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The Big Move

Living in the US and on the Big Island, HI, is new to me. I’m from far up north in Europe and used to a totally different climate and a different culture. It’s been almost 4 months since I moved here and it’s been, and still is, an adventure. So much to get used to, some things harder than others.. Of course.

I LOVE the sun. Coming from a place where, in the dead of winter, there’s only a few hours of daylight (I remember being in class during high school looking out the windows thinking “there goes today’s daylight and I’m stuck inside”) and temperatures down to -46 degrees Celsius (-50F) I’ve grown to be a person that knows better – my mood and my body NEEDS the sun. I started traveling after I turned 25 (and I still love it) and it helped me get through not just the long dark winters at home, but also a long and very challenging depression. Not only the sun and heat in places I went to (Thailand, the Middle East and India to mention some) but also meeting people from different countries and to me new cultures.. I definitely grew as a person and I learned things about myself that I so desperately needed to learn (for example; I started liking myself, I finally allowed myself to be seen/heard and I trusted myself to get through whatever situation, bad or good, was thrown on me while traveling).

So moving here, to Hawaii, I knew that I’d like the sun. And the water. I love the ocean! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been walking to the ocean (when possible) to sit down on a rock/beach and listen to it and watch it move. It calms me and comforts me like nothing else.

Where I’ve been living before I moved to the US the climate was cold, not just temperature but also the way people behave and treat each other. When I turned 17 I moved 950K away from my family to start my own life in a big city. I stayed there almost 12 years. In this city people spend a lot of time trying not to have to interact with each other. If I was holding a door open for someone behind me I learned not to expect a “thank you” or even a smile or eye contact. I realized that in this city you focus on yourself and your career and you couldn’t give a crap about others. Of course, not EVERYONE behaved like this but in general that was what I felt.

So meeting and falling in love with a man from the US and getting to go here and spend time  here I was AMAZED by how people actually SEE each other and talk to what seems to be total strangers, all the time. At first it made me insecure and shy – it was such a big change from what I was used to. I learned to LOVE how the American culture is open and welcoming and I changed from being shy to enjoying interacting more and more with people around me, strangers or not. I absolutely love being at the grocery store and being able to talk to people around me about something (weather, product, music played in the store or whatever) or just give the lady in front of me in line a compliment on a beautiful dress – without having to feel like an alien that probably will scare the shit out of that person.

My home country is pretty big, in European standards at least, but coming to the US my home seems like a tiny place. The fact that there’s so many different time zones and so many different climates here in the US constantly makes me go “WOW”.. I’ve known that the US is a BIG country since I was a kid, of course. But not until actually coming here meeting people from all over the country it really hit me. Being on Twitter and having this blog I’m connecting with people all over the country (the whole world actually) and it never stops to amaze me that when people on the east coast go to bed I still have a huge part of the day left. I know, it sounds stupid – but for me to get a hold of when shows are shown on TV and so on is a little bit of a struggle for this reason..

I am getting used to all this, slowly. And I’m happy about it. Happy I did this big move. Being here is great!

But of course, the down side is that I’m far away from family and friends. Having 12 hours time difference to keep track on when I want to call my family can be hard. And the fact that I no longer live a 1 1/2 hour flight away from my parents/brothers, more like a 25 hour flight away can sometimes be really hard. I’m lucky I have internet and a Skype account so that I am able to reach my loved ones back home.


October Week 3 – A summary

Continuing my summary of how I’m doing with my October Goals.. I’ve had a week full of ups and downs.. I’ve been feeling GREAT, motivated and inspired some days and others… Not very great, feeling sad, lonely and totally in lack of energy and GO. Today, as the week is coming to an end I’m feeling OK. After a Saturday of just not feeling good at all I woke up this morning and skipped my morning run (which was supposed to be a 12K one) to instead get a mood boost in shape of a very much needed Skype chat with my love. A few hours after getting up I am longing for that scheduled run and I will probably get out before sunset and at least make it a 8-10K one.

But as for the goals (which of course got affected by all these ups and downs):

1. Plank A Day

I have been doing my daily planks and I am actually noticing a change for the better. I manage to hold them a little bit longer for every week that passes and that feels really good. My body is getting noticeable stronger thanks to running and strength training at home. 

2. Upping my mileage

I haven’t been doing nearly as good as I had wished. But I did run 21K and I will have to be happy about that and give myself the chance to actually listen to my body and not move along to fast.

3. Yoga 2 times/week

Yoga have been great for me this week! Days when I’ve been feeling low I’ve been forcing myself to roll the mat out and do some yoga sessions. I’ve added a few more poses and I can definitely notice some progress in my flexibility. Have been really good with stretching in general this week too, which I sometimes actually am really bad at (bad runner, BAD RUNNER!)..

4. Foam Roll

The roll and I have been doing good, I notice that days when I haven’t been feeling very good it hurts way more than during good days, but I’ve been hanging in there and kept on rolling. My biggest problem with this for now is that I’m leaving for the mainland coming Thursday and I wont be able to bring the roll. Will have to pick this up when I get back.

Q: Do you have any goals for the month of October? Did you have a good week? Do you workout at home? Do you have any favorite moves/videos that you tend to use often?


It’s not always bright and sunny

Today when I woke up at 5.30am I had a run planned. But as soon as I opened my eyes I realized that I did not feel great – my throat felt sore and my body was hurting. I decided to be nice to myself and stay in bed for a few hours and postpone my run for late afternoon. As I got up I felt even more miserable and I can’t seem to find any energy at all. Unfortunately I don’t even have energy to stay happy – feel lonely and weak.

I guess if it wasn’t for the fact that my best friend/husband is gone since September 8th and in a totally different time zone, I’d call him and get some motivation/love. But.. The fast is that I’m alone with this today. Alone with feeling down. So here I am, back in bed with a bottle of water as company, trying to figure out a way to get back on track.

I try to convince myself (my body rather) to get going, I am pretty sure that a short run will do me good (or will it just make me sick?). Hopefully I’ll get out for that run as it gets close to sundown and the temperature has dropped a bit. And I really hope that I can hunt that smile down and put it on my lips and in my heart again..

I guess what I just have to realize is:

You can’t always be bright, sunny and full of energy.

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Run for Miracle

The last couple of days I’ve been seing the hashtag “runforMiracle” on Twitter and as I started reading about it I was absolutely touched by the story behind this. If you are a runner, please consider visiting the website below and pledge your miles for a good cause. It cost you nothing but I know that your miles will make a difference for the family of Miracle.

Run for Miracle


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