A Summary of October

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I had some goals for the month of October and I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed with myself. Sure, I did meet the goals most of the weeks, but I could’ve done better. I guess I have to bow to the fact that I spent a week being under the weather with a cold and then I traveled and started out my first week in and around Seattle with very intense days, meeting up with the in-laws and friends. I am still in Seattle and even though I’m not working a lot of my usual time for workouts and running is just not there..

My goals for October were as following:

Yoga two times a week

Run 16K or more every week

Get going on the foam rolling


I did run a total of 91,4K (56,8mi) and I have to say that that’s totally fine missing out on a week because of the cold. I’m going to try to stay away from getting sick and get in some more K’s this coming month.

I managed to get my yoga done most weeks. I love getting going on doing yoga in class and at home. It makes me feel great! Looking for some video online to use but for now I’m continuing with my “homemade” program. I’ll write more about this in the future.

The foam rolling is not my favorite as I’m doing it but it definitely leaves me and my body feeling better and I also think it helps me with the running (I have had problems with “Snapping hip syndrome” since I was a teenager and it actually feels a lot better since I got my roll). Unfortunately the roll is still in Hawaii and I can’t do this as I’m here in Seattle (could NOT fit the roll in my suitcase, sadly). Almost wish I would’ve gotten the stick instead, it would be way easier to bring along on trips. Oh well, I’ll be happy to keep rolling once back at home in Hawaii!

The planks are totally new to me and I like them. I do straight and side elbow planks and this is definitely something I’ll keep doing every day from now on. After I got sick I haven’t been able to hold the planks as long as before, but I’m working my way up again!

Other great things that’s happened during October:

I got #poweredbybits which feel so good. I’m amazed by how well these Spirulina filled EnergyBits are helping me to perform with my running and I’m looking forward to another month with these bits as companions. (Read more about the Energybits in my blogpost “The power of EnergyBits” and on their website.)

I got to try Drink Chia! I love these drinks and I’ll tell you more about them here on the blog very soon.

I got to go to the mainland! I know that it’s pretty weird to be happy about leaving Hawaii, but being there, in the middle of nowhere, without my husband felt lonely and as I’m coming from an area with seasons I’ve been kind of missing the fall. I get a big dose of it here in Seattle and I’m loving it! It’s a nice change, but I have to say I miss the sun a little bit..

Overall, a pretty good month! And now, I’m happy to welcome November and all it has to offer!


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