My Run In Pictures – Nov 2nd

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Being here in Seattle, WA, I don’t have to get up 5am to get my run in before the heat hits like back home in Hawaii. I’m enjoying sleeping in to 8am and let it warm up a little bit outside before I go for my runs. Today I took the bus to Green Lake to do a 5K run and enjoy a new running route. Here’s my morning in pictures:

Woke up and had my gear and my EnergyBits all ready to go.

Walked down to the bus and enjoyed the leaves looking all wet and colorful.

My small feet and some beautiful leaves (yes! I’ve been missing the fall being in Hawaii).

Totally ran to fast and focused to be able to get pics from the actual lake. But I did treat myself with a coffee heading back towards Queen Anne and my #plank(s)aday.

Back at the house after a 5K run (5,41″/K) and a 5K walk back from Green Lake. Feeling great!

One thought on “My Run In Pictures – Nov 2nd

  1. Reblogged this on filmcamera999 and commented:
    ..wha….!!! a 5k run!!! you must be powered by…i dunno…kryptonite or something! i can just about manage a run around the block…!

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