands done. Feeling strong in my legs and my breathing is getting easier and easier (getting used to breathing “right” and not hold it  back as I’ve done before). Feel confident and excited about my Half training program. Right now I’m bothered by a stomach ache since the last couple of runs. I’ve mentioned it on the blog before (in early fall) and since then I’ve been fine.. Until now. But it’s all good, I know it will go away and let me enjoy my runs like normal again.


Oh, and I’ve been starting to write my 2013 goals down. There will be a post coming up here soon! Hope you had a great first day of the year out there!

10 thoughts on “January 1st 2013

  1. Hope your tummy feels better…loving your neon pure connects though! Yeah to stronger arms! I see you’re putting ur xmas gift to use:) Be blessed chica!

    • Thank you chica! I’m loving the bright colored shoes too, which is a big change for me since I’ve always been ALL BLACk when it comes to clothes and shoes :) Running made me change, in many ways! For the better, for sure.. :)

  2. Good luck with the half marathon training!

  3. Diggin’ the sneaks. They look bright and comfy!

  4. We have so much in common. I’m a year behind you in age, a year ahead of you in marriage, and a few months behind you running my first race. I was wondering if you could give a few tips. I plan to run my first 5k next month. I’ve been mostly training on the treadmill (for only 2 weeks) because I have an infant and a 7 year old that I can sometimes drag out to beat my run time :) A few questions, I live in TN and I hate cold weather. How do you run in the cold without getting sick? So far I have cut my time by 7 min. as of yesterday. I still would like to cut my time by 10 minutes. How do you suggest to run faster and increase endurance? Also, I was going to purchase a pair of Brooks so I’m interested to see how your new ones continue to treat you so keep us posted. Thanks for all the great pics!! You and hubbs take great outdoor photos!

    • Hi! I’m happy you found my blog and to hear that we have things in common. Thanks for the compliment on the photos, I sure enjoy taking them! :)

      I admire you being able to stay active with two kids to take care of. Way to go! Both you and your children probably benefit a lot from it. :)
      Great that you have a treadmill to save you from the cold runs! As for the cold weather and running outside, to be honest the lowest temperature I’ve been running in is 38F.. What I’ve noticed with all running in cold temperatures is that the warmup is really important. I thought that I’d have to get really layered up with clothes but as long as I got warmed up (inside) before the run I was totally fine with just a long sleeved shirt (and/or a light wind breaking jacket) and capri tights. What I find nice too is to use gloves and maybe a hat to stay a little bit warmer. Once I get moving my body tend to heat up way too much for me to be comfortable with more than one layer of clothes, and as long as you don’t have to stay outside (post running, when your body tend to cool down fast because of sweat) I don’t think you have to worry too much about getting cold.

      As for the 5k, I’d say try to run 3-4 times/week and mix the runs up with some hill repeats (find a decent climb, run fast uphill and than walk slowly down, repeat a 3-5 times), tempo runs and just play with the speed (go “all in” for a block or between light poles, slow down to your normal pace and repeat when you feel like it. Be creative and have FUN!).. I try to have one run per week when I go a bit further (up to 14k as for now) and focus on keeping my pace “slow and steady”. I found too that it takes time to build up speed and endurance, and I have a hard time staying patient during the process, but pushing the body TOO hard might slow the process down.
      When it comes to race week – don’t push it to hard on your runs the week before, take it easy and make sure you have fun and have a nice feeling in your body/mind. I’m all about having fun with the running, it makes it easier to get out and feel up for pushing a bit harder on some training runs and/or races..
      When it comes to race day I make sure I’m really prepared (no stress with gear and fuel the morning of the race) and keep repeating to myself to go out slow and save my energy until the end. It feels way better to have a lot to give during the last k or so and finish strong than to go out hard and feel miserable at the finish stretch.

      This is all my personal thoughts/experiences and I’m not by any means a professional runner, but maybe it can help you find YOUR way to those fun runs/races and a way to have fun during the process?! :) There’s also a lot of great (and free) training plans out on the web to use as a guide as for how to plan the training and what to do.. Might be worth looking up?

      GOOD LUCK with your 5k training and I look forward to hearing how training and racing will treat you in the future! :)

  5. Thank you soooooo much!!!! You have no idea how helpful that was! :)

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