Well, hello there December!


I can’t say that I’ve been longing for you, but now when you’re here I definitely see the greatness of you.

I’ve been away from my family and friends back home since May. I miss them like crazy, but for a few reasons I can’t leave the country (USA, that is) right now so it’s going to be another couple of months, at least, until I get to go home and visit my loved ones. December means almost a new year and a little bit closer to see my darlings!

December means Christmas. I’d love to be with my husband and my family for Christmas (preferably in a snowy Norway) but to be honest, the tropical Christmas is all my hubby and I have ever done and this year we get to do it in OUR HOME, not traveling around in Asia or wherever (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE traveling but lately I’ve just been wanting a home with my baby and since July we actually have one. Renting, but still a home). We’re excited about having a Christmas tree, make our own ornaments and make our own food. A mix between Swedish/Norwegian and American food. It’ll be great!

December also means I’m registering for a Half Marathon (haven’t really decided which one, or even where I’m going to run yet) and start with a training plan. Thinking about this gives me butterflies in my stomach, in a good way, and I can’t wait to work hard to achieve this goal (and dream) of mine.

I havent been crazy about Christmas all my life but my excitement is coming back, slowly and more and more for each year. From now on I have my wonderful husband to create own traditions with and celebrate with too, and he’s freaking good at it. I am lucky!


3 thoughts on “Well, hello there December!

  1. I went on a whim signed up & trained only a month for my first half marathon. (OBX Half Marathon) And at about mile 8, I wished I had trained longer for it. Good luck with your race, whichever one that may be! ;)

    • But you did it! I’m impressed! Looks like OBX is a fun one too?
      I’m looking forward to training towards and finishing my first Half.. But I have to say there’s a lot of butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it… I guess that’s one of the good things with it too though?! :)

  2. The OBX is beautiful, I see you’re from Hawaii, so may be hard to compare ;) It’s a totally different vibe here than you expect from mainland east coast. More like a Haleiwa with sand dunes instead of palm trees and reef. The OBX half is in November and the Flying Pirate half is in the spring. It’s a huge deal here, with competitors coming from everywhere. There’s even a beach bootcamp to help train specifically for these events. If you love running, there’s tons of action here.

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