Top 3 Running/Workout Songs #1


I’ve mentioned before that I always run with music. Without my dear Spotify running on the iPhone during my runs I feel lost (to be honest, I haven’t gone without music more than maybe 0,5K).

I ALWAYS want new music ideas to add to my running playlists and I’m thinking that I’ll share my Top 3 Songs here every week. Hopefully someone out there gets happy about some new/old ideas for tunes to work out/run to?

My Top 3 Songs for this week:

Navet – For the Show (Familjen Remix)

Starfucker – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Kitsune Maison Compilation)

Q:  Do you like music when working out/running? Would you like to join me in this? Comment (or answer with a blogpost on your blog?) with your Top 3 Running/Workout Songs at the moment.. It would make me happy!


6 thoughts on “Top 3 Running/Workout Songs #1

  1. I love “Audacity of Huge” Simian Mobile Disco. It always gets me moving faster :)

  2. My top three running songs right now:

    1) “The Sky” (club mix) Mat Zo
    2) “Push” The Presets
    3) “Rain” Bloodgroup (this one is a lot more chill good to start out your long runs to)

    Great Idea! I will post this back to you on my blog tomorrow!

    • Thanks!
      It’s just so fun/interesting/inspiring sharing music with others! I’m curious about your songs, will give them a go tomorrow!
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could get going and post the “Top 3” every week?! Hopefully some other bloggers could join in too :)

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