November Goals

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November, huh? I totally didn’t see that one coming and I’ve been stressed out the last few days because I haven’t posted my November Goals yet. So here goes:

1. Keep doing #plankaday

I’m going to keep doing my planks (I usually do side and regular plank pose), they feel good and they’re easy to get in no matter how busy my days get. I’m also going to add the reverse plank to get my back some daily exercise (It really needs it! My arms/shoulders/back is, and have always been the weakest link of my body).


2. Limit my intake of carbs

My stomach is a bitch. It is really sensitive, not just when it comes to food and drinks but also very sensitive to stress. A very easy way for me to go easier on my belly (and my overall mood) is to not eat breads, candy or pasta. So this month I’m going to be smart and be nice to my stomach and the rest of me.


3. Drink more water

I’ve always been bad with drinking enough water. Since I started running I’ve been getting a lot better but there’s definitely still room for improvement. So I’m going to keep reminding myself of drinking water and get better with always bringing a water bottle in my bag – the easiest way for me to trick myself into drinking.


4. Run 4 times per week and add up to at least 20K per week

I don’t really have to explain this. It’s easy. I love to run! It makes me feel great, both in body and mind and I’m loving every second of my me-time out there.



Stretch, stretch, stretch! I need it. And now when I’m not at home, having my foam roller close by, I need it even more. I tend to be lazy with the stretching and I know (and feel) that it’s a sin as a runner. So.. Stretch, stretch, stretch!


6. Take more photos

I’ve always liked photos. Both looking at them and taking them. But lately I’ve noticed that my everyday photographing with the iPhone has been nearly in-existing. And when it comes to my beloved “real” camera (Canon G12) it’s almost embarrassing! This needs to change, and I think spending time in Seattle is the perfect opportunity having pretty friends, dogs and fall colors around all day long.




Q: Do you have any goals for November?


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