I’m Happy!


Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t been as active here on the blog and on Twitter lately. There’s been a lot to deal with in my personal life and I had to focus a lot on myself and my reality here to get through it.

I’ve mentioned that I’m not from the US, even though I’m living here, but from Sweden/Norway. It shows in my writing sometimes and I know that people who talk to me definitely can hear my accent. You might wonder what brought me to the US and Hawaii? Well, here comes a short version of my life story (at least the explanation to why I’m here):

In December 2010 I traveled to Thailand to get some sun and alone time. Yes, I love to travel solo. During this stay (which was supposed to last for 21 days but ended up lasting a little bit longer) I met this guy, C.. We fell in love and realized pretty much right away that this wasn’t going to be a “normal” love story. No matter what we decided to give it our best and really try to make it work, even though we had our life going on in totally different places and parts of the world. Since we met we’ve done a lot of traveling. I’ve been to the US, he’s been to Sweden and Norway, we’ve been traveling around in Asia (cheaper way to go, while not working). To be honest, when people around us told us how lucky we were that got to travel so much we couldn’t help but feeling like their life sounded so much better in many ways. You probably know of a lot of people who takes the possibility to live close to (or with) their loved ones for granted. Well, all we wanted to do was just that – settle down in a place where we both could be happy, have a proper home with OUR things in and being able to cook our own food and just be… Normal.

This summer when I got to the US on what I thought would be a “vacation” with my love before I had to go back home to Sweden again, C suggested that I should stay and move with him to Hawaii and start the immigration process. So that’s what we did. After spending time with his family in Oregon and Washington State we packed some of our stuff (the rest is in storage in Seattle and of course in Sweden) and moved over to the Big Island of Hawaii in June. Since then we’ve been figuring out what the process would be for me to actually being able to stay here and live with my love, doing all the normal stuff we’ve been longing for so badly (everyday life with jobs and so on might seem boring but when you don’t have it it is actually easy to miss it and long for it)..

We got married July 18th, filed the immigration applications in August, got my work permit a few months ago and now, after a looong time of us having to travel around and not being able to actually “live” together somewhere, I have finally gotten the last applications approved and I can now live like a normal person WITH my love.


This was actually me celebrating my 30th birthday but it applies just as well to this blogpost. Right?

So, to my followers out there in the big wide open USA:

It’s been a long and winding road I’ve been on, but now I’m actually here. I am so happy to be a part of this country now. I will definitely treat the land and the people I meet with respect and I hope that you will be at least a little bit happy to have me as a “new addition” to your country.

5 thoughts on “I’m Happy!

  1. aw congratulations! As someone with a similar story who now gets to live a “normal life”, I know a bit about how you feel. :)

  2. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better. Congratulations to you both on starting your journey together!!! These are exciting times!!!

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