I’m getting my Mustache on!

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Since I’m staying in Seattle longer than I thought there’s a few things I’m especially happy about. One is getting to celebrate my first Thanksgiving in the US with friends in Seattle and the other one is:

I’m going to run the Mustache Dache, a 5K race which takes place in Magnuson Park in Seattle.

The month of November also goes under the name Movember. Maybe you’ve seen more than usual of proud bearded/mustached men? This face hair growing is a way to raise the awareness and funds for men’s health issues ( with an emphasis on prostate and testicular cancer) which is so important! I think that this is just as important as the pink month of October and.. I’ve actually always been kind of a sucker for beards and mustaches too.. So that’s definitely a bonus!

So, as you can tell it’s not more than right that I do this race! And another thing that really makes me feel for this event is the fact that my uncle is fighting prostate cancer as we speak. So, with a smile on my face and a mustache under my nose, I’m going to be there and ready to rock! For my uncle and all other amazing men out there.

If you’re in the Seattle area, check the website out! I promise you it will make you want to go there and have some fun!


One thought on “I’m getting my Mustache on!

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