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I’m happy to tell you that I made it to the mainland. I am now in Seattle.

This is pretty much my second home in the US as my husband’s family and close friends are all living in WA. This is where we stayed when waiting for our car to get to Hawaii (we had shipped it all the way from Ketchikan, AK and it took some time), getting ready to move to the Big Island.


Our close friends Jess and Levi live in Queen Anne and I love it here. They live in a cute little house kind of hidden under a bridge and just a little walk away from both Upper Queen Anne and Fremont.


Pics from my runs in June before the move over to HI


No matter how much a love living in Hawaii with the sun, the warm weather and the ocean I am always happy to be in Seattle. I really like this city. Being able to run and not sweat my ass off, not having to get out running early to beat the heat and not having to run the hills (oh yeah, there are hills here too but I can avoid the worst if I want to) and highway in our neighborhood is GREAT too.


So now I’m going to put a little fuel into my body and then hit out for my first proper fall run. Actually my first fall run EVER.. So exciting!

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