November Goals – Summary Week 2


Last week was a lot of ups and downs and I can definitely say that I did a BAD job with the goals I’ve set up. But it leaves me even more motivated to do good this third week of November, so I’m not going to give myself too much crap about missing out on my goals for a week.


1. #plankAday

Except for the days when I was down with migraines and fever I’ve been going strong on the planks. Had two days last week when I did one plank/hour and I could definitely feel the burn when it was time for bed those days. I guess we can say all those planks make up for the ones I missed during Thursday-Saturday.


2. Limit my intake of carbs

So this worked out fine until I realized that with my running I actually need to get me some carbs – I just have to make sure I stick to the good ones and that’s pretty easy.


3. Drink more water

Well, as always this is a challenge for me. But I’ve had a water bottle next to me during the days and it’s forced me to keep on drinking.


4. Run 4 times/week and add up to at least 20K per week

Last week I only ran two times. I just didn’t feel good enough to get my planned runs in and I feel like that just has to be OK. I ended the week with pushing myself and doing a race Saturday morning – The Mustache Dache! It was a 5K and even though I didn’t really think my body would be able to pull through with it I finished and I actually even ran that 5K faster than I ever have before. Finished with the time 27min25sec and thinking of the congested course and me starting far back in the crowd I am really happy with it! Now I know I can actually do the 5K faster.. Maybe during this coming weekend when I’m thinking of doing another one..?! (More on the Mustache Dache in a coming post!)

5. Stretch!

I keep sneaking in some yoga and stretching when watching TV/movies during the evenings with my friends here in Seattle. And I’ve been stretching thoroughly after my runs. I am missing my foam roll more and more and I can feel that I need to get back to it SOON.


6. Take more photos

Well, I was stuck in bed/at the house for a few days and to be honest the pictures I’ve been getting has been mostly of the dogs here in the house. They are adorable! Planning to get more photos from my runs and continue doing the “My Run In Pictures” posts..



Yes, a pretty crappy week when it comes to my goals huh?! But I’ll get better. And I guess sometimes you just got to listen to your body and try not to overdo things. I’m fine with it, and I feel better now so let’s make this third week of November pretty amazing?! Yes.

8 thoughts on “November Goals – Summary Week 2

  1. Doesn’t look like you are doing too bad. Stick with it and yes, good carbs are definitely needed for running but you will come to realize that the good carbs are also delicious! Also, what do you use to track your runs? I ask because if you use an iPhone 4 then Incase makes an amazing running armband that is absolutely perfect for snapping photos while running…I am hoping they have a new version for the 5 soon.

    • Thank you!
      I’m loving good carbs, but it always seems like the bad ones are easier to step upon when the carb need/crave hits.. Since I started running I’ve lost some weight, and as I hit my lowest weight in YEARS I hit the wall when it comes to fueling enough for my runs – I guess when I first started with the running I still had some “extra fuel” on my body to use, but now when I seem to have lost that I need to keep it up with food and gels/bars to keep on going. I like the change, but it sure takes some time to get used to “fueling” better when it’s never really been a problem before..
      I track my runs with a Garmin 405CX and I also keep Runkeeper and Nike+ Running going on the phone (I seem to forget to charge the watch every now and then).. Oh! That armband/case seems like a good thing to invest in as I now have to stop and pull the phone out of the armband totally to be able to get some pics “on the go”.. Is the armband you’re mentioning the one called “Sports Armband Deluxe”?

      • Yes, the Sports Armband Deluxe…it sticks off your arm a bit but the benefit of not having to stop and take off the armband to get the phone out (and back in) more than offsets that. I am really missing this armband, it is that perfect.

        As for fueling, tell me about it! You will get sick of gels real quick so it is good to mix it whenever you can…I like GU Gels, Clif Blox and the Jelly Belly Electrolyte beans. Pre-race or post the Honey Stinger Waffles are awesome.

      • I am stuck with my iPhone 4 for a while now, so I’ll definitely look into getting one of those. Feel like it wouldn’t be great for a crazy rainy place like Seattle(?), but for Hawaii it would be just perfect! I cross my fingers they make one for your 5 soon!

        It/s been such a struggle for me to have to plan the fueling.. I’ve had some really bad experiences when running in Hawaii and totally hitting the wall due to lack of fuel/hydration (one time it was so bad I barely made it home without getting hit by a car!) so I have made it priority to be good to myself and my body in the future… I’m using EnergyBits (100% Spirulina algae) and the Clif Shot Bloks – they work really good for me!
        I also recently went to REI and stocked up on a bunch of different gels, Beans and Waffles and will try them out on future runs..
        Maybe you have some suggestions on electrolytes too? I tried Nuun Active Hydration but my stomach (a very sensitive one) totally freaked out on those, unfortunately!
        Thanks for your tips, I really appreciate it!

      • Those are two very different running climates! Having in lived in the seattle for 6 months, I feel for you…very cold…if you do get that case, the front is open but you can always wrap the phone in Plastic Wrap. As for running in Hawaii, the heat and humidity makes hydration key and if you had a chance to read my older blog posts check out Week 10 and 12 of my training to see how terrible I am with hydration. My only advice would be to get a belt (even though I would never wear one) and pack some water. I have tried Nuun, it is very fizzy so I could see how that would affect people. I have tried the GU Electrolyte tabs, they aren’t bad but I really don’t notice a difference with either for me. I guess my suggestion would be to be diligent about staying hydrate at least 24 hours before long runs and carry a bottle if needed (or drop them strategically if you can).

      • And by 10 and 12 I meant 10 and 11

  2. Sometimes you just have to take what life gives you! Especially when building mileage. Some days you may respond well other times not so much. Just stick with it!

    • I know, I’m sticking with it! Just have to work with not getting disappointed with myself when things aren’t working out as well as most times.. :) Totally in love with running and won’t let a bad week stop me!

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