October Week 3 – A summary


Continuing my summary of how I’m doing with my October Goals.. I’ve had a week full of ups and downs.. I’ve been feeling GREAT, motivated and inspired some days and others… Not very great, feeling sad, lonely and totally in lack of energy and GO. Today, as the week is coming to an end I’m feeling OK. After a Saturday of just not feeling good at all I woke up this morning and skipped my morning run (which was supposed to be a 12K one) to instead get a mood boost in shape of a very much needed Skype chat with my love. A few hours after getting up I am longing for that scheduled run and I will probably get out before sunset and at least make it a 8-10K one.

But as for the goals (which of course got affected by all these ups and downs):

1. Plank A Day

I have been doing my daily planks and I am actually noticing a change for the better. I manage to hold them a little bit longer for every week that passes and that feels really good. My body is getting noticeable stronger thanks to running and strength training at home. 

2. Upping my mileage

I haven’t been doing nearly as good as I had wished. But I did run 21K and I will have to be happy about that and give myself the chance to actually listen to my body and not move along to fast.

3. Yoga 2 times/week

Yoga have been great for me this week! Days when I’ve been feeling low I’ve been forcing myself to roll the mat out and do some yoga sessions. I’ve added a few more poses and I can definitely notice some progress in my flexibility. Have been really good with stretching in general this week too, which I sometimes actually am really bad at (bad runner, BAD RUNNER!)..

4. Foam Roll

The roll and I have been doing good, I notice that days when I haven’t been feeling very good it hurts way more than during good days, but I’ve been hanging in there and kept on rolling. My biggest problem with this for now is that I’m leaving for the mainland coming Thursday and I wont be able to bring the roll. Will have to pick this up when I get back.

Q: Do you have any goals for the month of October? Did you have a good week? Do you workout at home? Do you have any favorite moves/videos that you tend to use often?

4 thoughts on “October Week 3 – A summary

  1. Looking solid!! Keep up the great work.

  2. great job with ur goals! i’d say u’re on the winning side of things; i luv planks and they are prolly one of my top core moves and they do work…check out dem abs. ;)

    and i’m gonna give u extra props for the stretching dept. but i’m a fellow bad runner who HATES stretching! :P

    • Thank you Cait! I will definitely not stop doing my planks. Really, whatever kind of planks, I say: Bring them on! Here’s a core that’s going to get stronger! With that said I totally need to work more on back/shoulders/arms because that’s really (and have always been) my weakest parts.

      Haha, Yeah.. It’s kind of hard being a runner who just don’t like to stretch! God knows we NEED it.. We just have to hang in there and get our stretching done I guess?!

      Oh and you know what, I’ve totally missed out on your blog until you commented here.. And I’m SO glad you did – because I love it! I’m amazed by you and your story. And very thankful for you sharing it, it really made me spend a few minutes thinking about me and my running..
      My conclusion: So what if I might be running slow at times, being disappointed at myself for not going 30K last week instead of only 21K.. I have my body in one piece and I trust it, it’s carrying me farther than I ever thought it would.. And I’m only at the beginning of my life as a runner. Yes, I am a runner :)
      Thank you!

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