My Run In Pictures – Dec 6th


Dec 6th 1I found my ENERGYbits and got #poweredbybits.


Dec 6th 2My beloved Garmin Forerunner 405CX is ready to go.

Dec 6th 3Realized that my old iPhone wasn’t charged and needed to be before I went out running. NEED my music on my runs. 

Dec 6th 4So while waiting for the phone to charge up I.. took a photo of my legs. Just because.

Dec 6th 5Finally got out and met this wonderful view of the sunset on my way down the hill to the highway where most of my running happens here in Hawaii. Exotic huh?

Dec 6th 6Well, I do like sunsets. I do.

Dec 6th 7Just me. Out running. On the Highway.

Dec 6th 8There it is, my shoulder.

Dec 6th 9Legs outside. WAY better than inside waiting for the phone to charge.

Dec 6th 10Back home doing my #plankAday (x 3) with a cat hanging out around me, under me, on top of me. Lots of kisses and yes, all he really wanted was some food.


4 thoughts on “My Run In Pictures – Dec 6th

  1. My cat does the same thing when I plank! haha
    Great photos though – looks like a beautiful place

    • Haha, yes he seems to love having me on floor level :)
      Thank you, Hawaii is gorgeous.. I live pretty far from the white sandy beaches but there’s beauty in the lava covered hills where I live too

  2. Tell me more about this plank a day business.

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